LOVE REBORN Episode 14


LOVE REBORN Episode 14

Hi dear friends Akshata,Guru,vp,jaz,moni,Parichari,Ruksy,Rushi,Janani,Reshma,Ishaan,Adejoke,sowmy and Kumud thank you for your lovely comments…Hope all of you are doing good and enjoying life to the most. Here is my next episode for you..Please do read and enjoy….Thank you for waiting patiently…Sorry for any mistakes. Moni I will include Ruhi-Ayu scene in future episode.

Ashok: Welcome Shagun Bhalla….Oh Sorry Shagun Arora….Now Ishitha is back so….
Shagun: What is this nonsense Ashok? So this is your wicked plan.
Ashok: Yes my dear. You troubled me a lot. Seems like you forgot all our old golden moments together…So thought to remind you…
Shagun reached out for her mobile. By the time she could make a call Ashok snatched her phone and crushed it under his feet.
Ashok: Don’t try to outsmart me. See it’s of no use to you. If I wish I can crush you like this, but my years old affection for you is refraining me from doing so. Wait for some time I will bring all your loved ones here.
Shagun: Ashok, What you are up to?
Ashok let out a demonish laugh

Ashok: Dear, you forgot one important lesson that you will burn your hand while you play with fire…Now like a firefly you will lose your life. You made my life hell. So it will be my pleasure to hurt you with my own hands. Don’t worry I will soon send your beloved Raman Bhalla and your Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli – Ishitha along with you to enjoy in hell. You must be thankful to me that I am not sending you alone.

Shagun: Why you are dragging Ishitha in to this? I am the reason for your trouble.
Ashok gritted his teeth in displeasure. Shagun’s heart skipped a beat seeing his revengeful face
Ashok: Huh…. Too much love for her. She is an innocent soul. But her only fault is Raman loves her unconditionally. And I want to see Raman devastated after losing the love of his life. Well, you must be wondering how I managed to trap you here. Money can buy anything even your most trusted Assistant.
Shagun: Anil? No he can’t do this.

Ashok: He can do this shagun… He can… Everything is possible with power and money. Anyway you have a chance to regret.
Shagun: Regret? What for? I will never ever regret for anything I did against you. You deserve it. Every man who mistreats women deserves this. Don’t worry Ashok no matter how influential you are, you will be trapped in the eyes of law. I made your business empire collapse in front of your very eyes. And I trust God he will repay you for all your bad deeds. You will be exposed for sure.
Ashok: Dear, I am Ashok Khanna and our system has enough loopholes to protect me.
A stern voice was heard from back ground followed by the entry of Mani
Mani: Ashok Khanna over confidence is not really a good trait.
Ashok was taken aback but he presented himself to be un affected by the intervention
Mani: You can’t harm her till I am here.

Ashok: Bad decision Mani. You should have better stayed out of this. It will be painful for me to hurt my old friend.
Mani: Friend? Strange. I wonder even you know the meaning of that word you uttered just now. How can a wicked moron like you ever be friends with anyone? You know only cheap backstabbing tricks.
Ashok: Poor Mani. You should have stayed at Australia only, rather than coming to the life of Raman. Because I will never let Raman and his well wishers live peacefully. Now you can see your dear friend losing her life while you stood here helpless.
Shagun looked around and saw Ashok’s goons surrounding them. She was pretty sure that both of them are trapped badly and no way to escape. She searched in her bag for something useful but left disappointed

Ashok turned to his goon and said
Ashok: Snatch his phone and check him properly. He is very smart.
Shagun: Ashok this matter is between us. Let him leave.
Goon walked towards Mani and snatched his phone then proceeded towards Shagun in an intension to snatch her hand bag
Mani moved towards Shagun and stood in front of her facing Ashok with a determined face. He pushed the goon away and said
Mani: Don’t dare to touch her.
Ashok gestured his goon to stay back

Ashok: Leave her. I know her well if she had any defenses; she should have used it much earlier rather than standing here helpless.
Ashok’s phone rings and he move aside to take the call
Mani felt Shagun’s ice cold hands grabbing his. He whispered to her.
Mani: Don’t worry nothing will happen to you. I had already informed Abhishek and Raman. They will be here in no time. We just need to engage him for some more time.
He heard Shagun letting a sigh of relief….
Ashok: What are you mumbling? You think I am a fool. I know you should have informed Raman and Police before reaching here. Anyways you did a great thing. You lessened my job.
Mani and Shagun looked at each other confused
Mani: What you mean?
Ashok smirked and said

Ashok: There is a slight change in my plan. What you think I brought Shagun here to harm her? Not at all. I am no fool to kill such a ravishing beauty. The punishment for her will be more severe than death. But the first chance goes to your beloved friend. Shagun is just a pawn in my game only to divert Raman and bring him here away from Ishitha, so that I can relieve her from all her pains. Poor soul. She suffered too much.
Mani felt Shagun jerking out of shock beside him
Shagun: What?

Ashok: Yes my dear. Raman and Abhishek will reach here in any time to save you. By that time they found you, my man back in hospital would have done his job pretty well. All this drama was to hoodwink Raman and Abhishek. And I succeed in my plan. Hats off to me…
He laughed out loud throwing his head back
Mani stood there shell shocked hearing his words. He heard Shagun panicking
Shagun: Mani do something. Please do something.
Mani: You can’t do this….You can’t do this to Ishu? What’s her fault?
Ashok: Her fault is Raman loves her more than his life.
Ashok turned to his goons and commanded
Ashok: Come on tie them we need to move from here. Raman and Abhishek already left hospital and might be reaching here in no time.
Mani and shagun were struggling to loosen the grip of the goons. Ashok paused for a while turned back and said
Ashok: Even if you escape from here you can’t reach there and save Ishitha…And forget about trapping me as you don’t have any evidences against me. Only evidence was your mobile and it’s meet its fate. My plans are always perfect. I never leave any clue behind. One thing I should admit Shagun….You haven’t lost your charm on Raman. See how he rushed hot foot to save you leaving Ishitha. So guys enjoy your day…Prepare to mourn for your beloved friend.


Mrs Bhalla in her room surprised to see a rose placed in the side table near to her bed. She moved it closer, enjoyed the fragrance and called out to Mr Bhalla
Mrs Bhalla: Bhallaji, You are unbelievable. Children and grand children are around and still you roam around romancing. How embarrassed I would be if anyone spotted it here? Well I am impressed with your move.
She smiled playfully
Mr. Bhalla: What are you saying Toshiji? I didn’t kept it there?
Mrs Bhalla: What? Then who?
Mr. Bhalla: Me too want to know the same thing. Who dare to give you rose when I am here?
They were interrupted by the loud noise from outside. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla came out and couldn’t help themselves from laughing seeing Amma taking class of Appa holding a rose in her hand.
Amma: Vishwa, Now a days I was feeling like you are going out of my hands and see what happened. Tell me who gave this to you?
Appa: I don’t know Madhu. When I came back it was already there.
Amma: I don’t want to hear anything.
Mrs Bhalla: Oye Madrasan, Stop eating his head. You check that writing first.
There was note along with the rose
“For the special lady of my life”

Appa: How long I am trying to tell you Madhu. It’s not for me.
Amma looked in bewilderment
Mr. Bhalla: Even Toshiji got the same thing.
Mrs Bhalla heared Simmi calling her and they moved to Bhalla house together while Appa let out a sigh of relief looking at Mr. Bhalla.
Simmi: Mummyji see this. Who kept this in my room?
Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyer held out their roses and said
Mrs Bhalla: Even we have the same doubt.
They turned around hearing a giggle and see Pihu holding two roses in her hands and Ayu by her side struggling to hold his laugh.
Amma: So this was your plan to trouble us.
She gently rubbed his ear playfully caring not to hurt him.
Mrs Bhalla took him up and tickled him.

Mrs Bhalla: You naughty. From where you are getting such strange ideas?
Ayu: Actually I heard Mihir Uncle and Adi Bhai talking about giving roses to special ladies in your life to make them happy…So I thought to make you all happy.
Pihu pulled his t-shirt and signed him which made him quiet
Mrs Bhalla: What’s going on between you two?
Ayu: Sorry Dadi. I don’t want to lie to you. So I blurted out everything. Actually this was a secret. Adi bhayya had told me to not to disclose this to anyone. Please don’t tell him.
Mrs Bhalla and Amma exchanged glances and whispered
Amma: I smell something fishy…

Mrs Bhalla: It’s time to take a good class of Adi.
Mrs Bhalla turned to Ayu and said
Mrs Bhalla: Ok my dear. We will not tell this secret to anyone. Happy?
Ayu: Thank you Dadi. You are so sweet.
Amma: By the way who wrote this note?
Ayu: Shragu Bhai.
Simmi: So mean Ayu. One rose for all of us and two for Pihu.
Ayu: Because she is little more special. Pappa always says sisters are very very special and we should care for them. So two roses for Pihu didi and Ruhi Didi.
Mrs Bhalla: So smart
Simmi: Mummyji let’s check outside if there are any little girls roaming around with a handful of roses.
Everyone burst out to a laugh
Ayu: I have kept a bunch for Amma. But she is not here.
Mrs Bhalla took him in her lap and said
Mrs Bhalla: My poor boy. You missing her?

Ayu: Yes Dadi. Very much.
Mrs Bhalla: Don’t worry I will tell your dad to bring her back soon.
Ayu: Thank you Dadi
He hugged her and planted a kiss on her cheeks.
Pihu: Dadi, Patty we need to give a return gift to Ayu. Let’s make his favourite choco idli cake.
Amma: Why not? By the time its ready you can play here.
Pihu: Even I want to help you.
Amma: Ok Pihu. You can come but be careful not to touch on anything.
Pihu: We will take care Patty.
Pihu and Ayu jumped in excitement.
Mrs Bhalla: When I see Ayu, I am feeling like re-living the memories of Raman’s childhood. I am thankful to Matarani for bringing this gem of a boy to my life. My only quibble to Ishitha is she kept him away from us all these years.
Amma held her and consoled her
Amma: Better late than never.


A nurse enters to Ishitha’s room.
Nurse: She needs to take this tablet. She might feel drowsy. Its because of the effect of the medicine. Don’t get worried. Let her sleep for some time. And I need your father’s sign on these papers. You can hopefully take a discharge by today evening.
Ruhi: Thank you sister. He just went outside. Please wait here let me call him.
Ruhi went outside in search of Raman passing a man stood nearby keeping a close watch over Ishitha’s room. He stealthily followed Ruhi to some distance and returned back to his position after confirming her to be a considerable distance away from Ishitha. He moved towards the room and stopped seeing the nurse. He stepped back to a corner and wait for her to leave the room.
Nurse getting a call and she proceeded out of the room. After a minute the man (Mr. Vinith) in a swift movement stepped inside the room and closed the door from inside. He saw Ishitha lying in the bed in deep sleep facing the wall on the other side. Assuming her to be Ishitha he moved close to her. He takes out a syringe from his pocket and advanced towards her aiming at her shoulder. Suddenly the lady turned around and grabbed his hand which frightened him. She twisted his hand and planted a tight slap in his face which forced him to the floor. Abhishek emerged out from behind the frame kept in the corner of the room. He held both his hands forcefully backwards and chained him.
Abhishek: Vinith, surprised seeing me here?

Vinith: I am sorry sir. Please leave me I am innocent.
Abhishek: You try to take a life and claiming yourself to be innocent.
Vinith: I did this as per the words of Ashok sir. Please leave me sir.
Abhishek: I know. What you thought you outsmarted us by sending us from here? Actually we fooled you. Don’t worry your Ashok sir will give you company behind bars. I had already sent my team with Raman to tackle him. Don’t ever under estimate the power of Indian Police force. My eyes were on you from the time you were stealthily overhearing our conversation.
Flash back

Abhishek along with Raman leaving the hospital premises. They stopped their car outside and Abhishek entering the hospital through back door in civil dress sending Raman along with his team. He waited near Ishitha’s room keeping his vigilant eyes fixed on Vinith standing nearby. He alerted his collegue in disguise stood in the nearby staff’s room. As soon as Vinith moved away following Ruhi, he along with his colleague secretly stepped inside the room. He gazed through the window pane and after confirming Vinith back to his position signed the nurse to take a leave. The lady officer took Ishitha’s place in the bed moving an unconscious Ishitha to the corner of the room. The lady nurse left the room pretending to be on call. Both of them remained vigilant in their positions waiting for their prey to be caught in the web worn specially for him.
Flash back ends…

Ruhi rushed to the room confused seeing the entire scenario.
Ruhi: Abhishek uncle? What’s happening here? Where is Ishimaa?
Abhishek: Nothing Ruhi. Don’t worry your Ishimaa is safe.
He pushed the frame aside and Ruhi ran towards Ishitha sleeping peacefully in her bed un aware of the entire fiasco with an enigmatic smile playing in her lips.

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