LOVE REBORN Episode 13


LOVE REBORN Episode 13

Hi dear friends Akshata, Guru,vp,jaz,moni,Parichari,Ruksy,Rushi,Janani,Reshma,Ishaan,Adejoke and Kumud thank you for your lovely comments…Hope all of you are doing good and enjoying life to the most. Here is my next episode for you..Please do read and enjoy…Pardon me for not able to post my ff on a daily basis. Thank you for waiting patiently…Sorry if you feel it little short.

Shagun getting a call
(Shagun to herself)
Shagun: I need to go. Whom should I tell? Raman might be busy at hospital.
Neelu I have an urgent work so going out. Please inform Mummyji once she is back.
Neelu: ok bhabhi
Shagun going out in haste meets Mani in the corridor
Mani: Hi Shagun… Seems like something urgent.
Shagun: Ya Mani. Going for some work related to NGO.
Mani: But it’s not safe for you to go out. I think Raman told you right?
Shagun: It’s something really urgent Mani. Else I would have stayed back. Some new health drink is going to be launched in market. They are mainly targeting ladies and children and the profit percentage they had decided to give away to our NGO to provide help for the needy.
Mani: That’s really great
Shagun: I have been called there. Just to check about the credibility of the company and meeting the officials. Raman had strictly warned me from going out but it’s urgent. The concerned person is available here only in today’s date.
Mani: Ok you carry on. Should I come with you?
Shagun: Thank you for your concern Mani. It’s ok with me. Ayu will be worried if you are not around. My colleagues also joining me.
Mani: That’s great. Which company is this? Just to check whether I know them.
Shagun: The name of that drink is Nutri Booster. Company dignities I will meet today only. If we got this it will be very helpful for our NGO. We can settle the life of all victims of that trafficking case who are still struggling for their daily needs.
Mani: You are doing a great job Shagun. Really impressed. If you need any help you can call me.
Shagun: Thank you Mani. I am getting late. You please inform Mummyji incase if Neelu forgets. See you later.

(Mani to himself)
Mani: feel like I had heard that name somewhere. Need to check
Mani over phone
Mani: Hi Atul, Mani here. I want the details of the health drink named Nutri Booster. Which company is producing it and who owns it. Can you help me out?
Atul: Ya sure sir. Why not? It’s my pleasure to help you. Can you hold on for a second?
Atul: Sir this product already launched a month before and withdrawn from market due to the presence of some non edible chemical which causes damage to digestive system.
Mani: It’s already launched. Are you sure?
Atul: Yes sir. Actually the entire news is kept secretive from media, all because the owner is highly influential and reputed person. That’s the reason why it’s not in the news. I will watsup you all the details.
Mani: Please send me address also. Thank you Atul.
A beep sound was heard indicating the delivered message. Mani’s face lost its color reading the message. He paced through the room holding his head in tension.
Mani: Omg it’s a trap. This company is owned by Suraj. Ashok might be misleading Shagun to harm her. What should I do?
Mani frantically tried reaching Shagun. But she was not accepting his call.
Mani: Raman will be at hospital. I don’t have time to waste. Need to start now. She might have reached there. I have to save her before she lands in trouble.
Mani sits in his car and paced in as much speed as he can. He was trying his best to reach Raman but failed to do so as his phone is not reachable. He texted him the location hoping Raman will read it on time.
Mani: It’s too far from the hospital location. He can’t reach in time. I better rush than waiting for him.

In hospital
Ruhi feeding Ishitha while Raman looks on
Ishitha: I am so happy that you accepted me. You were the love of my life and I am happy to get you back.
Ruhi: I know I hurt you and I am sorry for that.
Ishitha: No worries. It happens I understand. It’s difficult for you to trust me after all those things happened between us years before
Ruhi: Pappa told me everything. It was not your fault. My misunderstandings are cleared now. I knew that my Ishimaa could never do any harm to me. He told me everything that happened on that day
Ishitha stared at Raman in disbelief. He nodded yes and said
Raman: I know you will never reveal the truth and will take all blame on yourself. You will never let me fall in the eyes of my kids. So it was my duty towards you to tell her truth and restore her trust upon you. Every time you suffered in my behalf. I don’t want you to bear the burden of that guilt you never committed. I don’t want you to be her culprit in the eyes of Ruhi.
Ishitha smiled at Raman. She took Ruhi’s hand in hers and said
Ishitha: I am so happy today. My little Ruhi had grown up to be a matured and sensible girl. Thank you for making us a part of your life. I assure you that I will repay your lost years with all my love for a lifetime.
They shared an emotional hug while Raman looks on gleefully
Raman: My phone is off. Let me get a charger. You both enjoy your time together.
Raman looked at Ishitha as if to remind her something. She assured him with a nod and he left the room leaving them alone.
Ishitha: What happened Ruhi? Your eyes are swollen and dull. May be due to lack of sleep. I understand the memories of those bad times may be haunting you. But you should accept the truth and move on.
Ruhi: Ishimaa, you know how badly she treated me all these years. All her hatred and anger towards Pappa she satiated by hurting me. She used to whip me whenever I try to protest or raise my voice against her. The memory of those days scares me like hell that whenever I close my eyes her devilish face comes in my mind. I can’t withstand this Ishimaa.
Ruhi hugged Ishitha and sobbed burying her face in her chest. Ishitha kissed her forehead. She cupped her face and made her look in to her eyes
Ishitha: Look at me my dear. It’s all over Ru…. Now you are safe with your family. Try to forget it like a bad dream. You know fear is a passive thing. If you put all your courage and shove of your fear, then you can witness the same fear in your enemy’s eyes. People can trouble you only when you allowed them to do so. Be brave and fight with your insecurities. In our epics there are such veterans who even defeated Gods with their will power. And this is Nidhi a mere demon.
Ruhi: Ishimaa, I know you are here to protect me.
Ishitha: Yes. Baby. I will always be with you. But I want you to fight your battle. Tell me next time if you see Nidhi will u be afraid?
Ruhi: I don’t know Ishimaa
Ishitha: I don’t want this answer. Think like that same old Ruhi who used to fight with the entire world for her loved ones. Ok… Do one thing. Ok… Close your eyes
Ruhi closed her eyes tight.
Ishitha: Now imagine Nidhi trying to whip you and you snatching the whip from her and hurting her badly. You are paying back to her for all your tortures and ill-treatments.
Ishitha felt Ruhi’s hands loosening and a smile appear on her face.
Ishitha: Now think how it will be if it happens in real. Did you feel relaxed?
Ruhi: Yes Ishima.
Ishitha: Now answer me. Are you afraid of Nidhi?
Ruhi: No Ishima. No more.
Ishitha: That’s it Ruhi. Once you overcome the fear inside you then no one can scare you. This world is full of challenges my dear. Just think this way that almighty had thrown a challenge of 7 years on you and you emerge out victorious. No one is bad by birth. Only circumstances and the negativity around them create villains. Even Nidhi may have some justifications.
Ruhi: You are right Ishimaa. She behaved rudely to me. But all these 7 years I spend with her, her behavior remained incoherent to me. She is in some mental trauma. She knows only the feeling of hatred and revenge. She even forced me the life of Ruhaan. But for one thing I am indebted to her. She made me live my passion even if it was for her monetary benefits.

Ishitha: If we imagine ourselves in her place we will feel piteous. She had a forlorn childhood. Even her own mother taunted her for her un appealing looks. Her alliance with your Pappa was called off and her mother held her responsible for that. Her father died heart-broken witnessing his daughter’s plight. This much negativities is enough to turn even the most innocent person to a beast. She lost her mental balance and set out for revenge for the guilt we never did. But in the end she paid for all her bad deeds. She will now spend all her life in wheel chairs. She is no more a terror to us. You should feel pity to her than fearing her.
Ruhi smiled at Ishitha and said
Ruhi: You said right. Now I will not be afraid of Nidhi or anyone.
Ishitha: You must be. Remember you are the daughter of Jhansi ki rani.
Ishitha winked at Ruhi while she laughed merrily
Ruhi: You know how much I missed you all these years.
Ishitha held her close and said
Ishitha: Together we will compensate for all those years with our love and togetherness.

Shagun found herself in a secluded place with nothing but encompassing darkness all around her.
Shagun: I think the address is wrong. This place is so deserted. So strange. How could they give me wrong address?
Her mind alarmed her about the upcoming danger. She was about to leave and suddenly alerted by a strange sound coming from the back side of that office building. With gentle steps she moved towards that voice. As soon as she is inside the door behind her closed with a loud noise which left her shocked. Shagun stood there speechless staring at the gigantic figure emerged from the darkness.

Sorry if its little short…I will post next part soon…

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