LOVE REBORN Episode 12


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LOVE REBORN Episode 12

Mihir leaving the hospital paused for a moment seeing a man at the reception. His face appeared familiar to Mihir. Mihir rushed to Raman who was in a serious discussion with Ishitha’s doctor.
Mihir: Bhai, I want to talk to you. It’s very urgent.
Raman: What is it about Mihir? You look tensed.
Mihir: Bhai Do you remember Mr. Vinith? Suraj’s Assistant who later joined Ashok. He used to accompany him in his meetings.
Raman: Vinith?
Mihir showed a picture to Raman
Raman: Yes Mihir, I remember. He works with Ashok. He is the one who created issues over the proposal we submitted during our project with ministry. As far as I know he tried to bribe some officers to reject our proposal. I will never forget his cunning face. But what he is doing here in hospital? I doubt something wrong. Come let’s check.
Mihir: Bhai, You know Ashok is revengeful with us. He can do anything. He always uses some other person for his strategies. I doubt he is here with a purpose.
Raman: Come with me Mihir. Let’s ask in the reception.
Raman: Excuse me. Can u please tell me what that person was concerned about? That blue t-shirt person who was standing here a while ago. Is it any emergency?
Receptionist: He was asking about the patient in 205 and his bystander. He said he knows that lady who works in an NGO
Raman: Thank you. Mihir I am going to Abhishek. He might be outside. You please go and stay with Ishitha.
Mihir: Ok Bhai. Take care
Raman meeting Abhishek in the hospital premises
Raman: Abhishek, Where is Shagun and kids.
Abhishek: They are here only. Kids were hungry.
Raman: Abhishek I saw Ashok’s assistant here in hospital. He was enquiring about Ishitha and Shagun. I feel like he is up to something.
Abhishek: He might be planning to harm Ishitha and Shagun. Anyways we have to be careful. If we caught him red-handed then he will end up in jail for sure. Tell Shagun not to come to hospital for some days.
They stopped their conversation midway noticing Shagun and kids approaching them.
Abhishek: We will plan something. Don’t worry.
Shagun: Where is Mihir? Is he not coming?
Raman: No. He will stay here. You come with me.
Shagun: What happened Raman? You look worried.
Raman: Nothing. Come let’s go. Bye Abhishek.
Raman moved along with kids and Shagun while a man sitting in a car nearby was carefully watching them through the mirror. The man was none other than Mr. Vinith (Ashok’s Assistant)
Vinith: (In phone) Sir, our plan is successful. The lady left hospital. I had raised serious doubts in the mind of Raman Bhalla.
The man smirked and drove off in his car.

Iyer House

Adi while entering Ayu’s room collided with Aliya. Before she fell down and get hurt Adi held her by her waist and straightened her. They both share an eye lock. Adi mesmerised by her beauty was looking at her all engrossed. He gently moved her tresses fell in to her face while she downcast her eyes shyly. Suddenly Aliya spotted a cockroach nearby and started yelling. She hugged him tight and buried her face against his shoulder. . The smell of her perfume made him feel heavenly. Adi was still trying to decipher his feelings for her….They stood there all drawn to themselves….
Suddenly they were interrupted by a giggle. They moved apart and looked around all embarrassed and spotted Ayu standing nearby amused.
Ayu: Aliya Di…You are such a darpok….Even afraid of fake cockroach…
Aliya: Stop there. I am gonna kill you today….
She rushed to catch Ayu while glancing at Adi who stood there smiling.

Bhalla House

Raman was sitting in his bed caressing Ruhi who was in deep sleep beside him. She twitched amid sound sleep clutched his hands and started mumbling something he failed to hear. He held his ears close to hear Ruhi.
Ruhi: Please…please don’t beat me…Ishimaa…Ishimaa…please help me. Ishimaa I am getting hurt. Help me..
Raman: Ruhi…Beta woke up Pappa is here. You are safe at your home.
She opened her eyes and let out a sigh of relief seeing Raman near to her
Raman: Don’t worry dear. Pappa is here. Pappa will not let anyone harm you. Trust me dear for this last time. Sleep peacefully my dear.
Raman’s eyes welled up with tears watching his daughter closing her eyes in relief and falling in to deep sleep. Still her grip remained tightened around his palms.

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  10. Thank godness that Mihir notice Vanithibefore Vanithi will harm women and kids.
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    Ayu is naughty for scaring Aylia. Adi just stood there and dream in heavely.
    Ayu teased Aylia about fake cockroach then Aylia chased Ayu.
    Ayu is like his father Raman who loves to scared woman and want to cuddle his lovelady.
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