LOVE REBORN Episode 11


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Ruhi in Bhalla House
Mrs Bhalla was jumping with joy seeing her Ruhi back after years.
Mrs Bhalla: Mata Rani is great. Today is a great day. Come inside my darling daughter. Both your brothers eagerly waiting for you. Come on and tie Rakhi in the hands of your brothers.
Everyone welcomed Ruhi with merriment. Ayu and Pihu ran towards her and hugged her while she gently caressed their face. Adi’s joy had no bounds. Mrs Bhalla and Simmi made arrangements for the Rakshabandhan festival. Simmi tied rakhi duly on the hands of Raman and Romi‘s hands.
Ruhi tied rakhi on the hands of Adi while everyone looked on emotionally. Both were swayed away by emotions as this moment was happening in their life after years of separation.
Adi: Every year with this Rakhi I am obliged to protect my sister for a life time. I never felt myself helpless to this extend ever in my life. I am sorry Ruhi for not being true to my promise to you. But from now onwards I never let anyone harm you.
Ruhi: Now don’t make me cry Adi bhayya. Where is my gift?
Adi: Your gift. Ok come with me.
Adi take her to her room which was all decorated with pictures of her childhood memories. Ruhi got emotional reminiscing all those happiest moments of her life.
Ruhi: I was missing all these fun over these years. Thank you Bhayya. You made my day.
Adi: Credit goes to our dear Ayu. This is our joint effort to see this cute smile on your face. Now come fast Pihu is waiting. She will eat my head if I didn’t give her gift.
Pihu tied rakhi on hands of both Ayu and Adi. Adi gifted her with a Barbie and Ayu with an I band.
Ayu: This is for you. Now no one will ever do any harm to you.
Raman: Mummyji See Jagga Jasoos Jr. God gives everything in handful to me. Ek aur ek namoona paya he maine. Jagga Jasoos was not enough I got Lady Tarzan playing with chili powder and as complementary gift a Jaggajasoos jr too. Oh God you are great.
Pihu: Pappa, Are you calling me Lady Tarzan?
Raman: Pardon me meri maa.
Ayu asked bewildered
Ayu: Pappa, who is this Jagga Jasoos?
Every one burst out to laughter.
Ruhi: Ayu, Pappa used to tease Ishimaa by calling her Jagga Jasoos.
Raman: Not so bad Ayu. The way you fought to save your sister is indeed appreciable.
Pihu: But you know how much I was worried about him. I saw that bad uncles pushing him. Pappa please tell him don’t do anything like this ever again. He can get hurt.
Raman: How can I tell him that Pihu? He was only trying to save you out of his love for you. And I am very proud of him for that. If I were in his place I would have done the same for my Simmi and Rinki
Raman stopped and swallowed his words seeing the shadow of grief appearing in Mrs Bhalla’s face.
Pihu: That aunty is too bad Pappa. Kamini Aunty.
Raman: Oh that’s why you put chili powder in her eyes. Good job.
Pihu giggled shyly
Everyone laughed out heart fully in their merriment enjoying their family time.
Mrs Bhalla watched Raman who appeared to be worried with the absence of Ishitha.
Mrs Bhalla: Ayu, Aaliya might be waiting to tie rakhi. Go fast. It’s not right to keep her waiting.
Pihu: Dadi, me too going along with him.
After making sure that both the kids are out of the main door she whispered to Raman
Mrs Bhalla: I know why you are worried. She will be back soon then we can enjoy as a happy family.
Raman: Mummyji did anyone told Ayu anything.
Mrs Bhalla: No Raman. Not yet. Mani somehow managed to convince him that she is in clinic for some emergency. But how long we will hide it from him. He is too smart. Pihu is here. She knows everything.
Raman: You know how much he loves her. It will hurt him. Thanks to God Ishitha is safe. Else I could never forgive myself. How long she will suffer because of my foes?
Mrs Bhalla: As long as Mata Rani is with us nothing will happen to our loved ones. Slowly everything is getting better. You should focus on Ruhi. She is back after so many years of sufferings. Don’t know how all these things had affected her mind. Still there might be fear and anxiety haunting her.
Raman: I understand Mummyji. I will take care of her. I want to cook something delicious for her. Please help me out. Want to get my old Ruhi back as early as possible.
Mrs Bhalla: Why not my dear?

Mani came running all demented with worry
Mani: Raman, Did you see Ayu?
Raman: Ayu? He and Pihu were there only. I saw them playing there.
Mani: Yes Raman. They were there. In fact both of them were playing there sometime before. But now I couldn’t find them anywhere. Even Shragu and Aliya have no clue about them. I searched the entire house. Just now the security informed me that he saw two kids leaving from here sitting in a rickshaw. He even tried to stop them but failed. He is telling that the girl resembled Pihu but he is not sure.
Raman: What?
Raman rushed frantically towards Pihu’s room and felt aghast seeing her nowhere there. Raman was panic out of tension and worry. He fell in to the sofa holding his head in dismay.
Raman: Mani, I think Ayu came to know about Ishitha. They might have gone there. Let’s go there.
Mani: Raman, first we should inform Shagun that the kids left for hospital so that she can find them before they land in to some trouble. She is in hospital with Ishitha.
Raman was about to call Shagun he got a call from Abhishek
Abhishek: Raman, No need to worry. Ayu and Pihu are safe here with me.
Raman: They are there. But how come?
Abhishek: Ayu is very adamant that he wants to meet the one who shot his mother. Since long time I am trying to convince him that she is not here.
Raman: Abhishek, Can you give phone to him? Let me talk.
Abhishek: He is not ready to talk to anyone. He is annoyed with all of you that you lied to him. You don’t worry I am taking him to Ishithaji. Only she can convince him. Once he see her safe with own eyes he will be ok. You try to reach there fast. Don’t worry about children. They are in safe hands.
Raman: I know Abhishek. Thank you. And sorry for bothering you.
Abhishek: Don’t be formal Raman. Let me tackle your son first.

Mihir in hospital
Mihir: Ishitha Bhabhi, How are u feeling now?
Ishitha: Don’t worry Mihir. I am alright now. Much better than before. Have you met Ruhi?
Mihir: Ya I got the goodnews. Mihika told me. I am going there only. Both my sisters are here so thought to meet them first and then go. Today is rakshabandhan. So it’s your right to tie rakhi.
Ishitha: Ya Mihir really missed this all these years.
Shagun: Everything is ready Mihir. Let’s start
Shagun tied Rakhi to Mihir and helped Ishitha tie hers. Both of them started chattering so as to divert Ishitha’s attention from her worry for her kids and to keep her happy. Mihir entertained Ishitha with the stories of Shagun throwing tantrums for getting gifts in Rakshabandhan. All of a sudden they were interrupted by Ayu’s worried voice. He called out for Ishitha and rushed towards her. He hugged her tight and started sobbing.
Ishitha: Ayu, Please don’t cry. I am alright.
Ayu: Amma you know how afraid I was hearing about what that Aunty did with you? Are you hurt Amma? I know it’s very painful. I had watched in TV earlier.
Ishitha: I am alright Ayu. You can see by yourself. See I am smiling seeing my Ayu and Pihu. The doctor uncle here is very caring. So it doesn’t hurts at all. Be calm baby.
Abhishek: I tried a lot but he was too adamant to meet you. He wasn’t even ready to talk to Raman or go back home. So I thought he might calm down after seeing you. Both of them reached station without informing anyone. I already informed Raman. He might be on his way.
Ishitha: You did right Abhishek. Thank you. I will make him understand. Don’t worry.
Shagun took Pihu aside and asked
Shagun: Pihu baby what is all this? I told you not to inform anything to Ayu.
Pihu: I am sorry Mamma. But he was crying a lot and I can’t see him like that. And he told me to promise on his name. I didn’t want to do fake promise upon him Mamma. He is my brother and I don’t want to hurt him. I am sorry Mamma.
Shagun patted her face and consoled her.
Shagun: It’s ok my dear. But you should have informed Pappa, Daddi or any elders rather than leaving alone like this. You know it’s very dangerous. What all bad incidents happened few days before? Everyone will be worrying for you at home.
Pihu: Mamma, Ayu heard Aaliya didi and Shravan Bhayya talking about Ishima. He was very upset that every one lied to him. He just ran from there and boarded on a rickshaw. I didn’t wish to let him go alone so I accompanied him.
Shagun: See Pihu. It’s dangerous for kids to travel alone. So don’t ever do this again. I will talk to Ayu.
Pihu nodded casting her eyes down feeling guilty about her action.

Ishitha was trying her best to calm down Ayu. He curled besides her putting his arms around her neck and buried his face on her shoulder.
He was mumbling while sobbing
Ayu: How dare that Aunty hurt you Amma?
Ishitha: My baby…Look at me. It was a mistake. She didn’t do it purposefully. Its elder’s matters. Children should stay away from all this and don’t talk rude about anyone. It doesn’t suits my Ayu. I am alright now. Just need some rest. You please calm down else I will start crying.
Ayu looked at her and said in a concerned voice wiping off his tears
Ayu: I am sorry Amma. I will not cry.
Ishitha: Ayu How can you do like this? Leaving home without telling anyone. Is it right? You dragged Pihu too along with you. You know what happened with her.
Ayu: Amma but how can I stay calm when you are hurt.
She kissed him affectionately and said
Ishitha: I am perfectly ok. Dr Uncle told me to stay here for some time and take rest.
Shagun: She is saying right Ayu. If she is at home you kids will trouble her and she will run after you. No time for rest. And you know she is throwing tantrums because her medicine tastes bad.
Ayu: Is it Amma?
Ishitha: Yes baby. Very sour.
Ishitha acts to make him happy
Ayu: Ha-ha Amma, you behaves too kiddish. Even I drink my medicines without creating any troubles.
Shagun winked at Ishitha being successful in her plans.
Shagun: So Ayu till she finishes her dosage she will rest here and Ayu will go home. Tell her be a good girl and have her medicines.
Ayu: Ya Amma. She is saying right. You have to take your medicines without fail.
Ishitha: Ok my dear. Now don’t behave like my Appa.
Everyone burst out to a laugh.
Ishitha: Pihu baby come here.
Pihu moved to her side
Ishitha: Ayu, Pihu promise me that you will never leave home alone like this.
Pihu: I am sorry Ishimaa. I will never do this again.
Ayu: Me too Amma. And sorry pihu didi. You got scolded because of me.
Ishitha: And you should apologize to Pappa also for your rude behavior
Ayu: But he lied to me. It’s bad habit to tell lies. Even Appa lied to me.
Raman entered holding both his ears apologizing to Ayu
Raman: Ayu dear, I am really sorry for lying to you. But I couldn’t see you sad. That’s why I didn’t tell you about your Amma.
Ayu: But why did you let her hurt?
Ishitha saw the shadow of distress in Raman’s face while he remained speechless
Shagun: Ayu, He only saved her. He took her to hospital. See how better she is now.
Ishitha: Ayu, Don’t talk to him like that. Apologize right now.
Ayu: I am sorry Pappa. I know my words pained you.
Ayu in a swift movement hugged Raman while he caressed him
Raman: I know it’s because you care a lot about your mother. So I am ok with it. Now let’s go home and don’t trouble me like this anymore. You too nearly made me dead out of worry today.
Ayu: But I can’t sleep without Amma.
Shagun: Ayu will sleep with me and Pihu today. I have a story book with all new new stories with me.
Ayu: But you have short hair. I used to play with Amma’s long hair.
Ishitha: Shaitaan, Don’t make excuses now.
Shagun laughed and said
Shagun: I will wear a wig today. Now you convinced.
Ayu held out a sigh and said
Ayu: hmmm I know you are not going to let me here. Ok then. Let’s go.
Ishitha: That’s like my good boy. Now you go and let me take rest
Shagun: Raman, You stay here. I will leave with Mihir.
Ishitha looked at Raman and asked
Ishitha: Ruhi…
Raman: I understood. Don’t worry. Vanditha will be staying with you today. I will never let your daughter alone. Stay happy and come back soon else your son will kill me.
Ishitha smiled with content
Ayu walked out holding Shagun’s hands turning his head back and setting his longing eyes on Ishitha. As soon as he is away from sight Ishitha buried her face in her arms and wept her heart out feeling the pain encompassing her body and soul.

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    Adi and Ayu gift for Ruhi is so amazing.
    Ayu is such naughty child and become adamant like his papa (Raman) who went out of the house and see the person who would hurt his family.

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