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Raman lifted Ishitha in his harms and rushed her to the hospital followed by a grief ridden Ruhi with Shagun and Pihu.
Nidhi sat on the ground writhing in pain clutching her wounded knees with her blood stained hand. Abhishek’s bullet pierced her knee and she was badly wounded. But it couldn’t quench the spark of revenge in her eyes.
Nidhi: Don’t think you can save Raman Bhalla and his family from me. Till my last breath I will make sure that happiness never find its way to his life. You caught only me. People who want his downfall is still out there.
Abhishek: First you help yourself stand in your feet. I doubt you can ever do that again. If I wished for I could have aimed at your head rather than your leg. But I don’t want you to die that easily. You will pay for all your bad deeds with this life itself. You made an innocent kid’s life worst than a hell and now you better enjoy your days in jail. And about Ashok, Don’t worry about him. I will make sure that he too joins you there behind bars within no time. Now let’s go before you meet your death in loss of blood.

Ishitha opened her eyes in hospital bed and saw the worried face of Raman near to her. Her longing eyes searched for another face around her. Raman read her thoughts and said
Raman: Ruhi is here only. Waiting outside anxiously to see you.
Ishitha: Raman, Pihu….Is she safe?
Raman: Yes Ishitha. Both Pihu and Ruhi are safe and sound. As long as their mother is there to protect then no one do any harm. One thing you need to promise me that you never dare to take such a step in future. You know you nearly scared me to death today.
Ishitha: Raman, I could never forgive myself if anything bad happened to my kids. Years before my one wrong decision made my daughter away from her family. I couldn’t let the same happen again. I am ready to give even my life for her.
Ishitha: Raman, How is Ayu?
Raman: He is not aware of anything yet. Mani is there to take care of him. I will bring Ruhi. We were waiting for you to open your eyes.
Ishitha lay there setting her eyes towards the door to get a glimpse of her daughter. Ruhi entered and made herself sit beside Ishitha.
Ruhi: How are you feeling now?
Ishitha: More better after seeing you.
Ruhi: I am thankful to you that you saved me from certain death. May be because your own daughter was there at gun point.
Ishitha: Yes you are right. It’s because my own daughters were there at gunpoint. And I will stake even my life for them. Even while you utter those bitter words, your eyes reveal something else. I know well that my Ruhi could never hate me.
Ruhi couldn’t control the emotional turmoil inside her. She realized that if she stays there more for even a second all the strength she gathered inside her will be lost before the love of Ishitha and she will be swayed away by her motherly love she always showered upon her.
Ruhi: Excuse me.
She rushed outside wiping the tears started to roll down through her cheeks. Raman was standing at the door speechless.
Ishitha: Raman, Let her go home. Since years she is suffering in the hands of Nidhi. She needs time to be aware of the truth and accept it.
Raman: Are you not worried?
Ishitha: Not at all Raman. She is just a child. In this age she suffered a lot of pain and emotional stress. It’s like hell to be living with ruthless women like Nidhi. We don’t know how she treated her. We need to regain her trust with our selfless and unconditional love to her. I know she will change for sure and will accept us. I can read it from her eyes. Send her back home and you too go with her. Don’t let her even alone for a moment. She needs our love and care.
Raman: How can I go leaving you here?
Ishitha: I am perfectly alright Raman. Ruhi is back. Now I have a reason to recover fast. You don’t worry. She needs you more than me. Go with her and support her. Help her to come out of her trauma. Amma will be here for me.
Raman to himself (It’s time to talk to Ruhi and clear her misunderstandings. )

Raman driving back to Bhalla house with Ruhi.
Raman: Everyone in Bhalla house might be eagerly waiting to see you.
Ruhi remained silent with a distant look in her eyes.
Raman stopped the car in front of the same cafeteria where once they used to have Ruhi’s favorite ice-cream.
Raman: Do you remember this place dear. Let’s get down for a minute. You might be hungry. I will get your favorite ice-cream for you.
Ruhi nodded in denial
Ruhi: It’s not really required. I am not used to this type of pampering.
Raman: Please at least for me. I want to talk to you. I want to clear some deep-rooted misunderstandings from your mind.
They get down and made themselves comfortable in a cornered table.
Raman: Ruhi, Your indifferent behavior towards us is completely justifiable. You have a reason to be annoyed with us. But not with your Ishimaa dear.
Ruhi: What do you mean? She is the one who hand me over to Nidhi. She is responsible for all those sleepless nights of terror I spend these whole 7 years. She is responsible for my miserable state in the hands of Nidhi. I could never forgive her for that. She is the one who took me to that place. I don’t think I can ever forgive her for staking my life for her daughter and breaking my trust. I cursed her each and every moment of my life but still couldn’t see her in pain. Don’t know why? May be because I still love her.
Raman: It’s because of the eternal bond between you. Truth is that the reason for your sorrow is not Ishitha but your Pappa. I am the one who forced her to take you there that night even though she was against it. I had the confidence that I can save you and Pihu from Nidhi. But she outsmarted me.
Abhisheks voice interrupted their conversation
Abhishek: Ruhi he is saying truth. Believe me Ishithaji is innocent. I couldn’t reach there on time as per our plan and everything get spoiled. Ishithaji was never willing to risk your life but we forced her to do so. You know in the grief of losing you, she even tried to commit suicide.
Raman: Yes Ruhi. You held her responsible for your sufferings. But she too was not living a peaceful life. Like you were away with your family she too kept herself away from us all these years. Even she tried to end her life several times as she was not able to live without you. She is alive only because of Ayu your younger brother who was in her womb at that time. You just ask your inner self. Will your Ishima abandon you intentionally? Will she can do such a heinous act?
Ruhi was left speechless. She couldn’t hold the embarrassment she felt for her bitter words towards Ishitha. All the hatred she had in her mind was washed away by her tears.

Abhishek: You suffered because of my overconfidence. I know my words are not enough for you to forget the pain you suffered all these years. But I can assure you that the terror named Nidhi will never ever re-enter in your life. She will never trouble you again. She is deeply wounded and admitted in hospital and soon be send behind bars for all the crimes she committed. This way I am relieved from the burden I carried in my heart all these years.
Raman: All these years Ishitha punished herself for being the reason for losing you. She kept herself away from all of us and never looked back even at her infant daughter Pihu. Because she loved you more than anything in this world. You were her life and soul. She returned only after finding Nidhi alive with a hope in her mind that you will be possibly alive and she can get you back. Try to perceive her selfless love my dear. You are a grownup girl now and can decide well about your good and bad. It’s not easy to forget your sufferings and welcome us again in your life. But we are always with you and will always be with you. I trust Ishitha’s upbringing and the more I trust my Ruhi. Take your time. I know one day you will accept us wholeheartedly.
Ruhi: Even though I believed my eyes and hated her, my inner conscience always warned me against it. Somewhere in my mind I felt like she could never do this to me. Today I saw the same boundless affection in her eyes. I am sorry Pappa for hurting my Ishimaa. I feel sorry for all those words I uttered which might have tormented her from within. Take me to her. I want to sincerely apologize to her.
Raman: Not now Ruhi. You recognized her love that’s enough to make her happy. Ishitha understand you very well. She only told me to take you home. Everyone is waiting for you back home. Your dadi is longing to meet you. Now let’s go home and you need rest.
Abhishek: Ruhi go back to your family and spend rest of your life in happiness and merriment. Days of your trouble are over now. You are so lucky to get a mother like Ishithaji. Cherish your loved ones and revive your old memories. May god bless you with happiness for a lifetime.
He gently patted her face out of love.
Abhishek: Raman I am leaving. Will meet you later.
Raman: Thank you so much for coming Abhishek
Abhishek: Any time for you Raman..Take care Ruhi..
Raman: Come-on dear. Let’s go
Raman called for the waiter
Raman: Today is a wonderful day of my life. My family got complete today…You too enjoy with your family. And remember one thing always treat your daughters like princesses because they are indeed the best gift from God. Keep them safe and happy. Enjoy..
He placed a considerable amount of money in his pocket and patted his shoulder while he smiled gratefully
Ruhi: He will never change. He is still that humble and kind-hearted man who wins over everyone.
Ruhi hugged Raman recalling an old memory. Raman’s vision blinded with the unshed tears welled on his eyes.

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