love is really blind……(episode 1)

The episode starts with a guy of about 28 years old walking down the stairs in a huffed manner,almost tossing his keys and blackberry in his pocket and putting his goggles on….He came downstairs and hurriedly approached for breakfast. …after having a light breakfast he move towards the door to go to his office. ….He is bihaan pandey. ..youngest son of balwinder and vasundhra pandey…..

The scene shifts to a small house where a 5 foot tall girl dressed in a salwaar kameez is standing in front of mirror wearing bangles and had kept her hair loose…she was looking very simple and elegant. ….she is thapki…..

o god I don’t know what is going to happen today. ……how will I give my interview. ….????? I stammer a lot ..thapki was thinking all this while driving her scooty towards the interview place……she prays and ask her Lord to help her in getting the job……
her mobile beeped,she stopped the scooty and look at the message which says all the best my princess.,she smiled and gets teary eyed…. ‘papa I love you she typed ….With this she gets into flashback …she reminisces when they were living in jaipur how her father who was a honest government employee was accused of theft and was forced to leave the city. ..and how they shifted in noida in a small rented house……how she is searching for a job …..but every time she fail to get a job because of her stammering. ……

she comes out of flash back. ….and her whole face was wet with her tears ….and she cleans her face and suddenly her eyes get struck to her watch…..o god how can it be.????15 minutes late for my interview. …..????

She again took hold of her scooty and drove fast……within half an hour she was at pandey cascades Ltd for her interview. …….

The scene again shifts to bihaan pandey who was in the board meeting with his brother dhruv ,sanjay,
ashwin and other members of his company. …He was telling frantically about his own plans and policies that were necessary for the attainment of organisational goals and objectives in such a dynamic environment. …….He continued talking till one hour and every member sitting there nodded their heads in approval. ……
after the board meeting he ask his p.a. to make the list of the candidates who are coming for the interview. ……
p.a. – but sir.,, dhruv sir was supposed to take the interview ….I mean u are having another meeting…

bihaan- actually Mr p.a. mujhe N for no se N for nafrat hai…It would be better if you go and do the work or else I will fire you……

p.a-sure sir I will do it right now…

bihaan – ab J for jaldi aur J for jao..

precap-thapki and bihaan meeting

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  1. Wow its nice ff..please carry on with it…and please I have a request..plz plz plz try to update it regularly or after short period of time thanks…

  2. Nice episode. Waiting for the nxt pt.

  3. nice yar but bihaan age is 22 and
    feeling nice

  4. Really good…….i couldn’t imagine Bihaan in a high position,anyway,waiting for their meeting.It willbe become GAJAB…

  5. Yes, my mind drove with your story. Nice.

  6. Like it, love it, try to take story little faster, and plx write daily plx plx..

  7. Awesome…update soon m eager to c their first meeting

  8. aiza siddiqui

    frnd …..from now on it will very difficult for me to write daily because of my boards exams ….I will surely try to write regularly after my boards …..and thanx to everyone who have liked my story or taken some patience to write a comment. …..

  9. Different
    Waiting for next FF

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