love is really blind……(intro)

hayy friends.

…..I am new here …..and want to write a fan fiction on our cute and most admirable jodi of colors that is thahaan. …..

This is my first ever fan fiction so need a lot of comments from you all……criticism are also welcomed cause that will be the very best way to improve myself…..

enough of myself now something about the story…..It will be totally different from that of the show…. I. e no vasu and no shraddha cheap tricks. …..only thahaan..!!!!!!!

The story will start from very beginning when thapki ,a cute ,decent and obedient girl who stammers will shift to noida and is searching for good job so that she can earn a good living and buy a new house for her parents..

…and bihaan ,a business tycoon well known for his ruthless and rude behaviour is the c.e.o.of pandey cascades Ltd. ….A
handsome hunk and very educated person…many girls are after him but he is not interested in marriage. ..

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  1. Wow yr….superb please continue n try to make it long in next update n update soon..m sooo happy coz so many talented n amazing writers r here like mineey,payal,randomfan etc n now u have also become a part of this awesome thahaan family….

  2. Lachu too is an awesome writer….

  3. Lachu n anubhooti r also an awesome writer….

  4. Very Nice. But intro is too short. Waiting for your next episode.

  5. Nice year ur ff is something different.. Keep it up..

  6. Hey wow……!no vasu, no shraddha, only Thahaan’s love story….., it’s really awesome….! I am eagerly waiting, plz update next part soon….,

  7. Great plzz continue Aiza.

  8. honestly speaking start it, this bihaan take my breath awa, and plx upload longer part, and dont let fall both eaisly for each other, and plx uploadepi 1 today..
    going crazy

  9. aiza siddiqui

    Thank you so much for your motivational comment. pratibha ….I will try to write a long episode next time ……actually I am lot busy wid my studies for boards…..

  10. starting is good…….you started in a totally a different way…..keep going

  11. aiza siddiqui

    thanx a lot to everyone ……will try to write next episode soon……

  12. Superb. We want more.

  13. The male character sounds like that of arnav from ipkknd.. business tycoon… cant imagine bihaan like that… manish by his amazing acting skills have potrayed bihaan as illiterate cute naughty gunda who is good at heart … a lovable rascal… rutheless rude behaviour… educated ceo… totally different from the real bihaan..its my request .. try to stick to the character.. cant imagine bihaan as business tycoon ..may because of awsome manishs acting skills… pls dont feel bad .. its just a request and a suggestion..anyways all the best!!

    1. Good job..keep it up dr..

  14. aiza siddiqui

    sona actually I told you all earlier that this story is totally different from that of show…… I will start a new ff according to that of the show…….thanx…..

    1. Hey dear … i hope u didnt feel bad.. u can write according to ur wish.. it was just my suggestion.. but pls write another one soon according to the show.. all the very best!! Eagerly waitingg…

  15. Common yaar, how many knows arnav. Really I don t know who is ..? and which serial is..? and which channel is..? We see bhihaan in Thapki. It is running too. Why not different. I imagine bihaan as bhihaan. I like it very much. Continue aiza. And everybody likes dashing hero. Thats why I too….

  16. Its a unique and I like it ..keep moving..

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