love is really blind…….(episode 2)


Friends i am really very sorry cause i have taken a long break after my first update due to my boards and after board parties….bt i promise from now on i will not take such a long gap….and will update next episode aftr every 2-3 days…

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The episode starts with thapki standing at the entrance of pandey cascades ltd and taking a clear view at every little things there…the garden ,workhouses, offices, workers etc…..As soon as she move towards the reception center ,she was welcomed with a warm smile by a beautiful girl with large hazel eyes and bob hair cut…thapki was admired by her beauty and that girl at once says ”hay i am ,mala ”.how can i help you???
M..m…m..mam i am sharma here for interview ..thapki said
Ok thapki please wait here for a while till then i will call dhruv sir…she said smilingly…
Thapki too smiled back and sat in the seat nearby…
Mala calls dhruv and gets to know from his p.a. that interview will be taken by bihaan sir and not by dhruv….and it had to take place in his office….
Mala gave all the necessary information to all the applicants and ask them to go according to the number given to them…
After sitting for about one hour it was thapki’s turn to go for the interview …
She gets up from her place ,and assembled all her papers and move towards bihaan’s office…
The scene shifts to bihaan’s office where he is sitting furiously engrossed in some files turning the pages up and down…he was furious as after a long search he was not able to find a suitable candidate as his p.a….a sudden creak at the door startled him and made all his thoughts away..and he was staring at her…he was not able to believe at the sight he was seeing ….he was looking at her continuosly..Was she an angel???how can anyone be so beautifull, so innocent and so sweeet and smart??? It almost take him a few minutes to escape his eyes from hers…..he was shocked at his behaviour and before she can notice his attitude he at once left the room…thapki was vey much confused ..she didnt know what to do ?should she go inside or wait for him outside…she decided to go inside and sat down infront of his chair…..after 10 minutes when bihaan returned he was again shocked to find thapki sitting comfortably with his personal files in her hand…she was so much into it that she didnt bother to look up …bihaan was getting angry….he bang his fist on the table and shouts at her….who the hell are you who have so much courage that u have entered in my office without my permission and that too touching my personal files ….?????
Thapki stands up immediately as if she has got an earthquake tremor…
He stared at her angrily and ask what are you here for???and what do you want….?
”S..s..sir ,i am thapki sharma,here for interview ”.
”Hmmm..interview and you??…..madam your interview is you can please leave the room ..he says angrily
Thapki was dumbstruck on listening those words from him..this firm was her last resort …now how will she earn her living???…how will she pay back the loans??
”S….s…sir,how can you do this ..?y..yy…you have not even taken my…???thapki said as the tears were streaming down her cheeks….

”U know what thapki sharma ”,when i saw you,i thought that u will surely win this competency and will become my p.a……but i was shocked to see ur behaviour . …and i hate those people who make mistakes….
You entered in my office without my permission…
You seated in the seat which was not meant for you….
You didnt even bothered to wish me…
And the most important thing you were checking my personal files as if you have become my p.a….
And last bt not the least ms thapki sharma …You STAMMER..!!!!and i hate it!!i absolutely hate it!!!…..

Thapki couldnt believe what she was hearing…..she says cryingly”please sir Dont do this….

.”i said jzz go out …..or i will throw you out”he shouts….
thapki left the room without taking her files etc,…..
the whole incident does not go unnoticed by dhruv ….he was watching all this from the window with a smirk on her face….

precap-dhruv meets thapki….and ask bihaan to finalise thapki as his p.a…..bihaan thinks….

Credit to: aiza siddiqui

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  1. hey aiza……..poor thapki…i hate bihaan….how dare he insult her???????? n y did dhruv ve a smirk on his face seeig thaoki being shouted at by that oaf bihaan?????????
    1 request: can u provide a link to ur prev epi????????????

  2. Is Dhruv character negative here? But I feel so bad for thapki. Anyways continue writing 🙂

  3. poor THAPKI……….

  4. Nice episode. Waiting eagerly for the next episode.

  5. aiza siddiqui

    hay aastha ….jst feeling very nice that u all are liking my ff…..
    i have posted the link…..
    and please do comment….

  6. aiza siddiqui

    hay fatarajo……as i have told earlier that my story will totally differnt from that of show……so here dhruv is negative character

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