Hey friends it’s pari here iwant to share with you my real life story by the character of your favourite serial swaragini.
Among them one is grey shed in their life.

One girl was there of age 1yr old . After getting education from a residential school she want to became a doctor. Her family decide to give her a chance to make yer dreams come true. So she came to their state capital &there in one of the coaching center she joined. She was very much excited &she make new friends here and started her studies. All was good till now she met him.
A boy of 19 yrs old also came to that place. He wantedto became a I IT IAN. He studied well all teachers are expected him to became a iitian &he never disappointed them . He has three sisters &he was yonger in them so he was somehow naughty but always cares for others &he love to make new friends.He has two roommate one among them was taking medical coaching in the same room in which the girl used to take.

Both of them didn’t know each other but both are the toppers of their respective buildings in which their classes were going on . In one of the prize given ceremony both see each other for the first time & the girl started to like him.
And then it’s all about how their story going on &how fate always plays with their emotion.

Plz coment friends im waiting after seeing your response i will write the first episode. And sorry for grammar mistake.

Credit to: pari

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  1. Hi nice is it really ur story

    1. Yes its mine story thanks

  2. Whats your age..?
    Anyway..its awesome

  3. Ohhh….ua stry….I wll read fo sure

  4. I like it please make it swasan and niceintro weating for the next update

  5. mridulakrishnan

    its awesome dear….your love story…..

    1. Thanks yaar it’s mine story

  6. Swalak pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Ya let’s see thanks for reading

  7. Cool.. update soon

  8. Make it swasan yaar please…

    1. Let’s see thanks for reading

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