BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (A REAL STORY VS FATE) episode 6 (last epi)


Hey friends it’s your pari again. I never thought that I would make you feel bore but tolerate me for the last time. I am really feeling guilty that I took much of your valuable time. Thanks for the readers who appreciated my story and sorry to those who really got bored by my story.

Recap- swara told everything to sanskar &sanskars confronting Aradhya about swara.

so much introduction na your felling to kill me let’s start next or last part

After confronting Aradhya sanskar went to the rocky’s reception venue. He congratulated rocky for his new wedding life and asked him for a favour. He asked him if he has any contact number of swara but rocky told him that he didn’t have the number of swara. Sanskar knew that he was lying him and he requested him to give him swaras number. AfteraAfter asking many times Rocky atlast confessed that he had her number but he refused to give it to him. When sanskar asked him the reason rocky asked him why he wants swaras number. Sanskar told him that he want to talk with swara and telll her sorry for his work. Rocky told him that it would hurt swara more and if he cannot give her what she deserves then he don’t have the the right to hurt her more. Then he thanked him for coming to his reception and went away. Sanskar stood stunned for sometime and went back.

After 1 and half month
Days have passed but swara could not forget her first love. But during her hard times riya was always beside her she tried to make her understand that sanskar never deserve her love if he couldn’t tell a simple sorry or never ask her a second chance then he surely doesn’t deserve swara. But on another side swara was understanding what riya was telling her but she was unable to make her heart understand it. Till now she was waiting for sanskar
One day when she came from hospital –
Mom – swara we both want to talk with you about ur marriage.
Dad- today sharma uncle brought a very good proposal for you. The boy is highly successful doctor & belong to a very good family & also handsome he suits you my princess.
Mom -beta sharma uncle gave them ur photo &they really liked you. And the boy name is sidharth.

Swara became upset & without answering them she went to her room
Dad to mom- what happened to her . I think you should talk to her. After dinner swaras mom went to her room loved her & asked her the matter. So hugged her mom &told her everything about sanskar. After listening everything .she concole her.
Mom -we are always with you. For the last time you try to knw where sanskar is?and take some days to think but atlast you have to move on in your life & sidharth is a really very good boy. I & your dad like him.
Next day at the lunch time riya came near swara &showed her sanskar &aradhya marriage pic. Swara broke off. And riya told her that it’s now her time to move on.
The very next day swara went to her mom &tells her that she is ready to meet sidharth &his family.

Next day evening – sidharth family arrived swaras home. They loved it. Both family left swara &sidharth for sometime to talk. And after a normal greeting swara told him about her past life. And sidharth told her that he was ready to give her time as much as she wants.

Yes friends i married sidharth . But on this valentines day he proposes me. And I came to knw that sidharth loved me from that day when he saw my photo. And thatday I promised him that I accept him. It was true that in this one year he supported me in every situation . and now i want to see him happy. And one day he came to me & told me that if i want to share my story so i said yes to him & started writing this ff. Friends he helped me in its writing. And about my love he was happy with his wife so i thought the only person was suffering is me & sidharth. So I accept him.

You knw na friends always fate plays with our emotion &it happens with me .I didn’t get my love but may be my fate wants sidharth to be my future. And I tried hard to get my love but couldn’t get it. But now I’m happy that I have sidharth who loves me cares me so much &now im happy with him . now we are happy.

Thanks all of you for reading. Plz forgive if i have bored you &plz all of the silent readers plz read it &plz leave a coment I will really happy after reading ur coment. So plz give me a coment &tell me how is it plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And thanks again &good bye friends. Always remain happy &keep smiling becoz it only solve half of your problem.

Credit to: pari

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  1. All the best pari di for ur future
    It is awesome

    1. Thanks shagun for u r wish & i wish the same for you

  2. awesome story and i am really happy for u and hope good for ur married life….. may u have a happy future with ur husband……. 🙂

  3. Iam happy that u got siddharth yaar

    1. Thank you & again thanks for reading & comenting

  4. Wow yr amazing really happy for u nd i think sidharth nd u r made for each other happy married life to u both leave happyily enjoy your life

    1. Yes anu thanks for reading & u r asking me na I’m from odisha .again thanks for comenting

  5. All the best for your future. .. BT I wanna know.. what happened to sanskar… He never again came in contact with swara?

    1. Actually now i didn’t knw about him becoz i promised sidharth that i never communicate with me in my life. Before six months riya told me that he was now with aradhya & both have a baby boy after that i didn’t knw anything about him . Thanks for comenting.

  6. It’s ossum…. U dint get ur luv bt u got sm1 who reali loves u n I think dats mch mor better… Stay happy n blessd always

    1. Yes hely I’m happy with him thanks for u r wish

  7. thank u ur bakwas story ended

    1. I also want to thank you for your patience reading

    2. swalak mind saying it i was a silent reader .don’t say iy bakwas u cheap

    3. sorry swalak but you should not comment like that bcoz its her own story and its really good and “mainly what matters is not loving someone but being loved by someone”
      and sorry if i hurted your feellings and pariii all the best for your future and i want to congratulate you and sidharth and i loved your story

    4. Thanks huti & xxxxxx for supporting & really thanks for u r wishes

    5. I am shocked to see your senselessness.How dare you to say that .
      You idiot if I again saw you commenting like this then I will not be able to control my anger.

      1. My comment here is meant for Swasan. Sorry for the confusion.

      2. varsha(philo)

        if u do this with someother page then the same thing will happen to ur best show i remember u said that IKRS is backwas serial so noe see what happened S.ankur

      3. varsha(philo)

        sorry pari for posting this comment in ur ff because when i saw ankur comment in recent comments bow i got anger that he is the one who sad bad about IKRS i still remeber his symbol i will also give u the link which he commented bad

      4. Don’t dare to act smart.And what the hell is this,it is not the right place for all this nonsense Varsha and you can do what ever you want but don’t even think to judge your serial with this ff.Ii have read this ff and am overwhelmed to see such a story.

      5. I have my reasons for disliking that show IKRS ans I too mentioned that I hate the idea of trishakti.I just was frustated to see one and a half hour show,so I write that.I also thought that I will apolosize to you all as somewhere I hurt you but the way you all reacted added fuel in fire.

  8. Dear Pari Di I read your ff today only….i read all parts…its lovely…..really hats off to u….it is very difficult to publically write your own story n also accept that it is yours…..n I m so happy that u found your partner n u r happy with him…..All the best for ur future Di….loads of love n blessings……

    1. **found your life partner

    2. Thank you nita for u r reading & really thanks for u r wishes

  9. Aliya Zain Abdullah

    Hey even i m frm odisha….even i wanna ask u sumthing…u still luv sanskar or u luv siddharth srry 4 d offense

    1. No aliya now i only love sidharth because i realised that only me and sidharth were suffering so it was very difficult to forget my first love bt now i said yes to sidharth thanks again for your wish & no need to say sorry dear & u said u r from odisha then from which city plz reply me after reading

  10. I am a silent reader. I like your story very much after knowing that its your real story.your dission is very good to ascept siddhant

    1. Thanks khusubu for liking it I feel somewhat guilty that I took so much time to understand it because in these one year sidharth suffers alot although he has no fault again thanks

  11. Awesome story…u r really lucky to get someone like Siddharth…stay blessed ?

    1. Yes jyoti nw I’m feeling that I m really lucky to get sidharth thanks for u r wish

  12. Nice story parii….it’s really nice and lived it…u r really lucky to get someone like.siddharth….happy married life…god bless u..
    Today only I read all parts of ur ff…I.wish u.all the best for ur future..

    1. Thank you shani really thanks for u r wishes I also want to wish you all the very best for your future

  13. Thanks for the links…

    1. You’re welcome khushboo thanks for reading it

  14. Your story made me cry even one of my friend had the story and I only support her…….I can understand even I loved someone but he never understood my feelings…….. Pari di he was really your true love then he would have been yours but he doesn’t deserve you……he was just your first love and first love can’t be forgotten that is why you were hurt……but I’m happy for you Siddhart is your true love…… Cause even knowing your past he accepted you……I’m really happy for you both……. And thank you soooooo much for sharing your secret and your pain with us……your secret is safe with us and we all are with you

    1. Thanks tooba actually I did a mistake by not forgetting my first love becoz of that only two people suffer one is sidharth & other one is me. Sidharth has no fault but he waits for me since our marriage happened. But now i understand that I’m really lucky to get him as my life partner thanks for understanding & try to forget him as it only hurts you more & try to move on in ur life dnt do the mistake I did

  15. I will surely move and will also make others understand………… Wish you a happy married life with your husband

    1. Yes tooba thanks for u r wishes

  16. Wow it is like a roler coaster ride for me.I just can’t believe that it can happen in real life too.I wish you a bright future.And if you don’t mind could you please tell me AIR of yours in AIPMT???Whether you or your husband cracked AIIMS!!!Just eager to know that but if you don’t want to tell then its ok.
    Best wishes for future.

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