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Precap -swara &sanskars first meet after five years &swara came to knw about her close friend jyoti’s betrayed

So let’s start
When riya tells everything to sanskar he was shocked &he became angry because aradhya didn’t tell him truth. He never knws that swara loves him. And aradhya know about it &she hides it from him. It makes him more angry. Riya tells him that swara loves him till now but today after hearing everything from aradhya she was completely broken. And important jyoti betrayed her which was very much painful for her. Because she always believe jyoti alot for that only she didn’t tell about him to her best friends also but she tells her. Then both stood there for sometime. Suddenly both shouted swara at the same time. And they came to knw that she was now where to be found. So both started searching for her. But it was all in vain. They couldn’t found her. After sometime swara herself called riya & tells her that she was in her uncles house now & tells her that she also reach there & they both leave to their home immediately. After hearing this sanskar tells her that he wants to meet her now. But she didn’t agreed . She tells him that in their coaching time she always thought that sanskar loves her but she was wrong. He always cares about her but what happened to him that only in two months he started to like aradhya. And if he didn’t like her at least once he should told her about aradhya. And she tells him that it was really a very good gift she received from him on her bday was he loves aradhya. Then at least she hopes that he wish her a bday but no she was wrong becoz he doesn’t remember her bday also. Rocky remember it whom she always hates. Then after telling him this she ask him was this true that both of them were going to married next month. She heartly wants it’s answer to be no. But as usual he said yes to her. He ask her to be meet him only once. But she tells him that he should nt get worried about her becoz she was not that much week that she should attempt suicide. Her duty as a doctor is to save others so she didn’t take any such steps. Then after wishing a happy & prosperous married life she cuts the call. But she was crying very hard. Because she came here only becoz of him.

On this side both riya &sanskar return to the reception venue. Riya tells him that he was very lucky that swara loves him so much becoz he didn’t found any girl like her. And if it was about aradhya then now he knows that to get something aradhya can get to low level or by betraying someone or may be by some other method she gets it. Like she get him. Then she also wish him a happy married life then went to rocky. When rocky ask her about swara she tells him that her health was not good so she left &now she was also going. And then she went away.
Sanskar is standing on one of the corner then rocky comes to him.&ask him what happened . He ask him that whether he feels that swara likes him. Then rocky tells him that therethere was any questions about it. Because he feels that swara loves him. When sanskar ask him why he didn’t tell him about it. Rocky tells him that before swara going home he also feels that sanskar also loves swara becoz the way you ask about her marks & everything about her he was sure that he loves swara. But when he said yes to aradhya he was shocked . But on swaras bday when he forget about her bday he was very much angry upon him. He wanted to ask sanskar. But it was swara who stoped him. She tells him that thank god he knws it but it was her bad fate that sanskar doesn’t knw about it. When rocky want to ask sanskar about it she tells him that now he was very much happy with aradhya so she doesn’t want to come between them otherwise if she & sanskar were became married in future then he always scold her by telling her that because of her only now he was not with aradhya which she can’t bear. And she took promise from rocky that he never tells sanskar about it. And after telling this he also tells him that he was really lucky that swara loves him so much. Then he went away. Hearing this sanskar couldn’t control himself. He comes to his room &after closing the door he sits there for sometime. Then he remembers all the funny, serious moments of swara & him. How both studied, he always teases her by calling her drama queen. Hearing this word swara really gets angry. Then he calls her angry bird because she gets angry upon him. Then he remembers about how swara avoids him & now her confrontation about loving him. Then he started crying but he couldn’t figure it out why he was crying.
After sometime aradhya knocks on the door by calling his name. He came out then confront her about swara. She didn’t have guilty that she did bad with her. Then sanskar went outside by pushing her aside.

Precap – swara reaches her home. And a marriage proposal came for her (what will she do accept it or decline it). And sanskar tried hard to contact swara.

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