Hey friends im back may be for next four to five days I can not post it’s next parts so sorry as im quite busy these days. And thanks anusha, shruti,vamwolfan for coment . And alia as u knw that it’s my real life story & u knw na that thing only happen in ur life which u didn’t expected. Sometimes you didn’t knw that wht fate plays with you. At that time you are only a popeept in your fates hand. Something like that happens with me also. So plz keep reading & keep coment in

Precap – five years leap &swara receive invitation from rocky on his marriage.

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One morning swara received a marriage invitation card but she was shocked to find that it was from rocky. I told you na swara hates rocky for his flirting nature so she was happy that finally rocky has found his soul mate. She decided to attend his reception with her one of her friend from coaching centre. At that time she thought to make a call to rocky &want to tell him about receiving invitation. But she stops herself as she thought he might gave her phone number to sanskar. But then again she thought that why sanskar ask about her phone number who is she??friends that was also correct as sanskar why inquiry about her becoz his aradhya was with him na. And her friend her roommate anjli ask her to make call. So she dialed rocky number. And talk to him for sometime. He didn’t get medical but became a successful business person in his area. She teasing him by telling that thank god at last he finds his soul mate. He tells her that she was riya of their class. She was a little bit shocked. Then rocky tells her that sanskar once ask about her. Hearing sanskars name her heart beats increase but after promising him to attend reception she cut the phone.

On the reception day swara &riya reach there at morning. Both take rest for sometime in riyas uncles house. Then after completing shopping both reach rocky house at evening. Already guests have arrived both went to rocky & gave him the gift. There they met many old friends but swaras eyes are searching for only sanskar. She was very much excited but little bit depressed also because many friends told about their marriage. She heard that their marriage will be held on next month. Friends again her dreams are shattered but as she was in a crowd place she control herself & to avoid others she went to washroom and cried hard but riya compose her. And after sometime both came out and riya wants promise from swara that she would behave normally. When they both came out they saw aradhya there. For swara it was very painful to face her. To her surprise aradhya herself came near to swara & greet her. Then ask her about her boyfriend. So swara simply say no to her. Then aradhya told her that it means till now she didn’t forget sanskar. Hearing this swara was surprised but she avoids her by telling that What about she telling. And this was not true. Aradhya tells her that she tried hard because of that only sanskar was with her. She humiliate her & tells her that she knew that swara was in love with sanskar & she also know that she thought to propose sanskar after returning from from. But swara was shocked as only three persons were know that she has thought to propose sanskar after returning from home riya, her previous roommate jyoti & herself. So she was shocked that jyoti betrayed her then she totally avoids aradhya & tells her that yes she was in love with sanskar but if aradhya once tells her that she loves sanskar then she never came in their way. And after telling aradhya she came out. And when she came out she colide with someone. And he was sanskar. Sanskar was very much happy to see her but swara avoids him and runs to outside. She doesn’t knw that sanskar was following her to outside. When he came near her he found her in a state of crying. He comes to her & ask her why she was crying but she didn’t tell him anything. And she again pushed him ( not with force) &started walking. But this time sanskar came in front of her & confront her about avoiding him. And ask her why she was crying. She didn’t tell anything to him becoz she was unable to talk. She only tells her a word that jyoti . Then she tells him that jyoti had betrayed her. And she was crying very badly. So sanskar huged her &slowly pacified her. Then he ask her what is the matter? ? She tells him that nothing has happened &started to walk. But sanskar confront her why she was avoiding him &in these five years he tried hard to get a single information about her but he can’t get it. After sometime swara tells him that she loved him from that day to till now but before telling about aradhya &jyoti she walks away. Then sanskar stood there for sometime as he was shocked. Then riya comes near him and started asking him that where was swara? ? Then sanskar ask her about all the things about jyoti. Then riya tells him everything. And also tells him that swara till now loves him alot but he betrayed her. Then sanskar tells her that he doesn’t knw about swaras feelings. But suddenly he realised that swara was not there &both shouted swara at same time.

Precap – both sanskar &riya started for searching swara. And sanskar ask something to aradhya.

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Credit to: pari

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  1. Nice im sorry i don’t know that this is ur real story

    1. No alia no need to say sorry as u also dnt knw na it’s my real story thanks for reading & keep comenting

  2. I’m really sorry frnds rockys wife name was shreya by mistake it was typed riya

  3. Awesome

  4. Nice yr but how can u live someone so mch yaar I always think love is only in serials or imaginary things but really very mch proud of u yaar your love is really true

    1. No anu at first it was the same thought ihave which was you saying but after loving him i really changed when i came to knw that he loves someone else that’s also in my bday it really hurts but after that i thought if he was happy with her then who am I to come between them. Thanks again for supporting me really thanks

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