Friends im sorry for late update as one function was going here in my in laws so I’m quite busy these days but thanks to my husband he helped me in this typing. And I hv decided to end it soon may be only one or two episodes more as none of you like it . so sryyyyyy frnds I’m never thinking of boring you plz read this two last part.
And thanks anusha &divya &everyone who coment in the last episode.
Recap- aradhya entry &swara falling sick.

Next morning on her way to class swara wait for sanskar to come . but for her shock she didn’t find him. After some days it was very long time she didn’t see him &although she wanted to see him &talk to him she didn’t find him anywhere. So thatday on their break she asked rocky about sanskar. Rocky told her that he was quite busy these days as. ……… After that he stops. When swara ask him about it he tells her that after being in a relationship everybody had no timing for their frnds. At first swara doesn’t understand anything. So rocky tells her that sanskar said yes to aradhya. Swara asked to which proposal. Then he tells her that it was about 15 days before aradhya had proposed sanskar . and before 1 week he said yes to her . hearing this swara has teary eyed. But she went to washroom &cried hard. And it was very much difficult for her as it was her birthday thatday &she came to hear that news. Although her best friends &all other frnds had arranged so much surprise for her she was not happy. After that days class was over when she about to come out of from the class she saw sanskar as he was waiting for aradhya. When he saw her he say hi to her. She didn’t reply to him as she was very much hurt. At that time rocky comes there & ask him that whether he has wish her or not on her bday. At first sanskar was shocked as he was forget about her bday. So he wish her a very happy bday & tells her sorry. Rocky tells him if he really forget it how came he??

Swara tells that rocky that of course he would forget na as he has to remember about aradhyas bday date. Hearing this sanskar feels somewhat ashamed & after telling that swara leaves from there. After that day whenever he met her always swara avoids him by telling that aradhya was waiting for him or like that.

Then it was already two months were passed.&in these two months both swara &sanskar never meet each other &swara also changed her number . sanskar many times tried to meet her but he could not. After that their exams are on the door so both studied hard . sanskar cracked IIT &swara also get a medical seat in one of the prestigious medical collage of their state.
Then both did not meet or talk to each other for almost five years. Although swara collect all the information about sanskar in these years. Sanskar couldn’t reach to her in these years although he tried hard.

After almost five years swara one day received a marriage invitation card of rocky. Till now she couldn’t forget sanskar in these years although she tried. At first she decided not to go there but afterthat she changes her mind as she has some hope of meeting sanskar in this marriage.
Precap – swara went to marriage &swara sankars first meeting after five years . And a marriage proposal came for swara (will she able to stop it or she would ready for the marriage.
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Credit to: pari

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  1. Awesome update

  2. Nice.pls continue don’t end it yaar

  3. Nice ithink swara should not go back to sanskar ones a cheater will always a cheater.. so don’t think swara should go back to him .

  4. Nice ithink swara should not go back to sanskar ones a cheater will always a cheater.. so i don’t think swara should go back to him . he should also feel that he has lost diamond ..

  5. Awesome yaar…waiting for next update yaar…

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