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Recap-swara&sankar started talking &misunderstanding of swara.
Now here is second part
After completing one of her class swara wait for her friend as she is talking with her bf . In these days she avoids sanskar by changing her time while coming to class. So it had been some 5 to 10 days she didn’t saw him . Actually she although want it but her misunderstanding keeps her away from him . so that day i think their fate wants to meet them again. So she waits for her friend in front of their class. At the same time sanskar came out of his class as his doubts are get cleared. When he saw swara a big smile came in to his face . But swara get shocked as she didn’t expect him to be there at that time. So after seeing him she started to hide herself somewhere . but sanskar came in front of her &telling her hi . so she also greet him . After that he ask her if she was avoiding him?? She tells him that she was quite busy these days as her marks are not good in the last test.

So hearing this sanskar tells her that she is lying him. As her marks are good till now she is the topper. He has all the information about her although it studies or other thing. At listening this she was very much happy inside but doesn’t tell about it . So sanskar ask her if anyone is disturbing her ya any other reason is there. She can share it with him . so she after not getting any excuses she tells him that she lie him that her best friend riya has some problems in her life as a boy was teasing her & imotionally blackmail her . so after listening this he tells her a solution how to get rid of it. And after some talk they went to their respective hostel. But swara was very much happy recalling all the talks . and she make call to her best friend riya & tell her the solution given by him. And friends it really works. So she understood that she is very much bad as how can she think about him like that. Her roommate tells her that when listening about her friends problem he gave a solution he can never play with any girls emotion. So she say sorry to him but didn’t tell him the reason. He continues ask her reason but she tells him that for something.

After 2 months –
Swara has falling sick as she suffered from jaundice. So she came home &she stays there for two months. In these two months she misses him badly. So she thought after returning she would tell him about her feelings. That day on her way to her class she didn’t met him . So for the first time she ask rocky about him. So rocky tell her that he was in his class obviously as you & sanskar never absent in class. And after asking about her health he went. After finishing her class finally she saw him. She like to running to him & hug him & telling him that how much she missed him. And as usual he was also happy to see him . And they started talking. At that time someone called his name & when they both turns to see swara found a girl coming to them. And when she reaches them sanskar has a big smile in his face.

Although swara noticed it she didn’t ask him. And sanskar introduce her as his friend aradhya. She was also taking engineering coaching with him. And he introduced her as his friend swara the topper of medical block. . So both handshakes each other. Then she ask sanskar to come with her as she has to recharge net pack in the nearest shop & after saying bye to swara they both left. Swara stood there for sometime as she was shocked because sanskar till now never never left her like this.

Precap – swara ask rocky about aradhya &rocky told her something which left her shocked.

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Credit to: pari

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