Love in rain – twinj fs (tasan e isqh) shot 7

I guess u guys really have forgotten me. Insaan toh bhool he jate hae na so no worries. Once again introducing myself. I am Aakriti. But u guys can call me aaku. 16 yrs…june 30 that’s my day….n what not forever crazy fan of Twinj…

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Shot 6

I again pecked her forehead. I felt very good. Oh god this girls too cute. ‘One mure but here nut here.’ she said pointing her lips. ‘Twinkle.’ I said pretending to give her death glare. She immediately closed her eyes. Oh god this girl. I reclined on the chair near by n closed my eyes. ‘Kunj.’ Twinkle said in a childish tone. I opened my eyes. ‘pleaseeee.’ she said pointing her lips. Ufff this girls gonna kill me if I don’t kiss her. ‘Twinkle go to sleep.’ I said getting up. She made a crying face. That face could melt anyone’s heart. ‘Pleaseee.’ she requested. ‘Ok but after that u will go to sleep.’I said folding my arms. She gave me a smile n shook her head in yes. I slowly went closer to her. I gave her a quick peck on her lips n immediately turned around. Although it was just a peck but it left a deep impact on my heart. My heart longed for more. I could feel my heart pondering. What has happened to me?

‘Twinkle now sleep.’I said as I leaned on the couch. ‘Saduu.’ she said my name in a childish tone…to be precise my nickname. My nick name sounded so sugary from her mouth. ‘Now what.’I said looking at her. ‘Iee wunt a guddie nightie hug.’ I pretended to give her a death glare but I too wished to hug her n I don’t know why I did want to do that. She made a crying face. ‘Ziddhi.’ I said as I got up from the couch. I could see a glow in Twinkle’s face. I moved towards her.

I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, giving her a tight hug. The world around me melted away as she squeezed me back, not wanting the moment to end. Her touch made the room warmer somehow. The hug was simple enough but yet it felt magical. The arms that held me were soft, yet strong. The feel of her body so close to me soothed me. But within seconds I unwillingly pulled away.

‘Now go to sleep.’ I said as I reclined on the couch. After she falls asleep I will leave her home. I will make an excuse but I can’t let Leela aunty know that she was drunk. I don’t know what has happened to me since u came in my life but I just know that u r the best thing that ever happened to me. Ur behaviours r too cute. I love everything about u but…but nah u r not my types. I was engrossed in my own thoughts. I even don’t know when I fell asleep on the couch.

Next morning
The sun rays hit my eyes. I was in no mood to get up. My whole body was paining. I rolled down to the left side of my bed but I ended up falling down. ‘Ow.’ I screamed in pain. Oh god I forgot that I was sleeping on the couch. ‘Hey who’s there.’ I heard Twinkle’s voice from the bed. She huridely got up but stumbled a bit . She put her hand on her head. I guess a severe headache. To be precise impact of drinking. ‘Ow.’ I shouted as I tried to get up. My back hurted. ‘Hey tum waha kya kar rahe ho.’ she said coming towards me. ‘Can’t u see I am dancing.’ I said giving her a fake smile. ‘What kind of a dance is this…naagin dance.’ She said n laughed a bit. Oh god not again she stepped on her gown n fell right on top of me. ‘Ow.’ I again shouted. ‘Siyaapa queen…Tu kitni moti hae.’ I continued looking at her. But she wasn’t. Her figure was perfect. ‘What did u say?’she shouted gently hitting my chest. I just smiled as I looked at her. I guess she noticed me staring her. She stopped hitting me n she too looked at me. We had an eyelock which didn’t last for even a minute.

‘Knock!!!Knock!!’ We heard the knock on the door. ‘Kunj wake up.’ Maa said knocking the door. She hurridely got up n so did I. ‘Aab kya kare.’ she said clutching my shirt. Yet her voice was low. ‘Kunj kuch karo.’she said shaking me gently. I closed her mouth with my hand. ‘Shhh.’ She just looked at me n so did I. ‘Kunj beta.’ maa said. ‘Maa may uth gaya.Aap jau may ahh raha hu.’ I said. ‘Daarwaja toh kol.’ maa said banging the door. ‘Maa am in the bathroom.’ I shouted. ‘Ok come down fast.’ maa said. I heard her fooy step n finally she was gone. ‘Thank god.’ she said. Still she my clutching my shirt. ‘Twinkle my shirt.’ I said looking at her. She slowly left it. She stumbled a bit. ‘Are u ok?’I asked yet I knew that she jad an headache. ‘Headache.’she said sitting on the couch.

Precap: Mission ST.

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  1. Lovey_kz

    Awsm just love and what is missin st??

    1. Twinj

      mission st u will get to know ot in the next shot..till then keep thinking….

  2. Hi aaku.I am new here.u r a amazing writter

  3. Sohi

    Marvelous episode
    Kunjs feelings look like he loves twinkle

    And wow kunj kissed twinkle
    What is mission st

    Plz yaar aur mat wait Kara aur apna ff jaldhi post kar. Samjhi!
    Do continue

  4. how can we forget u.its one of my favourite ff and u r good writer.
    twinj scenes were cute.whats d mission.curious to know post next epi asap

  5. Hi aaku, u r ff is very gud plz post soon yrr

  6. Ayesha51

    hey aaku the episode was marvellous amazing fabulous fantastic too much sweet and cute loved twinj kissing and hugging scenes please reveal soon what’s mission st pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee post soonest lots of love byee

  7. It was superb???
    Loved it

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous….bt what is mission ST?

  9. SidMin23

    Nice love it and kunj kiss her which demanding her wait to know what is the st mission. Do post soon.

  10. Ramya

    Aaku so cute
    N I havent forgotten u
    Love you keep smiling

  11. Presha

    Loved it…
    So cute…
    Post soon…
    Love u…

  12. Swasti_aaku

    Uffff aaku
    That was daamn good….
    U described the hug so perfectly.N Twinkle’s behaviour was indeed so cute.Loved the drunk side of Twinkle and moreover the peck. I was blushing. The last part…naagin dance LOL??? …really I loved it U just nailed it girl.??? Precap seems interesting. Mission ST what may it be???. I have no idea about it but yahh it does sounds interesting.Post asap. I am waiting.??

  13. Amazing
    Please post soon

  14. Fatimaa.

    Heyyy akku…
    This was superb….
    Just lovedd it yaar….
    Soo cute epi…

    And and kisne kaha ki hum tumhe bhool gaye…..aise khayali pulaav pakana bandh karo samjhi….

    Ab jaldi post karna….
    Love youii???????

  15. aakuu ♥
    hayeeeeee itna pyaaraa kaisiieee likh leti hai tu jaan…….♥
    loved it ♥
    amazing cute uff d kiss d hug every single thing loved it…….♥
    sry yrr login nhi ho rha ♥
    lods of love….♥

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