Love in Rain – Shot One (Someone is back) Twinj FS

The hailstorm started to come down in the late afternoon and were followed by rain. I saw it through the window of the pub. It had been raining for an hour when I started for home. The vehicles were driven slowly because of downpour. The wind was howling and the roads were slick with wet mud. I’d been driving for an hour when the mishap happened. Due to the downpour, the visibility was very poor which resulted in an accident. Although it was a minor accident, it led to a whole lot of drama. My car collided with a black car. I came out of my car and the owner of the black car also came out.

“Hey don’t u have eyes. Are u blind or what.” The owner shouted. The owner was a girl. She was looking beautiful in her black colored mock neck dress but I must say she had a very sharp tongue.
“Hey miss attitude that should be my dialogue. You collided with my car. It’s your mistake. Say sorry and leave.” I said pointing a finger towards her.
“Hey Mr. Khadoos, it’s your mistake. You should say sorry.” She said pointing a finger towards me.
“Hey u I am not Mr. Khadoos. Did u get that?” I said folding my arms.
“U are Mr. Khadoos.” She said walking towards me. Unfortunately she slipped due to the slick road or I should say due to her high hills. I caught her by her waist before she could fall down. For an instant we both were lost in each other but the very next moment we composed ourself. “How dare u touch me?’ she shouted pointing a finger towards me. Oh god again her drama started. “Miss attitude I don’t have any interest in touching u.” I said and twisted her hand. “I saved u. So say thank u as well as sorry.”

“Twinkle Taneja se panga bhari parega. Leave me otherelse.” She said giving me a death glare. “Otherelse what. May bhi Kunj Sarna hu, kisi se daarta nai.” (Tum logo ne guess toh karliya hoga..itna tasan toh Twinj he karsakte hae na) I said and twisted her hand even harder and the very next moment I was shouting. She bit my hand so badly. Her teeth marks were clearly seen.

Meanwhile we both forgot that we were totally wet in rain and a huge crowd had gathered around us. I unwillingly ignored what had just happened and left from there. While leaving I heard her say, “U will pay for it.”

Next day
Oh god I had to go to college and my car is not in good condition. “All thanks to Miss attitude.” I said while tying the shoe lace. It was still raining but the good thing was that the rain had turned into drizzles. I decided to go by foot. I left my house after breakfast .

The atmosphere was cool, yet the roads were slick with mud. The cool breeze passed by touching every nooks of my body. I was lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly I bumped with someone and due to the slick road I fell down…actually we fell down. All my clothes became dirty and the whole credit goes to miss attitude. Yah I bumped with miss attitude. “What the hell?” She shouted as she tried to get up but failed. “Mr. Khadoos why are u following me?”

“I am not insane to follow u. U are pretty good at creating siyapaas. Siyaapa queen.” I said trying to get up.
“I am not a siyaapa queen. Did u get that?” she said with full on attitude. She tried to get up but all her efforts went in vain. I guess she sprained her leg. I forwarded my hand towards her. For an instant she stared at me. She tried to get up herself but this time also she failed. She again tried but again failed. She is indeed a girl with strong determination n will power. Then with no other option left she kept her hand on my hand n tried to get up slowly. “Ahh.” She said. I guess I was right she sprained her leg. She stood up but she stumbled as she left my hand. So she put her hand in my shoulder for support. She slowly walked with me. Her arms were wrapped around my shoulder I really felt very awkward so I tried to maintain distance. For that I moved a bit but she stumbled n before she could fall down I caught her by her waist n saved her from falling down. My clothes were dirty plus wet n moreover I was getting late for college. “Kunj aaj toh tu gaya.” Now I had no other option but to go back home but before that I planned to drop siyaapa queen to her home which was just opposite to my house. Literally she was my neighbor which I got to know yesterday. The Taneja’s were new to this place.

PRECAP: Hogaya siyaapa…

Hope u all liked it. Please do drop ur cmts n views below. Sorry if it bored u. Thanks for lending me ur valuable time n I will try posting next shot very soon.

Hi guys, kese ho. Remember me ya forgot. Mujhe pata hae bahat toh mujhe bhool chuke hae. But guys I really missed u all a lot. I am very sorry to all the ff n os writers for not commenting but very soon I will start commenting. So sorry guys.

Aamu welcome back pata hae u came back 21 days back. I know I am late but also welcome back yeh tere liye tha. Sorry for being late. Missed u yaar. Love u.

Loads of love,

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  1. SidMin

    Awesome … start just loved it … I mean each and evrything … the Tashan and the Cute fall and Kunj helping Twinkle everything was so sweet
    Love you post soon ❤

  2. Presha

    Amazing start….
    Just loved it…. Too good…
    Love u…..

  3. Jasmin

    Dii loved next i m in hurry i m not commenting way too lomg..hope u will post u!!

  4. Fatimaa.

    Woww just loved it..

    Vry well written…
    Post soon..
    Love u

  5. SidMin23

    It was amazing twinj Tashan fight was always fun to watch. Love how kunj help her and waiting for more too see siyappa between twinj.

  6. awsm..epi

  7. Ramya

    Aaku u r writing after a ling ha
    I’m so happy to see ur name
    N ita juat amazing i lived it
    Superb yaar twinj ka Milan n everything
    Love u keep smiling

  8. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Awesome amazing fab epi….
    Twinj scenes were amazing… twinj showing tashan to EO….They falling on road….And their fight was amazing….
    Post soon
    Love you ?????

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    AWESOME amazing fabulous funny cute

  10. Amazing
    Waiting for next episode ??????

  11. Heyy ☺….I know you don’t know me …so I am Cp..well it’s my short name.. ?if that makes any sense?but Btw the episode was just amazingggg??????tashan wala ishq …super excited?? post next soon ??

  12. Purvi128

    Haaayeee daaayaaan … U r back.. ????????????????? was missing u soooooooooo much…..
    The start was so amazing… Their tashn and all …. Ufff just perfect…. In love with this ??
    Post soon i can’t wait..
    Love u meri dayaan?????❤❤❤????

  13. Mia12

    Uttari ye kon hai,,??..Omgggg m i dreaming,,??? My chochochips ur finally back,,??? My happiness is no boundary and it can’t describe in word’s,,??.. 1st m sooo sry cmnting late wo kya haina meri net pblm hai,,?? or ye to tu janti hai acchese ki meri net pblm hai yrr,,??..ok epi ke bat kare..
    Omgggg pehli nazar mai teri ff ki jadu kar diya yrrr muje toh,,???? Twinj ki tashan areh haa indono ke bina Jon itni tashan dikhayega,,???.. It was Amazing,, Fabulous,, Awesome,,??????.. Love it soooooo much yrrr,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.. But plsssss jaldhi next post karde,,??..Muaah,,??
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤

  14. Swasti_aaku (registered member)

    Hey aaku
    That was just amazing.Their tasan had no limits kya batau.OMG itna tasan toh twinj he karsakte hae.Correct n second time mile aur waha bhi tasan miss attitude aur Mr. khadoos.It was just awesome yaar.N siyaapa queen how can I forget.Post soon.

  15. Hey,
    Is ur name aaku but ill call u Twinj ok.
    This was relly relly fabulous …soo catchy and I felt like I was watching that episode of Ttashne Isqu …soo imaginable…awwsome ..& plz write soon …im waiting 4 next episode….♡♥♡♥♡

  16. Baby

    hayeeee aakriti……..☺
    I am so damn happy to c u back dumbo…..
    itna time laga diya vapas aane mein
    pata bhi hai mene tujhe kitna miss kiya nahi na………..
    bas cmnt kiya aayi nahi vapas.
    or mujhse baat bhi nahi krti huh………
    ek msg tak nahi kiya gya naa…….
    hahhaa well dumbo khene ke liye srriee u knw wid flow jaisee aapne doston or Bhai behno ko khete hain soooo…….☺☺ hehe srsly srriee……
    n den now ur fs ab jldii jldi post krna ok……
    I mean wow it was marvelleous speechless osm amazing beautiful adorable n cute or full of nautanki…… u dear…..☺lovre u soooooo mch…………♥♥♥♥♥
    post nxt soon………..♥♥♥

    1. Twinj

      Oh god baby
      Tu bhi na itni tarrif maat karo yaar….may bhi kitni dumbo hu may wapash ahyi aur kisiko bataya bhi nai….sorry hah aur aab tu sorry maat bol….aur agla shot post hogayi hae….

      Hope the link works….

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