One pub is shown,, ,where swasan was shown who was holding their hands with swara’s head on sanskar’s shoulder…

Another girl is shown who is sitting opposite together with hurt face in front of them. …

Swara:do u knew, ,how much happy I’m.. .at last our engagement happened. ..she smiles widely
San smiles :yeah
Rag :just smile (fakely)
Swara:ragini today is our(swasan) celebration day,,so I’m giving party to u as u r my best friend but u r not drinking.. She pouts
Rag:u knew na. .i won’t drink. .i just came for u
Swara:k at least coke.. By saying she gave alcohol to her (in mind y my dear friend u don’t know how to enjoy life,, at least today u enjoy)
Rag starts drinking.. .

A phone call
Swara(picks the call) :ha dad coming
,,guys my dad is calling urgently. I have to leave
Rag:with dizziness I will also leave (she stammers)
San:wat happened to her
Swara:told what she did
San glares her…
Swara:wat I will do.. U have seen her na, not enjoying anything that’s y..
No Ragini. .u both enjoy, ,and sanskar will drop u to home
Rag:no no I will
Swara:do Wat I say

Rag:pouts k
Swara:bye dear by saying she kissed sanskar’s cheek and went
Rag:felt bad.. Started drinking more juice(alcohol)
San was just seeing her
After few minutes. .
Rag:shall I ask you something
Rag:do u love swara
San :nods
Rag:smiles r u happy with the engagement

San”:yeah but y r u asking this type of questions
Rag:simply..she stumbles to walk. ..
San:ragini careful.. He tries to holds her..
Rag:no need. .(she goes to dancing area and dances madly, by saying yeah sanskar loves swara, ,he is happy with engagement ,she is continuously saying this and dancing )

Sanskar widened by her act and dragged her to her home

San:where is uncle and aunt
Rag:(in drunken state) they have gone to temple.. Tmrw only they will cum
San:then where is the key
Rag:its in my purse..
Sanskar opened her home and goes to her room and made her lie in her bed…
She immediately sat
Rag :no sanskar I don’t want to sleep(she is in drunken state)

San:plz sleep ragu..
Rag::widened.. Sanku u called me Ragu after our college days… She smiles.. I’m very happy
San:smiles kk sleep(in mind after swara came everything changed)
Rag:no I want to ask you something
San:k tmrw. Now sleep
Rag :no now itself, she made him to sit beside her
San:k ask

Rag:r u happy with this engagement
Rag:smiles scarctically.. .hmm k may be u love swara.. May b u r happy with this engagement.. But sanskar my love towards u is more than ur love towards swara.. .
San:shocked ragu u loved me (stammers)
Rag:dont act.. She pouts.. U know na,i have interest on u from college days..
San:(confused) now
Rag:how it will change sanskar? …before she completes sanskar captured her lips with his and started kissing her passionately… Rag who was shocked at first,, started falling for him in his kiss…

She is pushing him towards her by holding his hair… And he is holding her waist tightly….
After 15 min of blissful kiss

San:started kissing all over her face and her neck. And he pulled her on the bed and started nuzzling her neck…
Rag:lost in his love,, started responding to his act..
San:covers blanket over them and they made love….

Rag slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar sleeping beside her by holding her waist
Rag:at first smiles and closed her eyes and came to sense and opened her eyes and shocked to see her in his embrace.. She jerks and gets up from the bed by covering herself…
Becaz of her jerk sanskar opened her eyes and saw her
Rag:cries…omg Wat I did?? Wat my friend(swara) will think about me… She cries by holding her head (she tries to remember)
San:(immediately wore his dress) came towards her…. Ragini
Rag:cries Wat I will do now?? I know it’s happened by mistake,, because v both r drunk ..i wont blame you.. She cries..

San:its not happened by mistake… Because I didn’t drink yesterday
Rag:widens then how can u do this

San :becaz I too love you ragu from our college days… I thought u didn’t love me..thats y I accepted swara’s love proposal ,,I know Wat I did is wrong but at that time I don’t know Wat is right or wrong….i tries all the ways to forget u. But I can’t able to forget u Ragini..

And when yesterday night u proposed,, I cannot able to hold my feelings anymore which I did for 6 yrs… Yesterday whatever happened it’s not by mistake ,it’s by love…
It’s our love

Ragini who hears his statement cries and hugs him tightly… And left him suddenly

San:ragu he tries to hug her
Rag:no I can’t do it swara.. No I won’t
San:immediately pulls her by holding her waist… Little bit angrily I Won’t Leave you in ur dreams also after knowing ur love on me….. By saying he again kissed her on her lips passionately……

Rag:strugglez and hits him and after a minutes.. Lost in him and started responding to a kiss….
After a kiss
Rag bends down ..not able to face him
San:holds her chin and made her looks him
..i know u r craving to here this words like me
“I LOVE YOU RAGINI ” he kissed her forehead
Rag:eyes welled up,,, “I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR ”
both hugs each other

Guys its 3 shot ff… Do u like it… If you didn’t plz tell… Shall I continue or not…

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