LOVE (RagSan) Part-5


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The episode begins with laksh and ragini making sanskar sit on the bed in his room.Swara goes and informs sujhata and ap abt sanskar,they come running towars sanskar’s room.

Laksh-Bhai is it paining too much,shall i call doctor.
Sankar- no no, no doctor ragini laksh no doctor..
Ragini-But sanskar your back is paining you should consult to a doctor
Sanskar this time shouts louder -no doctor i said

Laksh- okay bhai,no doctor okay calm down
Ap and sujhata-oh my god what happened sanskar are you fine, wait we will bring something which will relieve you from pain .. saying this they both go to kitchen and are busy in making lep and haldi ka dood.
Ragini-laksh you go i will take care of him , bade papa have given you some imp work ryt…
Laksh-no ragini .. that deal is not important for me more than my bhai, i will stay here, bhaya,papa and chachu are also not there, if its an emergency what you will do.. no i will stay here
Ragini and swara assure him that they will handle everything and urge him to go to office.Laksh leaves hesitatingly and asks them to take care of bhai.Swara goes with laksh to give him those files which dp has given her to give to laksh.

After they leave…………….
Ragini-what is this sanskar.. why you came running,havent you noticed it…
Sanskar-its all because of you
Ragini-what because of me

Sanskar-yes,it was me who spilt oil on the floor so that laksh would not go to office and the deal gets cancelled, everything was going as per my plan but then you came there and i need to rush there to stop you but my leg slipped and i stepped on oil.

Ragini who was controlling her laugh said ‘ so you plan backfired on you .. poor sanskar ‘ saying this she laughed as she was unable to control her laugh..

Sanskar gave her an angry look and said its all because of you

Ragini-sanskar fault is yours, if you have informed me earlier about your plan i would have helped you, but you didnt.. so you are responsible for your condition saying this she again laughs

Sanskar -wah ragini.. laugh as much as you can, you dont even have pity on me that i have fallen to save you.. chi ragini…

Ragini-acha sanskar now how you are feeling shall i apply balm…wait i will bring spray you will get relief… she goes and brings spray
Sanskar- no thanks, i dont want any help from you

Meanwhile ap and sujhata come there.. ap gives him haldi ka dood nd sujhata asks him to let her apply lep which will lessen his pain.He says okay and ap calls ragini to help her in kitchen.She goes.Sujhata applies lep and makes him lie down for sometime.
After some time ragini comes and checks sanskar who is sleeping .She thinks of not to disturb him and goes from there.

Its night and everyone return to home.Laksh asks how is bhai nd ap says that he is fine and taking rest.
Ap asks ragini to call sanskar for dinner and then asks her to do one thing, take the food to sanskar’s room , and make him eat there itself,Ragini nods yes.Everyone have there dinner except ragini.Ap asks ragini why she is not eating,She replies that as sanskar will be alone i will accompany him in dinner.She pats ragini’s face and leaves smiling.Ragini takes two plates with food and goes to her room.She sees sanskar sitting on bed.

Ragini-come on sanskar have your food i brought it for you… come fast
Sanskar-Now whyy are you caring for me laugh at my condition na….., i dont want to eat.

Ragini-sanskar… i know that you are hungry and you are a bhukkad

Sanskar-what me… bhukkad? nonsense
Ragini- its perfect sense .. i remember how you ate today afternoon, i thought you will even eat that plate,but to gods grace you havent.. saying this she again laughs

sanskar-aha.. this time i really dont want to eat..
Ragini-okay sanskar, im feeling hungry saying this she opens the plate and starts eating by doing sounds.. wow!! what a tasty food1 you are amazing ragini..nothing can beat your food.. she looks at sanskar and mimics him… dost food good somemore …(as sanskar said this in afternoon while eating)
this time sanskar is irked and tries to get up but his back aches so he shouts ‘ouch’

Ragini comes running to him and says.. okay sanskar im sorry.. now please come and eat… otherwise your back will pain more and you will not have strength .. please sanskar eat the food .. she pleases him by catching her ears.. he accepts and asks her to bring food.
Ragini says him that we should not eat food sitting on bed….

Saying this she helps him in getting up.. now sanskar’s one hand is on ragini’s shoulders and ragini’s one hand is at the back of sanskar .. she takes him towards sofa and sanskar looks at ragini in somewhat loving manner.Ragini then makes him sit on sofa.When she brings food near sanskar he turns his face away.

Ragini-now what anskar… acha.. im sorry again.. plz have ur food
Sanskar-i cant accept your sorry because dosti mein no sorry and no thank you
Ragini -okay then what should i do so that you will forgive me
Sanskar-you should bare my punishment
Ragini-punishment ,okay fine.. i will

Sanskar- now feed me
Ragini-no way u feed urself
Sanskar-this is ur punishment , if u arent ready to do it, okay i will not eat
Ragini-Acha baba… i will …………okay..

Saying this she starts feeding sanskar and sanskar also asks her to eat.
The song starts playing in the bg…Kaise mujhe tum mil gayii…. kismat pe aayi na yakeen (from the movie ghajini).They two look too cute together.

While giving water ragini tells him can she can say something to him which he may doesnt like to listen.Sanskar says yes…

Ragini- sanskar have you noticed today that when you got hurt how laksh came running and he even denied going to office, he said nothing is more imp for him than you
Sankar says ragini.. and ragini asks him to listen to her once

Ragini-I can see a brothers love in laksh’s eyes,he even doesnt cared what would bade papa tell him when he would not do that deal, he cared only for you… but i dont know why he betrayed you when he loved you soo much… i think there is some misunderstanding between you both.. im not asking you to forgive laksh if he betrayed you then seek revenge from him.. but before that are you sure that its laksh who said to badepapa and is it badepapa who is responsible for kavitha’s death…. i dont want any answer from you sanskar.. just think over it once… it might not happen that you may regret afterwards for what you have done after everything has finished.

saying this ragini gives him tablet and makes him lie on the bed.Now she thinks how to sleep on the couch.Sanskar understands what she is thinking and asks her to sleep on bed and he will sleep on couch.
Ragini- no need sanskar, first of all you blamed me for falling, and do you think i will give you other opportunity to scold me no way .. you sleep on bed i will adjust here.

Sanskar-meri ma.. okay then i have better idea you sleep on that side of bed and i will sleep on this side of bed.. we will divide it with pillows.. okay!!
Ragini sees couch and thinks she cant sleep on it and its better idea.. she says yes and arranges pillows and sleeps there.

After a while ragini is sleeping and sanskar who is unable to sleep turns here and there and finally he turns towards ragini.He sees ragini’s childlike face while she is sleeping and he thinks about what ragini said to him regarding laksh….. he remembers how laksh was concerned for him.. he is now lost in his thoughts………..

Precap:A new entry!! an enemy or a friend .. will he play the key role in making ragini and sanskar ragsan… will love blossom between them?? will sanskar move on leaving his past behind…?

hey guys sorry for any typos.. and keep commenting your views….

Credit to: Smily

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