LOVE (RagSan) Part-4


Hii guys … smily here back with another episode.. thank you and sorry guys for not replying to your comments …. i was little busy and i will surely reply today……… and please keep commenting your views…….. Here is the next epi

The episode starts with everyone in the hall waiting for swaragini and laksh and sanskar sitting in a sofa.And then our swaragini appear… they both hold their hands and come down and by the way as its their muhdikhai the are covered with veil.It seems like two eyes are not sufficient to see them , their giggles their charm and everything appears as if the sun rays … whereever they fall they spread the brighness and in the same manner our swaragini wherever they go they spread happiness.

Soon they come down and take blessings of ap and sujatha , and ap asks them to sit in a sofa.They start the ritual but everyone are surprised as they see two new brides and ask about the other.Ap announces that swara as laksh’s wife and ragini sanskar’s wife.Everyone give them gifts and praise them that both are very beautiful.
Sujatha talks with some neighbour and the neighbour asks her that ap’s bahu is bengali right and whether her bahu is also bengali?

Sujatha nods no and says my bahu is from traditional marwadi family and she is very traditional , she always respects elders and never goes against them… inlike jiji’s bahu my bahu is very good and sarvgunsampann saying this she thanks god and thinks it happened good that sanskar married ragini or else jiji would have made even my sanskar to marry some bengalan.

Muh dikhayi is over and now its time for the ritual of finding the ring.Sanskar asks ap what is this and she explains him.Sanskar says i also want to play this game and ap replies yes beta u can now go and sit beside ragini.Uttara sits beside ragini and pari sits next to swara.Both of them keep the ring in the bowl filled with milk and spin it.They both ask them to start.Swara and laksh fight with each other while finding the ring on the other hand sanskar is finding ring but ragini just dips her hand in the bowl.

There swara finds the ring and here sanskar finds the ring.Swara makes laksh to wear it and sanskar makes ragini to wear it.And then comes the rasoi rasam.Swara and ragini enter kitchen.Swara is a bit nervous as she dont know how to cook but ragini instructs her and finally they both make the food ready and serve to everyone.Everyone are happy as the food is delicious and sanskar says dost food good want somemore… everyone laugh.Dp,rp and adarsh bhaiyya give shagun to swara and ragini and swara goes near laksh and asks shagun.He replies what shagun? nothing will be given to you, i ate the food and this is only a big shagun to you . swara gives a killer look and says fine dont give and was about to leave. but laksh holds her hand and gives some gift she says thank you.

Swara immediately asks laksh to give shagun to ragini also but laksh says he forgot to bring for ragini and turns towards ragini.He calls ragini But looks towards dp who looks angry at him and agains turns towards ragini ,says i mean bhabhi i forgot to bring shagun for you you can ask me anything and i will bring it.
Ragini- i want nothing laksh but if at all i need something i will ask you dont worry
Laksh-thanks ra…. bhabhi bhabhi…He gives a wierd smile to swara and was about to leave.
But dp stops him and says there is some foreign client who is going to make a business deal with us and its very important , i, rp and adarssh have some other work we are going there and you should only handle the client.Tell me if you can or not.
Laksh-Yes papa i will do it and i will not give you any chance to complain about me.
Dp-okay then start after a while we are leaving now. saying this they all leave.

Sanskar thinks to make laksh fall in the eyes of dp and has an idea .. he goes upwards and takes oil bottle and spills it on the floor.Ragini who is on the opposite side sees it and thinks to ruin his plan. After a while when laksh is about to come ans sanskar thinks now he will fall and the client will cancel the deal as lakh will not be there to make the deal.Suddenly he sees ragini and swara coming towards that place where oil is spilt and sees laksh haulted there and talking in phone with someone. He asks ragini to stop but they dont listen. In the event of stopping them he rushes towards them and he himself falls due to the oil.

Ragini thinks how she backfired sanskar’s plan on himself and thinks that i knew sanskar you will never hurt us as you promised thats why i stopped laksh there and came myself.She gives a victoriious smile and acts as if she doesnt know anything.

Ragini-sanskar oh my god!what happened how did you fall.. oh no here some oil is spilt , what is the need for you to run.. saying this she tries to lift sanskar.
But unable to do so and laksh saw this and came running and helped sanskar and made him sit on the sofa, he asks him whether he is fine.he says his back is paining.
Ragini and laksh take sanskar towards his room and make him sit on the bed.

Precap:some laughter and cute scenes between……. any guess????

Hey guys sorry for the typos….

Credit to: Smily

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