LOVE (RagSan) Part-3


Hii guys… thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and keep commenting your suggestions and views, im trying to make this as interesting as possible. Sorry for the typos in the last episode.Once again thank you all including even silent readers.Here is the next part.

The episode starts with ragini and sanskar taking the arthi plate and starting arthi.Ragini starts singing Main aarthi teri gaavu o keshav kunj bihari ( As our ragini has now became the old ragini who is traditional and she used to sing aarthi song even at baadi, everyone are feeling good by listening to the song and they enjoy it).They finish arthi and handover the thali to swalak as they are also newly wedded couple.The aarthi finishes and everyone takes prasad .

Ap feels that they should do all the marriage rituals for the newly wedded couple including ragini and sanskar so she gives ragini and swara some shagun which consists of a saree and jewellery and asks them to wear it and come as some rituals are pending and it will be their muhdikhayi after a while.They both nod in yes and go upstairs.Sanskar is in sujhata’s room and ragini is alone in the room.

Ap goes to ragini and talks to her.

Ap-ragini beta i know that what all happened yesterday was not at all right but if you think so that this is wrong you can tell me and there is no need to maintain this relationship just because as you know sanskar is not a normal person and i think you also know about his first… ragini cuts her nd starts talking.
Ragini-Maa…. sorry Badi maa what are you saying i never thought that you will talk all this i believed that atleast you will support me,whatever sanskar did he did it with or without being in senses but now we are married and ultimately its the truth and i knew everything about sanskar and i dont want to quit from this relationship,if at all in future i want to quit then i will let you know it.

Ap-ragini beta i felt good by listening to what you have said this is what i like most about you ,you will accept everything that will come to you and i will always support you, it was me who has choosen you for laksh its the second thing that now u r not married to him but you will always remain as my bahu nd daughter .You cann even call me badi maa or maa it doesnt make any difference.Now get ready and come down fast. Im very lucky that you are into our house saying so she hugs her and leaves.

After Ap left ragini starts thinking ….
Ragini’s pov:Badimaa thinks that im the old ragini but she doesnt know what i have done to my own sis in order to get laksh.When badi maa comes to know about my deeds she will hate me to the core.But now i have changed and im the old ragini and i will not let anything happen to swara.Now what sanskar is going to do with laksh.(She remembers how laksh begged her dadi maa at baadi to send ragini to mm to calm her brother she thinks for a while) i think laksh loves his brother then why did he betray sanskar,i think there is some misunderstanding between them.Like how i was eager to get laksh from swara and hurted her,i think sanskar is also inthe same phase seeking revenge for his love from laksh.But atlast i realised and backed off if i make sanskar realise that laksh loves him a lot then may be he stops it.
Ragini thinks that she should make everything fine between sanskar and laksh as it would lessen her sins.Ragini gets ready in a rani pink saree and she is looking beautiful.

On the other side we see swara unable to wear the saree as she dont know how to wear it.Immediately she hears a knock at the door.Its our ragini .Swara asks her to come in.

Ragini-i knew that you dont know how to wear a saree nd just thought to help you with it.
Swara-thank you ragini this saree is such a mess im even unable to handle it properly.
Ragini-ha swara i will show you now remember it as i will be not there all the time to make you wear saree
Swara-i will try to remember but from now we are going to stay in the same house ryt as u married…………. listening to this ragini gets sad and swara realise what she said
Swara-ragini can i ask you something
Ragini-yes swara…… (she is making swara wear the saree)
Swara-why im feeling that as if you are hiding something from me

Nothing like that swara said ragini looking down
Swara cups ragini’s face and says we both are sisters ryt and we share each and everything,if at all you have any problem say it to me we both will solve it together ragini, if u dont wish to say it ryt now u can take some time and i will not force you say me whenever u feel like telling me
Ragini and swara has tears in their eyes and both hug eachother and swaragini plays in bg…

Precap:sanskar plans something for laksh.Will ragini gets to know about that?

Hey guys sorry for the short episode and i will be updating another episode very soon….. and sorry guys…….please do comment your views.

Credit to: Smily

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