LOVE (RagSan) Part-1


Hii guys… this is smily and this is my first fanfiction.I loved the serial swaragini long back especially ragsan.But ragsan were separated so i wanted to write a ff on them.Well this will be the continuation of the story swaragini.It continues from the scene where swara and laksh are going to get married and the day before their marriage when swara comes to know about mohini and mohini leaves from there.There is a small change in story line.Dida will not be knowing anything about ragini and sanskar’s deeds.Everything is going normal but sanskar and ragini’s plan to separate swara and laksh fails.

Finally the wedding day arrives and everyone are happy except sanskar,sujatha and ragini.In the morning swara and ragini go to temple and sanskar calls ragini to meet him.Ragini asks swara to go home saying that she have some important work and will be returning soon.Sanskar comes to the temple side and takes ragini to some place where no one are there.Sanskar could clearly see her eyes swollen which she tried to cover up with makeup and then she bursted into tears.Sanskar asks her not to give up and says still we are left with some time and anything can happen.Ragini says no sanskar everything is finished.Even after trying so much we could not separate them bcoz their love is true and i saw them happy.Its true that swara snatched my laksh but he never loved me.Eventhough if i get married to him by betraying everyone i may end up with no one beside me.saying this she collapses there and says its my sisters day,i have done lot wrong with her,i should be happy for her(wipes her tears) and says sorry sanskar now i cant do anything.saying so she is about to leave.

but sanskar holds her hand tightly and says wow!Ragini now you realised that u were doing wrong, where was this sister love when you tried to defame swara’s character and now when im saying that i will make everything fine and u are backing off..this isnt fair ragini.Ragini says him only few hrs are left nd what could you do,You cant kidnap her or you cant make her eat anything coz she is fasting nd overall by the time we reach there even bharat would be coming.And last but not least laksh and swara love each other and how could u know about love have you ever loved anyone.Hearing this sanskar loosens his grip and a screen flashes where he and his kavitha share some romantic moments and then her death.He was lost in his thoughts and ragini leaves from there. ( here ragini doesnt knew about kavitha)
sanskar’s pov:with tears filled in his eyes .. yes ragini you are true i dont know anything abt love..if at all i knew i wld hav never lost my kavitha,my love its all bcoz of laksh nd bade papa.And i will take revenge from them at any cost.

The scene shifts to baadi where everyone are soo happy and ragini comes to the room and sees swara struggling to set the lehenga.Ragini goes to her and starts helping her.swara says thanks ragini .. this lehenga is soo heavy and i was unable to handle it.Ragini says im ur sidter and its afterall my right to help u and says no need of any thanks.she makes swara sit near the mirror and makes her wear all the jewellery.ragini goes to bring dupatta which will be used as veil,she sees it and tears flow from her eyes.she wipes her tears and makes swara wear it.Sumi comes there and says swara you are looking very beautiful and says sure its laado who made you ready right and pats ragini’s face.
Swara says yes mom my lovely sister made me look beautiful and im soo happy and tells swara ragini ke bina adhuri hai maa and tears flow from all of three.Swara and ragini hug each other and swaragini plays in bg.
At MM:laksh gets ready in sherwani and sanskar acts the same as he is facing some mental disorder.Soon everyone reach baadi and sansakr starts his drama calling ragini,i want to meet ragini and goes from there.He searches for her everywhere and finally he finds her on terrace sitting at a corner and crying hard.I know that u dont have guts to see laksh marrying someone and if u want there is still some time and i cant do it alone without your help.She says no sanskaar i dont want to separate them.Sanskar says but i dont want this to happen bcoz of you im unable to take my revenge for my love.Ragini is shocked and asks ur love? what do u mean by that? u wanted to take revenge bcoz dp has thrown u out of the house ryt? Snskar says no and tells her the entire story.Ragini is filled with tears knowing that he lost his love forever.

Ragini asks then in what way laksh is involved.He says its laksh who informed dp about our marriage even though i said him not to tell anyone.She thinks how could laksh do that.. i didnt knew that laksh can do such thing and betray his own brother.He says yes i loved him soo much and did everthing for him bt atlast i got betrayal in gratuity.Sanskar says ragini by this time i think u know how it feels when someone snatches ur love from ur case its just one sided love.but in my case we both loved each other and abt to marry.I cant get my love back but i need ur help to take revenge.. plz help me ragini…. Ragini starts thinking………

Precap:shocking twist in the marriage…… guess what happened………………….

Guys i know this episode was little boring as its a start i wanted to make all the things clear… and by the way do comment any suggestions and how u felt abt the epi….sorry for any typos and guys my nxt epi will be based on ur comments so do let me know how u feel.

Credit to: Smily

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