Love a RagLak OS

Heya Twistinians, This story will have a few shots in the story and the first one is dedicated to Riya(Riyu) because it’s her birthday. Dil bole RagLak, I’m trying to motivate all the RagLak and RagSan fans.

RagLak are married since two months now and so lets begin with their real love story as it hasn’t started yet!

Ragini woke up and looked at her husband and she was mesmerized seeing someone sleeping so peaceful without any worries. Slowly she went to the bathroom, so that she can get ready for her morning jog. For an hour she jogged around and soon she went home.

Meanwhile Laksh woke, as he knew that Ragini will come home in an hour, so he got ready and arranged a special breakfast for her, as he wanted to tell his feelings to her. After everything was perfect he heard the door getting unlocked, so he went to their room and acted like he was sleeping. She came in and saw that he was still sleeping. Then she found a note, where it was written breakfast is ready.
“Laksh wake up?” Ragini said, while she knew that he was awake.
“Ragini, please let me sleep!” He fake sleepily said.
“No, I won’t I know that you were awake yaar!”
“Okay, I’m waking up!” He said, because he didn’t have another choice, so he got up and went to the dining room with her.

RagLak’s scene
Laksh like a gentleman pulled the chair for Ragini, so that she can sit down. Soon they started eating the food.
“Laksh to food is so amazing, I love it.”
“Thanks for the compliment Ragini!” He said.
“You are welcome Laksh!” She said, then they finished eating the food.
“Ragini, I wanted to tell you something important.” Laksh started and Ragini interrupted him: “please don’t divorce me, I will die if you do that!” She dramatically cried.
“Shut up Ragini baccha, I was going to tell you that I love you, but you started blabbering and I couldn’t finish saying my whole sentence!” He said fake angrilly, then he turned around to the other direction, while he was trying to surpress his laughter, Ragini came to him and cutely said: “sorry!”

Laksh still acted as if he was angry. Ragini had an idea, how to make him calm down, he was walking to their room. She went to their room through the window, he was going to go out from there but she pulled him towards her, while she was holding his colar and smashed her lips onto his and in the kiss, she said: “You are mine Laksh!”
“I know my baccha and happy birthday princess!”
“Awww, my baccha knew that it’s my birthday Ragini said. After that the kiss got deeper and deeper and soon the curtains fell down.
End of their scene

“I hope you all liked the short love story of a married couple and this show was specially for the birthday girl Riya.” RagLak said, before they hugged the birthday girl Riya.

The End!

The copyright of this story belongs to me!

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