In Love #Raglak Ff (Romantic Epilogue)

In Love#Raglak


Raglak room in the same bungalow which Laksh bought for his ragini..the room had an aroma..the aroma of Love..candles were lightened up in the room…the room was decorated with orchids and roses…making the atmosphere romantic.. Not only this ..even the weather wished to turn amouring for this lovely couple in the form of rains..Ragini was sitting on the bed wearing a beautiful baby pink gorget saree with a golden shiny border and golden blouse..her hairs were left open..with less make up and just beautiful pearl dangles… She was looking breathtakingly gorgeous and cute..and s*xy.. Laksh who was wearing a black net shirt with three buttons open and denim jeans..looking dashingly hot.. was lying on her lap and was playing with her hair strands..twisting them into curls through his forefingers.. Ragini was caressing his hairs..

“ know.. You look stunning in saree..”.. He said caressing her face..
“It for the first time I have worn saree..thank you Laksh..I really love this..”.. She blushed…
Laksh was loosing his control looking at his wife..and we all know…how amorous Laksh is…he tenderly rubbed his finger on Ragini’s pulpy lips…Ragini could feel her face heating up..butterflies started doing summersaults in her tummy..she closed her eyes.. He brought her face nearer to his while she held his face…they were soooo close…feeling each other’s warm breath… Just then…she hit Laksh on his chest and got off the bed chuckling.. Laksh narrowed his impish gaze and got up…he started to motion towards her and she moved backwards slowly… “ are getting so naughty these days..” She said…”and what about you haan?..”..

By now Ragini was pinned at the wall by him..he blocked her way from his strong arm and pulled her closer through her bare waist with the other..she kept her hands on his partially bare chest.. He wrapped his arm on her back….and squeezed her into him…Ragini had already turned pink by now..she knew..that.. this is the special night.. when they’ll become one..Laksh trailed down hell lot of kisses on her face and neck…Ragini grabbed his neck and hair..and caressed them hard with closed eyes… Laksh parted and ..licked her lower lip…Ragini traced his lips through her tounge..Laksh grabbed her lips..and they were into an extremely passionate liplock…Laksh was nibbling her lips..while his one palm smooched her soft skin at her waist and back..and other explored her front and caressed them..Ragini was elated…at first ..their tongues were fighting for dominance but..slowly due to his touch Ragini lost her control and just melted in those sensations due to his touch..

Laksh was now chewing his lips….it has been about 10 – 15 minutes.. but laksh is not in mood to part..but slowly he realized that he and his love needs oxygen to survive.. He parted ..both were breathing heavily and were smiling endlessly.. Ragini cupped his face..and he bent to her neck..he was sucking her….she girdled her arms around him again.. “Laksh..”… Ragini moaned as he marked her HIS..he licked and sucked her more on the whole of her neck and his palms smooched her soft skin..he was rubbing his palms on her front and back… Ragini arched her back due to sensations..he pinned her to the wall and again caught hold of her fruity lips…it was a short time affair.. He slid the cloth from her shoulder and kissed her..he unpinned her saree from her other shoulder.. her pallu fell down..Ragini breathed heavily. He kissed the whole of her front grabbing her waist …

his tongue explored her neck..he sucked her face too…he traced her waist through his fingers making her quiver..and tugged her saree out….the whole saree fell she was just in her blouse and skirt (petticoat..).Ragini blushed to red looking at him..he caressed her face..Now Ragini too was getting naughty…she opened his shirt’s buttons..and removed his shirt while kissing his neck and chest…he twirled her…he slid his hands to her waist…”your turn”..he whispered in her ears making her blush..he untied the knot from the side of her skirt and it fell down too…he rubbed his palm gently on her thigh..and moved her hair to a side..his tongue traced her back from her waist…the only dori of her blouse came into his way…he kissed her back and untied that dori too..and his tongue was back to work….Ragini had goosebumps.. she was trying to hold the wall to let her sensations out..but to Laksh started sucking her back..his saliva on her soft skin made Ragini go crazy.. Laksh..slid the sleeves of her blouse.. And turned her…he threw her blouse away…he grabbed her waist and again kissed her lips…Ragini wrapped her legs around his waist and held hair kissing him back with same passion.. Laksh moved towards the bed..and they landed.. But parting…Naa…

They were chewing each other’s lips…Ragini moaned in between the kiss…her lips started to bleed..but laksh sucked her her a special cure..Laksh’s hands were caressing her br*ast over her bra..slowly.. He turned to her neck and cleavages.. Ragini arched her back giving him better access to her s*xy boobs and moaned in pleasure as he chewed her skin there…he slowly.. unhooked her bra..but Ragini was so lost in his touch that she din realized..Laksh parted..he bra was about to fall but Ragini caught hold of it..she gave a “haww” expression..but blushed hard..Laksh motioned to her with a sputty expression.. Eventually resulting her to lie on her cozy bed..Laksh’s hand traced upwards from her waist..and slumped into her bra and fondled her bust…Ragini splintered due to this feel….

In no time…he took her bra off and threw it away…Ragini bit her lip in shame..and caressed her arm..Laksh smiled and kissed her forehead..and a trail of wet kissed marked their way down till her naval…He licked her one br*ast And his hand kneaded the other…he was giving her an erotic massage… “Ummhhh”.. She moaned..he gulped her whole bosom into his mouth and sucked it hard…”Oohhummmmhhhmmmmmm”…Ragini groaned in pleasure…digging her nails into his skin…she rubbed her palms on his hair …Laksh nibbled her teat..and flicked the other…after sometime… He turned to other..and did the same with it too….”Ouhumm..aah…Laak..ksh..”…Ragini was moaning…

Laksh was licking.. Sucking..chompping and kissing.. The whole of her br*asts…her squeezed them and pushed them together.. Ragini moaned as he licked again…Laksh was so wild but Ragini said nothing.. She had surrendered in front of her Love ,she has given herself to him…and rather..she was loving each of his deed…she didn’t wanted him to stop…she wanted more and more and more of him…she pulled him into her bust more trough her hands…Laksh was feeling heavenly!…he held her waist smooching it..and slid his palms to her thighs too….and continued with his feast on her soft br*asts…many a times he was gulping the whole of one and sucking it harder that before… He sometimes teased her flicking.. nibbling.. soft biting..or playing with her teats…Ragini was relishing as heaven..and moaning out his name… Laksh again grabbed her lips..and they were once again in a passionate liplock..his palms were foreplaying with her bosoms..and squeezing ..kneading them..making Ragini moan even into the kiss…he was chewing her lips too..he kissed her jawline.. Before again getting into a deeper kiss.

.Ragini was loving this LOVE TORTURE…she flipped over and came on top of him..her naked chest was touching with his…she turned darker pink into the kiss due to this…Laksh explored her toned back…they entwined their hands…They parted after a long term..and Ragini bent to his neck…and it was her turn to return back his torture.. She was busy with sucking and licking his face and neck and chest…Laksh was enjoying his wife’s sweet torture too…but he wanted more of her…he again came on top of her…trailed down kisses from her temple to her neck..and whispered in her ears..Ragini bit her lips blushing and nodded in a cute YES… Laksh again went into her bust..while his hands.. Removed the only barriers between the two…and pulled the blanket over them….

“..Laksh “
“Want more ..”
“Don’t ..stop..aahh..”
“ hhhmmm”

The room was filled with Ragini’s heavenly pleasurely …moans and groans..for hours!!.. ..sometimes.. Laksh made her scream too!…but took care to be gentle in showering his love on his beloved….the IN LOVE Raglak took their love to the most beautiful stage of togetherness!…

Romance credit- Priyanjali di

So do you like this intense romance???

I know manyyy of you want me to start a new ff..I am too busy for that nowadays guys will have to wait till my winter break for another Raglak ff..I.e…till Christmas.. Can you guys wait till then?? b/w if I’ll b able to dig some time out..I will write one or two Raglak OS…But surely I’ll come up with another ff…actually u know I have some threads but I do have to knit them to make a story…

And u wished..I’d try adding abhirag…if my mind gets a situation..

SRI- hey much as I have studied on this …a spirit doesn’t needs a reason to connected to something.. except.. 1) it has to be on earth
2) It finds it safe to be connected with..

Hope you understood😃

And ..thank you soooooo much to allll those who have commented on this 10 chapter journey… I am so grateful for your loving support….

Thank you soo much my didus…I love being ur chotu😘😘😘

Love you allllllllllll



  1. nikky

    I m waiting for ur new ff plzz comebacks don’t ditch us as now only raglak ff are there for us write Abhi rag track or raglak kayya track plzz waiting for ur O’s also plzz writing soon plzzzz

  2. nikky

    I m waiting for ur new ff plzz comebacks don’t ditch us as now only raglak ff are there for us write Abhi rag track or raglak kayya track plzz waiting for ur O’s also plzz writing soon plzzzz plzz

  3. Raglakholic


    |Registered Member

    Omg it’s too hot to handle
    Nd it was passionate part
    Totally loved it
    Yeah will surely wait till ur break
    Eagerly waiting for your new work on raglak
    Thanq so much for this wonderful work of yours on raglak
    Really it means alot to all of us raglak fans

  4. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    i have not read it lovely di but i know it would be awesome and i am 100% sure
    and write another ff for us ok
    and this was one of the ffs which made me crazy about it in less time
    and i will wait for your ff without any pain

  5. Ammu

    WOW outstanding epilogue. Raglak romantic scenes are too hot and really amazing dear. Please come back with another Raglak ffs or os. Love u dear and miss u. Please take care urself

  6. Samanta

    It’s fabulous
    No words to describe
    Outstanding one
    Waiting for your next works on raglak
    Really gonna miss this story very much

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