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and LOVE?..prolouge
The holy Geeta says ‘jatasya hi dhruvo mrtyur dhruvam janma mrtasya ca’-…means…the one who takes birth ..his death is certain and the one who dies…his birth is certain……. As we change our old accessories and get new ones, In the same way spirits (souls) also change bodies…

In this cycle of deaths and births…the good can reborn but the evil choose to remain on this Earth as spirits to fulfill their desires…so I am here with a bit terrifying but an interesting story… of OBSTINANCE and LOVE….I know after chapter 1 u all must b having many confusions …so they will b cleared as u read further..coz if I will remove all ur confusions then what’s the need to read it …ri8…
But I am dammn sure that u will love it as even I love it a lot… U all must b thinking that yehi ladki apni hi tareefain karti jaa rahi hai..then let me say that I have learned that if I will not love my work then how will others like it…
Now let me make u all aware of this plot…

So guys this is a horror-cum-love story where u will read what is more powerful.. Love or Obstinance …this story is a short part of two will have romance, thrill, and horror….the story revolves around our protagonists living in kochi …Kerala… India…

So now you all would have recalled the story.

So guys I’ll post next part after my exams but I am gonna tell you what the story is.

So the story is of Raglak.. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari and Laksh Maheshwari , a newly married couple …LOVERS…. TRUE LOVERS.
Ragini is an Orphan..she used to live in London with her nani(Grandma)….she is a Writer by profession. And Laksh is a big business tycoon in London , He lives with his family of Bebe , mother and father .

Ragini alone takes care of her old nani..they are not too rich but they have a class and are rich at heart.

Laksh met Ragini in the inauguration of an NGO which she opened for helping orphans , old people and those who are disabled.
The moment he first saw her playing with children in the NGO…he Started Loving her and realized his Love for her the very moment… His visits to her NGO were becoming more and more frequent… Gradually they became friends..Laksh also shared a special bond with her nani and all the children in the NGO also used to call him SUPERHERO BHAIYA… Ragini also used to go to Laksh’s residence with him and used to attend family functions too..she was liked by his family… Laksh already told about his deep love for her to Bebe…

And Ragini also started loving his caring nature, she started to Love him more and more..his every glimpse , every talk all about him made her fall for him more and more again and again…. But she used to hide her feelings coz of their different status…But one Day …
Laksh Proposed her …telling her how her each and everything was making him fall for her again and again …and he loves her from the moment he saw her.
Ragini who was above the infinity heaven readily accepted his proposal and they shared their first Kiss…

They told about all to their families and they were extremely happy that at last they confessed.
They got married (from both Indian and Christianity rituals as they were London’s citizens).
As Ragini’s nani told Laksh that from childhood Ragini Loved India especially Kerela… So he decided to take her to Kerela..for their Honeymoon the very next morning of their marriage.
Ragini became Heaven happy.(?? I used exception).
They departed for Kerela..Ernakulam…(and the part1 is a fast forward part..)

So the story will start now..When being in Kochi Laksh will tell Ragini Ragini what’s making him to let her be in Kochi with Yuhi(..Sanskar and Swara..Laksh’s friends).

That’s it!…

Chapter 2- posted

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