In Love #Raglak Ff (Chapter 6)


The lovely day arrived after the mysterious night with the pomp and show of the musical wake the divinely wonderful pair..
Even After the baffling night.. Raglak were sleeping peacefully in each other’s love embrace.. Its truely said that true love never gets affected by any always becomes stronger and deeper at hence.

Laksh woke up and saw His Ragini sleeping peacefully ..a cute smile seized his lips.. He adored her but all that happened last night blazed into his mind..which somewhere horrified him..he looked at her tensed

Laksh’s POV

Yesterday.. You were crying for help in front of me..and I wasn’t able to help you…I feel to curse myself for not being helpful to you…I am sorry Ragini.. I felt so helpless at that moment.. I really worry what’s happening with you from last 2 nights.. I’ll die but will not let anything happen to you.. That’s my promise… Thinking this I kissed her forehead to wake my girl up…
“Good morning ..” I said..
“Good morning Laksh”.. She replied stretching her arms and getting up..and then looking at me
“.. Are you fine?..I asked sitting and got a curve on her lips as my answer..I cupped her head ..


Next scene

At night …9:30p.m.

A barbarous stormy night…with thunders and lightening with drizzling

Laksh is talking on mobile in the garden..he finishes his talks and go back to the hall…
” Ragini… “..he calls as he isn’t able to find her …
“…Ragini Ragini little star….eheheh”… He heard a voice.. Umm..or actually a combined voice… Which somewhere made him quite restless.. He went to the direction of the voice…
He went to their room and was shocked… Walls and the roof were scribbled with red crayon…with only one thing written…

” Ragini Ragini Little star… Ehe” ..again he heard and rushed being super tensed.

He reached the Terrace and the sight terrified his soul..
Ragini who was wearing a green top and denim shorts was walking on the railing of the terrace without any support
..she was walking like a maniac with rough open hair..singing
“Ragini Ragini Little star…”.. Her voice.. No..its wasn’t her voice… Yes..she was speaking in a heavy voice which seemed to be of two..while walking her foot slipped.. She was about to fall …but balances herself
” Ragini”…Laksh Shouted rushing to save her…
His voice made Ragini stopped..she turned towards scaring Laksh’s spirits.. Her blood red eyes.. Scratches on white face with blood strains…Laksh was glued at his place.. A bit away from her…

“Heheheheheeh…”… Ragini started laughing turning on the railing..
“.. I am not Ragini…heh he he he..”.. She said laughing bending her shoulders.. Her smile was horrible due to her black – yellow teeth and extremely dried lips..

Laksh had tears in his eyes.. He wasn’t able to see his Love’s condition…
She bend towards his face..very close and stretching her eyes and aired
” I am going to take your Ragini to the stars…”..
“ please..please leave Ragini..”.. Laksh pleaded to save Ragini because right now nothing else could help him out..
” awww…baby gonna miss Ragini.. “..she sang like a crazy..

” leave her…”…he said looking into her eyes with tiny pupils….a tear fell from his burning eyes…
She looked at him with anger…inhaled heavy raising her chest… She started stretching her upper lip….everything started shaking around..
She bend towards his chest and smelled him inhaling a lonnnnnng breath bending back…
“…I SAID LEAVE HER…LEAVE MY Ragini”.. he yelled holding her shoulders…

She laughed and ran taking small steps with the noises of thunders…
” Ragini… “..Laksh followed her…
and to His horror he found her lying on the corridor’s floor… She was there as if someone threw her body there… He hotfooted towards her…kept her head on his lap…patted her cheeks to wake her up..
” Ragini… Ragini wake up…wake up Ragini “..
checked her breath with woeful eyes…she was breathing but very slowly…
He hugged her tight for sometime… Lifted her…he took her out of the house.. Made her sit on the front seat ..cupped her face…looked at the villa…

Laksh’s POV-
I bought this for you…but what’s the use when you can’t get even a single night’s peacefull sleep ..and what just happened.. (Looks at her with tears)… I’ll not let you be here even for a more second I can not believe.. That you were possessed!!! I know we live in 21st century.. But I’m not able to oppose what I ain’t sick..and this was drastic…
I drove towards Sanskar’s friend who resides in Kochi…I informed him about that..I knew right now no doctor could treat Ragini ..the only one is Sanskar’s father…
I’ll not let anything happen to you..I looked at her..cleared my tears.. Covered Ragini with my blazer to let her sleep..I cupped her forehead.. And continued to drive..
POV- ends

The villa is shown and his car passing by..the same girl in black suit is standing in the balcony holding the curtain..


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  1. Raglakholic

    Omg it’s so horrible
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    Totally mind blowing one
    Atlast raglak were out of that villa
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon
    Can’t wait more to read as u left it in the cliffhanger

  2. Read at a stretch of ur ff.. N this is tho horrifying man… Tumhe itni bayaanak scenes likhte huve Dhar nai laga?? Meh tho ye sochke pareshaan Hu Ki mujhe buri sapne tho nai aigina! But got addicted man… Keep writing

  3. Sriya

    hey lovely it was a lovely flawless fab episode! keep rockinggggg doll! love you!! I think disha is ghost the one in black suit!! post asap did you wrote for twinj too!!! the same ff!! bye! take care!!

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    OMG..dt was soo scary…amazing writing skills……

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    It’s horrible

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