In Love #Raglak Ff (Chapter 3)

Raglak are sleeping hugging each other

Ragini’s POV-

I woke at 6..I know I am late than before ..but its good.. As I opened my eyes I saw Laksh sleeping with a cute smile.. I just love him..He looks So innocent while he sleeps but as he gets up..he is such a naughty head..

she cups his face and caressed his hair..The moment she did that his cute smile turned into a big and bright one.
“Hmm..I love you Ragini”.. He said still in sleep..he pulled her closer to him and slept hugging her tightly.
She smiled at his action. Her cheeks were becoming rosy .She was thinking about the last evening.. How even she went a bit wild..she bites her lower lip and digged herself into his chest …hugging him tight.

Ragini POV-
We shared bed yesterday night for the first time.. for the first time you came so close to..but that delivery boy…I wished to shoot him there only..(blushes).

After some time …she very slowly got up preventing to disturb him.
She went to bathroom and came after 15 mins with her wet hair and wearing a cream colored bathrobe and found him still asleep.. She went to wake him.
” Laksh”..
“Laksh wake up”.. She said sitting beside him and going close to his ears.

Laksh wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer..
” Good morning “..she said trying to get up..
” Not still..first make me open my eyes “..he replied.
” ummmm”..thinking what to do …she leaned and kissed his eyes.
“Now it’s the best morning”.. He said opening his eyes.
” So now get up ..”…”God her tantrums.. But I too am Laksh Sarna.. I will get what I want my love..”..he said with a smile..she dried her hair from hair dryer and changed while he bathed.

Laksh’s POV-
I came out after bathing wore my clothes.. And searched for her..I knew she must be in the kitchen.
I entered the spacious kitchen.. But was stopped at the door only.. What to do..I have such a Hot wife..she was wearing a sleeveless light yellow halter loose top and sky blue shorts.. …her hairs clutched up with some strands left..she was making coffee.
She rubbed her one leg on another.. Uff..I am getting just uncontrollable.. Now..
-POV ends..

Laksh went and back hugged her..wrapping his arms round her belly and and resting his chin on her shoulder….he kissed her nape and left cheek ..
“You just can’t stop romancing”.. she said smiling.
” what to do I have such a appealing wife..(he turned her and made her sit on the slab)..I never thought that you would be so tasty, so tang…”..gets interrupted coz she covered his mouth preventing from speaking…he removed her hand while she wasn’t letting him do so..”no no..You have to listen… And your figure.. Uff..I just can’t stop myself.. An..and your curves.. Oh my!!”..he continues.. “Heyy…I am not going to leave you..”..she said getting down the slab.. He ran and she ran behind him..they reached the living room.. She threw a pillow on him..” Aah..”..he stopped and she banged on him..he held her arms and said with a naughty smile…..” You will have to listen my love…. And your lips and eyes..ouchhh..they attack right here(pointing towards his heart) “..he says making her blush.

She moved towards the kitchen saying him ” Gimmick.. “..” But above all..I love you”..he shouted when she approached kitchen ..”But I don’t… Hehehe”..she replied teasing him.
He smiled “I know you do”.. He murmured.

Next scene..
Laksh was sitting on a single seated sofa in the living room working on laptop.Ragini comes with a tray along with toasts and 2 mugs of coffee.. He keeps and turns to sit on other sofa adjacent to it…but Laksh held her wrist to stop her.
” what?”..she asked
“Sit here”..pointing towards the one on which he was sitting.
She gave him a questioning look..he pulled her instead of replying making her sit on his lap..”hmm”..she wrapped her one arm around his shoulder and other on his chest..
He closed his laptop..
” I don’t wanna go..”..saying this he uncutched her hair and Started play his fingers with them..
“Why??”.. She asked
“.. Umm..I wanna be with you..I wanna talk with you..Spend time with you”.. He said
” Talk!..what will you talk with me??”..she asked again..
“Everything ..I’ll tell you all about my childhood , my college, my friends, my life , and we will talk about you , your life..there’s a lot to talk”.. He replied.
” hmm..but we have a lot of time for that.. You better go..understand “..she said
” But still I have time” said kissing her cheek..
“ don’t have to go at 8 right?.. And see its 7:45 …have your breakfast and go”.. She kissed his cheek and and forehead ..
She picked a toast and made him eat..
And then he drank coffee also along with making her eat toast too..
Just then TING TONG (again!)

” God I will break this doorbell someday.. It can’t let me spend time with my wife”..he said a bit irritatingly..
“Aww..lemme open”.. She said getting up.

She opened the door and found a man in about his 40’s standing with a bag along with an old lady who was of about 48 years..

Laksh came from back and recognized the man..he was from the agency..

” here’s the maid sir”..he said
“But..we should not let an old lady work right “… Ragini said.
” I think you are right.. “..Laksh agreed.
” Beta..I just have to cook and wash..and that too for you two only.. I can work this much to live “..the old lady replied.. (Let’s name her Kantama)
” If you are okay with it then no problem.. But inform if it’s difficult “..Laksh said letting her come in and negotiated a bit with the agent …while Ragini told her what to do very politely with warmth.

Laksh was now leaving for office.. They were standing near the car outside the house..
” Come soon”..said Ragini
“..of course…I have to ..I don’t want to work leaving you here..take care”.. Laksh replied before kissing her forehead .
She smiled and he sat in the car and left…she saw him going.
As she turned to returned.. She found presence of someone near the bushes..she called kantama and along with her headed towards it…and as she went closer… She was shocked!!!!


Thanks to allll for your support… I was overwhelmed reading your soooo Lovely and encouraging words…

As many of you asked …I am basically from Gorakhpur.. But I reside in Bulandshahr..

With Love

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