In Love #Raglak Ff (Chapter 2)


Raglak are sitting on the house swing in the garden . Ragini’s head was reposing on Laksh’s chest and Laksh’s one arm was around her shoulder and other was holding her hand and rubbing her palm with his thumb… And says…(All will be in flashback…)


A cute couple is standing in front of a beautiful, lavish bungalow. They are holding each other’s hand.

The girl is really gorgeous.. She is wearing a magenta colored 4 slit kurti..(one slit at each…front , Back,and at the either sides) and white flowers’ print at its top . and leggings… She was wearing Chura , vermilion and mangalsutra with her hair left open and light make up and her heels.
The boy is wearing a white T-shirt type vest and yellow open shirt with blue jeans and that rudraksh bracelet (have you noticed?) …He is Laksh .He looks at his beloved bonny.

Laksh’s POV-

My!..just look at her.. Her smile and her glittering eyes …she looked at me with a cute grin on her pretty face. Her winsomeness is making me fall for her again!… “Thank you soo much Laksh”… She said…” For what?..for taking care of my wife? don’t need to give yourself so much importance ” I said… “Haawww…you are so crafty!”… Oh my ..her haaawww..ufffff…I love her!..she is making crazy for her now..She used to look really beautiful before but …now I feel , she looks dammmmnnnn …I am speechless..
Her vermilion and mangalsutra of my name tells me..that Laksh ..Ragini is yours..she is my Ragini..
She hit my shoulder lightly and said ” Shall we move in?”..”yup , It feels that this house is calling me!”..I replied.
-POV ends

“Ya ya..there’s a ghost inside , Who has fallen in love with my Seductive Husband.. That’s why she is calling you ..haina??”… She said dramatically…” Hmm so I seduce you??”..Laksh asked with his eyebrow up wala killer look.
“Ohho..”.. She says (in an denying manner)..”Let’s go inside..”..she continues , holding his arm .
Laksh was able to feel her anxiety . He held her palm on his arm from his one hand and they both entered.
” Wow!!…all this is so pretty ….Laksh!”..she chirped coming a bit forward.
“You liked it?”.. Laksh asked….” I loved it…it feels so nice to be here”..she said.
“You look around , till then I am ordering food for dinner , and the agent too”.. He said before calling through his mobile. (Remember its 8:30 at night)
Ragini smilingly nodded and looks around.
After a few minutes.. She discovered a door at a corner of ground floor.. at back . She went there and opened the door…she found that it was an extremely narrow room..all empty!..” What kind of room is this!??…all empty, nothing at all!”..she said.. She was about to enter just then….
“Ragini..”.. Laksh called her…” Ya coming “..she went to him…
The camera stops at the room ..then shifts..
To hall-

” Yup say”..she said..while he was on phone… “When should I called the maid?”.. he asked…” No need…I’ll…”..she gets interrupted by Laksh who hanged the call and said..”..You will work??..and I am gonna let you do so..We are here for our honeymoon Ragini… And moreover you are Laksh Maheshwari’s are not going to work..and …if you even think of doing household chores.. then I’ll do all that..washing dishes , cooking and want that?”…he said leaving her with no option… “Okay..tommorow at 8 a.m.”.. She said defeated…” Good”..he smiled brightly on his victory.. And asked the man on phone to send the maid at 8 tom.

He turns and..”. Raaginiiii”.(decreasing tone)..ab ye kahaan gyi??..(where she is now??)…”
He came into garden (back garden of the house..inside the primises) searching her…and found her standing her hands stretched an bit , she was enjoying the cool breeze… voooooo..trees were dancing with their leaves around and she was standing with closed eyes and a cute smile on her lips.
“Hayeeee”.. He breathed.

Ragini’s POV-

I felt his presence.. I turned and said..” Laksh ..its so soothing naa”..I said with my 5000 volts bright smile….” is”..he replied with a smile… I again turned and started enjoying the breeze…suddenly I felt..two hands round my bare waist(slits were some parts of this hands were touching her waist)…shivers rushed my spine..I knew it was Laksh…He had held my waist many a times and every time it happens..what??..butterflies think that my stomach is a park!..they fly here whenever he comes close.. He rubbed his cheek on my hair..I closed my eyes cherishing the moment… He turned me..I wrapped my arms around his neck ..and kissed his cheek…he arched his eyebrow.. God I love it when he does that..surprisingly he lifted me in a bridal style.. We were just lost in each other’s eyes..he started to move..we entered the hall still lost..both of us were not ready to take our eyes off each other…he climbed up the stairs… Lifting me..

-POV ends.

They entered a beautiful room rather their bedroom …it was decorated with white-pink candles in glasses decorated with orchids, still lost in EO.
Laksh came to the bed ,turned (facing his back to the bed)..he smiled looking at her and fell on the bed..Ragini on top of him..resting her hands on his chest and his on her waist..”hey”..Ragini said.
“What?” Laksh asked.. “You are so….”.. She got interrupted by Laksh..” I know I am hot , dashing, s*xy, handsome, stunning… Tell me something else”…”ahaan..really Mr.Maheshwari..stop flying and come back to earth…You are just over romantic..and I don’t enjoy it”..she started her tantrums.
“So you don’t feel good in my embrace..??”.. he asked tightening his grip..” No..”…she said trying her best not to get nervous.. “So you don’t feel shivers when I come close..?”.. He said moving his forefinger sensually on her face ..she closed her eyes making Laksh smile.. she slowly nodded her head in No..” You don’t feel sensations when I touch you”..he said moving his fingers on her neck and ear …she breathed and din replied cause she was busy adoring his touch …now Laksh got his answer!.. He turned her and came on top of her..she opened her eyes and says.. “What do you think.. I feel butterflies in my stomach when you come close??.. I feel nervous , happy , shy , excited all at the same moment when you touch me??….Mr..” …she was stopped ..rather surprised due to the touch guys Laksh kissed her below her lips..or I should say gave her a peck on her lower lip..”you’ll do everything but will not accept that you relish my touch.. “..Laksh said making Ragini blush and nod in yes

(Be intehan plays in BG)

..His hands on were now smooching her waist ..he slided them to her waist from inside the slits ..making her feel palpitations, she inserts her hands under his shirt rubbing his neck and shoulder.

He leaned and kissed her neck…she closed her eyes rubbing his shoulder and back …he came a bit up and kissed her ear , he then kissed her cheeks and then her closed eyes.. His impish eyes fell on her soft, pink lips..he leaned with closed they were close.. very close.. they were able to feel each other’s warmth..each other’s breath…they were just about to kiss..just then…Ragini pushed him and got up laughing.. And went to the big window..which had a metallic glass sliding door… Laksh was surprised a bit but then again got up and back hugged her sliding his palms on her arms and then held her hands tightly upon her belly.. she closing her eyes as a result….

He started tracing his lips on her neck and shoulder slowly.. And then started kissing and sucking her shoulder… Ragini was relishing the moment she wanted to rub her hands on his head and hair ..but Laksh’s grip wasn’t letting her do so increasing the sensations in her body…Laksh turned her and slammed her to the wall…she opened her eyes and saw him smiling… he leaned and started kissing rather chewing her neck making Ragini moan..”Laksh..”..he slided her dress from her shoulder and bit it …and then sucked it …Ragini was rubbing her one hand on his hair and other on his back and she moaned again.. “Laksh…”… It seemed like her each and every moan as making him wilder…he sucked and kissed and bit and chewed her whole neck….

And Ragini was pulling him more and more closer with closed eyes..he half zipped her kurti and slided the cloth from her other shoulder too.. her kurti fell a bit , while still sucking her neck ..the moment he did that..Ragini started feeling more nervous.. nervousness, shyness, happiness and shivers.. She was feeling mixed emotions the moment.
He then kissed and sucked her little visible cleavage..making her shiver..her nails were digging his back….and he then kissed her ear ….now he reached her lips… he came closer to her and stops smiling looking at her closed eyes and red cheeks.. Ragini who as expecting a Liplock …opened her eyes and saw him smiling at her …she blushed and started sucking his lower lip..Laksh who was surprised at her action..but he Also gave in …it was a passionate liplock..they were pulling Each other closer…playing with each other’s tounges..Laksh bited her lower lip ..she moaned slowly and pulled him closer..she slided his shirt..and was rubbing her hands on his back..pulling him closer…. This was like a green signal for Laksh to go wild the passion..the love b/w them..was becoming wild..

Camera zooms in and the lamp at the bedside was flickering if showing someone’s anger…it went off..

Now back to Raglak who were busy in their kiss..none of them was ready to part then…ting tong…
Ragini opened her eyes and tried to pull back but Laksh wasn’t ready to…
Then again
Laksh pulled out saying …”Can’t you leave us in peace?? “..(not loudly)… He turned and saw Ragini holding her dress to prevent it from falling by crossing her arms on her chest .. She as blushing veryyyyyyy badly…He smiled and went closer…she closed her eyes …he made her wear her sleeves back and then zipped her kurti… Kissed her forehead and whispered..” I am just coming.. ” she nodded and he left .

He came down the stairs and came to the hall…He opened the door …The delivery man gave the food and Laksh payed him…he kept the pack in kitchen and went to his room and found no one..of course Ragini went to take bath…
“Are you there??”.. He asked..” Yup I am..”..She replied… He came and sat on bed..just then…”aaah…”..he heard a sound from the bathroom… “Ragini…”.. He exclaimed worriedly and went near the bathroom door…” Aaaaah..Laksh..”…she screamed in pain..”Ragini …Ragini …what happened??… Come out…”.he said worriedly…”aah..”…she after a minute came out of the bathroom wearing her pink bathrobe… as she came out..”what happened?? “..he asked..” Vo ..actually… “..she went and sat on bed and he followed..” Tell me what happened?? “…he exclaimed.. she was having a tear in her eye and pointed towards her back…he came and sat behind her..she closed hr eye..” What happened to your back… “..Laksh said she made him hold the rope of her bathrobe…” Ragini… “..he said… He opened the rope..she closed her eyes. He slided the bathrobe from her right shoulder was was shocked… tears gushed down his eyes..he looked at her back (near her right shoulder).. It was all red as it was burned…” Ragini… “…he said..” I was taking shower… All of a sudden..It started showering boiling water
..and…”..she replied

…”How can that happen!…whatever it is..firstly let me apply ointment.. “..He said getting up to bring the first aid box.. He brought it and ..” Is it paining?? “..he asked blowing on her wound…” No..”..she breathed closing her eyes.
“Done..You change till then I’ll unpack the food…”.. He said tieing her bathrobe and getting up..” Laksh…I will do that..”..She said holding his wrist…he cupped her face..”You do or I do.. Its the Same thing right… “..He said…” Coz we are soulmates… “.she continued with a smile.

He went and she changed in a purple T-shirt and black lower(trousers) ….While having food..
L:.Vo Ragini…
L:.Actually my secretary called me informing me that our very important client is in Ernakulam now..and he wants to have meeting tommorow ….It will just take 3-4 hours.
R:..So Mr. Maheshwari started again..go..we are on honeymoon right.. So its obivious that you’ll have to attend all your meetings, all your official works…what’s the need to ask me?? know what I have a suggestion.. Why don’t you call Shreya (The great, awesome ..Shreya..without whom this ff will not exist.. as Laksh’s PA…).. here also..You and she..both can enjoy working the whole day.. I should go back to London to My MIL..that’s better..

She finished and went to the kitchen..
L..Yaar please..don’t get miffed with me..Ragini he said upsetly..and he too finished his food.

Ragini was giggling in kitchen thinking that Laksh thinks that she is miffed with him.

In room.
Ragini was making the bed and Laksh was near the cupboard… Ragini’s eyes fell on a Note


Mr.s*xY , SEDUCTIVE ,SPECTACULAR ,…SOFT HEART …Maheshwari..I know zyaada hai..but sach hai
-Tera Laksh’

Reading this a cute smile covered smiled and “My Laksh …Love you..”.. she said and looked at him..

.. Ragini was smiling looking at him sitting on bed and
Laksh who was now also going through a file near the cupboard..POV-

I was standing when I felt two arms around my chest giving me a backhug..but ..I din felt that feeling when Ragini does that..rather I wasn’t liking the touch..I turned and found her sitting on bed looking at me..I smiled and she …uff she is still miffed with me..she lied on bed..I kept my file back and went to her ..lied and cuddled her..and rubbed my nose on her hair..and murmured..” You look so s* tempting when you are angry..You know how difficult it is to control? “….I knew she was smiling.. She turned and gave a peck on my lips from her sweet and soft lips..God..I just love the moment when she does that..I caught her lips and started Kissing her..and she also gave in..we shared a cute and small one..but filled with our love for each other..

..” Are you miffed with me?”..I asked.. “No..I know work is important and you left all your work to be here for the next One month with me..if you can do this.. Can’t I let you do you your work for 4 hours ??”.. She said..Oh my!..I have such an understanding wife…Lucky Man I am..” Well you know.. Not for four hours aren’t letting me work properly from last 3 months.. ” I said to tease her…” “..she asked with her cute angry face..I went close to her ears ..sucked her cheek.. She closed her eyes.. And said..” Coz from the day I saw you..I Love You ..And in office, in meetings.. at nights..All day long I keep thinking about you only.. You don’t let me work ..”..she smiled.. “I always say are such a crafty person.. But you know what..I love you..”.. She said hugging me tight and digged her head in my neck….It feels so Good, so nice to have her close to me…in my arms…With me..I feel like my life is complete.. I AM COMPLETE with her..I hugged her back..and we slept…

Helooooooo …Hi everyone..
I hope this much length is enough..
Or tell it its too Long.

And yes secret
*all the Romance is written by my friend..Priyanjali di who writes for wattpad..? as I am a bit uncomfortable to write such as I know I am very bad at Romance….hope it wasn’t vulgar*

Thanks for your Love and support…
I have replied to all the comments..even of unregistered.. Do read.

Chapter 1-

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