In Love #Raglak Ff (Chapter 10)


Chapter 10 (last chapter)

“Its me…”

“..What?”.. Vijay turned and saw Kantama’s eyes swollen due to continuous flow of tears..
“ It’s me behind all this I am the reason..reason behind all the sorrows..I am keeping her here..I am sure tha tshe is connected with me to be here on earth ..”..she cried with a knife on her wrist.. She was about to slit her wrist when Laksh stopped her from doing so…
”its not you..”..he was breathing heavily

All looked on ..he showed a wooden locket and a notepad…


ts 10p.m. at night..
Laksh was working in study..he completed his work and came to hall..and found Ragini sitting gathering her legs on sofa..with open hair ..her head was hanging… With some hair strands edging her face..she was holding a writing pad and was slowly scribbling on it..[*]

Laksh was surprised a bit to see her like that..
” Ragini.. “..he said
“.. Hmmmm”.. She hummed ..
“..I am feeling very sleepy..I am going to sleep..”.. She continued getting up rubbing her palm on her neck….and going..
Laksh gave a WHAT-HAPPENED-TO-HER-? wala look..after sometime he also went to room.

-fb ends

“She is so connected to this that she did a mistake..”.. Laksh said in a victorious gesture…[*Disha drew that necklace…when she was scribbling]

Vijay took out a lighter..and lit it to burn the locket..just then the flame went off…

All of a sudden Ragini came in b/w Laksh and Vijay..due to sudden action.. Vijay got hit by a side table on his temple and fell unconscious…Laksh was pushed so hard that he got bumped into the wall with his back…he fell down..the locket fell from his hands…Kantama was so scared that Yuvraaj took her out of the basement ….she was sobbing..


Laksh tried hard to open his eyes…He saw Ragini laughing hard looking at the ceiling.. She was rotating segregating her arms…

“Heh..he”.. She looked at Laksh stretching her own lips upwards..

Laksh with difficulties got up..and secretly grabbed the locket…she started motioning towards Laksh…

“Ragini..ur.. Ragini ur little star..she’s not gonna live in this war”…she laughed.

Laksh closed his eyes…Ragini’s smiling face flashed before his eyes..
He tightened his grip on the locket and opened his eyes.. She (I’ll use she for Ragini possessed by Disha) was standing near him with a evil grin and dark wide eyes…
She kept her forefinger on her teeth..and was arching her neck left and right like a maniac….(try this when u r sitting alone and someone is about to pass by….I bet its fun!?)
“He”.. She let out a short laugh…she went nearer and started smelling Laksh…

Laksh felt disgusted… He took the locket and secretly took it over a candle flame to let it catch fire…he wasn’t looking at it so that she cannot make out what he was doing.. he stood still in front of her….but slowly he realized that he wants able to feel any heat…he looked at it with d corner of his eyes.. and found that the candle wasn’t burning…

“Chu chu chu….aww…it isn’t working “..he heard the same airy voice… And then all glasses started getting cracked and breaking..and shattered… some hit Laksh and caused some cute on his arms as he saved him..he fell down as a glass piece caused a cut on his calf..the locket fell too..far from him..

“..I am…I am so sorry…I din wanted to hurt you…this Ragini is very bad…so bad..she hit my Laksh…now…punishment…”..saying she lifted a glass piece…

“Noooo”.. Laksh exclaimed…

“Aaaaaaahhhhh..Aah..Lak..ksh…”..Ragini screamed in pain as Disha (monopolizing her) made her cut her skin on her arms..blood was oozing out..


Laksh tried to get up..his eyes fell on a bulb..and the locket.. He took the wire out of the attachments and threw that lightened up bulb on the locket and it started burning…

as the locket caught fire..she started shaking..she was shouting and screaming.. and went a bit in the air and suddenly she was pulled out…Laksh ran behind.. near the main stairs..he caught hold of Ragini’s waist…and she lifted herself a bit up and arched back as if something was going out of her…and then..she lighten..and turned into ash and fell unconscious in Laksh’s arms…

Laksh’s eyes teared up…but his lips formed a curve…he hugged her tightly… The new morning rays kissed their newly born happiness… and celebrated the victory of LOVE over the OBSTINATE EVIL….


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Soooooo…did u liked my chotu sa ff?…10 chappies only naa…??

I will give d epilogue tom…

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