hi guys… thank you so much for your comments on previous episode… I hope you’ll like it also… because it’s the last epi.. don’t miss to read it.. if then..so don’t miss it…thank you…

scene 1,
three months passed, and now ragini is fully pregnant of 9 months… she has big womb and inside a cute little fetus… the sunrise and hit ragini’s face.. she got up and rubbed her eyes to get a clear version… she looked at laksh sleeping sound and got up from bed to stand… she then took her towel and gets into bathroom..
after 14 minute, ragini step out of bathroom… she dryed her hair by hair dryer… laksh wakes up by the sound of hair dryer… he yawned and rubbed his face.. he then smiles at ragini…
laksh: (tired) Good morning
ragini got up from the chair after dried her hair…
ragini: (walking) very good morning…
she came to him… laksh makes her sit and came to her womb closely…
laksh: (kissed womb) good morning, cutie..
he greets… ragini smiles and scalped his hair… laksh looked at her.. ragini came close to him and plant a kiss on his forehead… laksh smiles…he then looks down…
laksh: (smiling) your mama said that you’ll hear me… now I’m saying, I love you, cutie…enter this world soon.. I’m waiting..
ragini patted on his head…
laksh; (hurts) ouch..
he stares at her boggle up.. ragini pretends to be angry… ragini looked to her womb..
ragini:(complaints) see, cutie… your papa is loving you only… not me… after all, I’m your mama… but he didn’t love but you only… where is the justice to this, huh?
ragini looked at him… laksh looked on and stars to laugh…
laksh: is this your problems? see,ragini…you’re my heart and baby is my heartbeat..
ragini looked overwhelmed and smiles at him… she then changed the topic..
ragini: (attitude) okay, now it’s time for you to get ready for office.
ragini walks to the cupboard and shows a black suit to him.. laksh starts to roll on bed…ragini knows him and came to him..
ragini: no, no..you should go…you already in leave for one week… if you take leave again them they’ll dismiss you… good to you to get ready..
ragini threatens him… laksh pretending to be shock… ragini makes him got up and shows him way to bathroom..
laksh: (blabbering like child) oh my god… all are changed… wife is doing threatens on husband…
ragini: (laughing) haan, okay…go now..
she pushed laksh in and give him a towel…laksh looked at her and gives a flying kiss… ragini catches the kiss..and smiles… laksh closed the door and ragini goes from there…

scene 2,
ragini is serving food on plate for laksh… laksh came down… he sat down… he eats the food that ragini served…after eating, he got up..
laksh: (telling routine) don’t do work… eat healthy and sleep well as rest is needed… don’t think a thing too much..be happy..
take care of yourself…
ragini: (nodding her head) hmmmm…
laksh looked at her.
laksh: (serious) hey, I’m serious…
ragini: aww, its boring… I’ve listened for minimum hundred time..
laksh: (disbelief) its for your health..
ragini smiled…
ragini: you’re my life and health..
she looked at him… laksh forget his serious and smiles… ragini looked at the clock..
ragini: its 8
she said.. laksh got in his sense… he nods and puts shoes on… ragini stand between main door and stated at him… laksh got up.. he came close to her..
laksh: (smiling) hmm, I’ll leave then..
he plants a kiss on her forehead and smiled at her… he nods his head while ragini nods her head… laksh then leaves from there in his car…ragini saw him going and gets into house and locked the door…

scene 3,
laksh reached his office and parked the car.. he got out.. even he’s here his heart is in the house…he felt that something wrong gonna happen but he didn’t know..he got into office and a pretend a smiles…
while he gets in..his department boss shows off.. laksh looked shocked as the boss is from hell.. he always got angry as if there is no right answer..
boss: (angry tone) why you didn’t for the past one week, laksh?
laksh stumbles and panicked.. he thinks and got a idea..
laksh: (fumble) sir, that…I got fever.
laksh looked at him… boss looked satisfy by his answer..
boss:(calmly) okay, so do your work now correctly.. and don’t take too much leave.. if then I’ll punish you off..
boss threatened and goes from there..laksh looked at him going and relieved.. he sighed and goes to his place.. he puts his side bag on side and sat ..he then does his work..

scene 4,
ragini was in her room.. she doing some works that she can do.. she was sitting on bed and does arranging fabric..she does it one by one… suddenly, she felt a little but sharp pain on womb.. but she didn’t take it serious as its usual.. browny came beside her and lyed.. ragini smiled.. she again does the work..
again she got severe pain and it gotten sharp… after a while, she starts to cry without realizing it… she was in severe pain and also increasing..she cannot tolerance it and dials laksh number..
laksh is doing his work the phone rang and laksh stopped working.. he them connects the call..
laksh: (smiling) hello..
he was interrupted by her screaming and crying sound.. his smiles faded into panick..
ragini:(crying) Laksh…laksh! I’m in pain.. I cannot control it… please come.. fast..
laksh: (crying) ragini, don’t worry.. I’m coming to you..
thus, laksh rushes from there.. he was crying as he’s helpless.. he got into car and starts to drive fastly as he could..
meanwhile, ragini was in in pain and can’t control it… she cried out loud and got up… browny gt concerned and follows her.. ragini slowly steps out of the room… he came to stairs handle and grabs it tightly to control..
one by one, ragini puts her feet on stairs and walks.. laksh was panicked, hurried and crying..he is rushing the car to home.. ragini steps on the stairs and suddenly the stairs got smooth..ragini steps and she fell down..
ragini: (screaming) maaa!
she screams one last time and on the other side, laksh stopped his car as he reached house..
laksh :(panicked) ragini!
he got out and runs… while ragini breathes heavily and suffocated.. when laksh looked at her.. she was lying on the stairs and full of blood covers her..she was unconscious.. brownie beside her… laksh runs to her.. and cupped her face shakes her..
laksh: (shaking) ragini!ragini!
he calls her and there is no response… he hugged her and cried.. then he lifts her in his arm and runs away… the screen blures..

fb ends,
laksh was crying… the barsi of ragini took place.. tears streams down from laksh’ s eyes… he has rashmi on his hand.. rashmi was sleep… he does the barsi…

do you know what is painful? the person we loved , the person who loved you in your life, their last breath stopped on your lap.. hurt full, today is her death anniversary day..she gave me another live and gone away..


laksh looked at rashmi and kissed her head while tears streaming from his eyes to cheek then down… while he looks at ragini’s photo… which is smiling….



guys, I hope you’ll like it…don’t throw tomatoes, okay? bye.. I’ll come with another new ff with new storyline.. but before that, plz say which type of genre you want.. I’ll try to give it… tq…have a good day… bye…tc

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    No words to explain
    Every story don’t have happy ending but it’s amazing
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    Omg i hate sad endings yaar soooo sad but lovely ff

  11. Athira

    tq so much all for commenting… thank you so much…

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