hi, guys… thanks for the comments… keep comment and read.. guys this ff is going to off air.. after this I’ll make a OS for you all… and come up with a new ff..

Scene 1,
Ragini amd Laksh were in cloud nine.. it was next day, Laksh was took a leave and is in house after Ragini… Ragini got up to feet and walks.. Laksh stopped het..
laksh :(smiling)say what do do you want?
Ragini :(surprise)what?
laksh :I’m here for you help.. you can call me wherever you want.. now, plz take a seat q.
Laksh makes her sit down.. Ragini was smiling and laughing..
Ragini :okay, I want water..
Laksh noded and walks into kitchen. Ragini looked at him going and smikes.. Laksh came out with a glass of water.. he gives it.. Ragini takes it..
Ragini :thank you, sir..
Laksh :(smiling)no mention..
hr said and sat down.. Ragini take few sips and puts it on table… Laksh was smiling at jet.. Ragini looked at him..
Ragini :what ?
Laksh :(shaking his head no)nothing..
Ragini smikes and waved het hand.. Laksh smiles and turns.. they watched TV.. after sometime, Ragini tries to get up.. Laksh stopped het..
Laksh :what?
Ragini looked on..
Ragini :I just want to go..
Laksh :where?
Ragini :(looked away, thinking)hoe to say..
she thinks… Laksh wave his hand and asked..
Ragini :sighed )hmmph, I want to use the toilet..
she said.. Laksh looked away… Ragini glasses at herhim… she then walks away..

scene 2,
the calling bell rang.. Laksh looked on and walks to the door.. he opened it and saw their friends there.. they were all happy..
laksh :(surprise) hi guys.. come in.
he let them in.. they all were happy and smiling.. Ragini came there and saw them.. she got happy…
friends :(chorusly)so many happy about your pregnancy new, Ragini.. wish you for going to be parents ..
ragini got shy and smiles.. Laksh came to her arms hugged her side… she looked at her and smiles..they all have a chit chat and smiles..

scene 3,
it was night, after the friends were gone.. they were alone.. Ragini was sitting on laksh’s lap.. while Laksh hugged her.. they were grabbing each other hand and smiling..
Ragini :(looking in his eyes)Laksh, which child you want? girl or boy?
Laksh :(smiling)i don’t want to say it.. because, whether the child is boy or girl, we’ll take care..
then Laksh, kissed her back of her hand.. Ragini looked at it..
Ragini :(smiling)after the baby, born… who’ll you love? me or baby?
Laksh :(thinks and smikes)hmm, I’ll love you both.. but, 1 percent more from you, I love our baby..
Ragini :(laughing)huh, I know these boys are…
laksh :(smiling)Ragini, who’s the baby? made by half of me and half of you, so we should love baby more..
Ragini :I knew this dialogue very well..
Laksh smikes.. Ragini laughs and hugs him.. Laksh hugs her back and smikes..

Scene 3,
after 6 months of pregnant, ragini’s womb is big.. she was walking on the corner of road.. it was early in the morning.. Laksh was so caring to her..get her to check up properly..giving her the food.. extra and etc.Ragini was happy and feeling very safe with him..
she was walking slowly.. suddenly Laksh from behind her came..
Laksh :bhhe(crack joke)
Ragini :(shocked)god..
she turned around and saw laksh.. she shoots a glare at him.. Laksh was laughing at her.. Ragini smiles.. they turn walks to a nearby playground.. Laksh makes Ragini sat down.. Ragini looked on..
Laksh :(signed)wait here..
Ragini nods and looked on confused.. Laksh goes and come again.. he have a ball in his arm.. Ragini looked at it and then Laksh..
Ragini :what is this?
Laksh :(calmly)wait and watch..
Laksh puts the ball into his shirt.. he then looked like pregnant and have a big stomach. he acted like pregnant lady.. Ragini got laughness and starts to laugh.. while Laksh acted.. Ragini signed him to stop and laughs.. Laksh stopped.. Ragini got up and came to him..
she took out the ball and put it away.. she laughs..
ragini:pregnant boy!
she hitted his forehead with hers and smile.. Laksh gives a warm smiles and lift her in his arm.. he starts to round around her.. Ragini was enjoying it.. Laksh also smiles and enjoys with a her…

To Be Continued…

episode 11s link…

so guys.. do you like it.. I hope.. I know it’s short.. please forgive me… I’ll try to make it longer next time… bye.. bye… tc.

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