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Scene 1,
as usual, laksh was getting ready for office…ragini came there as he late, he won’t eat.. she was having a plate of breakfast… “here, your breakfast” ragini gave it to him.. “aww, thanks you” he gave little kiss on her cheek and puts the plate aside after took it.. he was struggling with the tie…ragini saw it.. “give” she takes the tie…”you eat your breakfast, I’ll make the tie” she said.. Laksh nodded and sat… Laksh stars to eat it…
while ragini, puts the tie on her neck and maked the good proper tie.. “good” Laksh said…”huh, its not a tough work to do” she said and take that tie from her neck… she then puy it on his neck and proper it… while, he eats..
the calling bell rang, they looked on.. Ragini then looked at laksh.. “finish your breakfast.. I’ll check who’s it” Ragini said… Laksh nodded… Ragini came down… “it’s not proper to eat in room” he thinks.. he also came down with plate and sat on dining table..
ragini opened the door and get surprised to see the person… it was Ap and Dp, who’s standing there… AP scans ragini top to bottom.. she saw her wearing a saree and wedding chain and sindoor on her head.. “mom, dad?” Laksh gets up from seat.. he washes his hand and came beside ragini… Ragini looked at him and smiled while tears a flowing on her eyes..then at them.. “mom, dad, you’re here?” Laksh said.. “yes, we’re” Ap smiles… “I cant believe it” Laksh said.
“come, maa, paa” ragini said and welcome them.. they smiles at her.. they come in… they stared at the neat and cleaned house.. Ragini and Laksh looked at each other and smiled happily.. “sit, maa, paa” ragini called them affectinately.. they smile.. they come and sat down..
“Laksh, talk to them… I’ll get something for them” ragini said and walks into the kitchen… Laksh looked at them.. “I can’t believe you’ve accepted us” Laksh said.. “what to do, Laksh? you’re our son” Dp said.. Laksh overhelmed by the word SON.. ragini came there with coffee for them.. “here, maa, paa” she gives.. they took it.. “thanks..”
they drinks it.. after a while, AP and DP prepared to leave.. “hold a second.. bless us” ragini said.. ragini and Laksh takes blessings… while they gave with full heartedly..ragini was overwhelmed by their acceptance and all… after they leave, Laksh was so happy… he takes ragini in his hand and starts to round around..

Scene 2
they days passed by like a passing clouds.. it’s been two weeks passed and it was sunday.. Laksh was in leave.. he came after bathing…he wears a black T-shirt and a jeans.. he combed his hair and came down… he sat on dining table.. there was already served breakfast.. first, he took the mango juice and drank it.. after it, he takes the sandwich on his plate and bites it..
while, he chewing it.. ragini came there with a plate.. there is something in the shape if piramid on the plate.. she blush and have a smile on her face.. she came beside him… Laksh gulped the sandwich bite and looked at her.. she puts the plate down.. Laksh sees it.. it write..


in the paper. Laksh got a very big surprise and looked at her.. ragini still blushing and smiling.. “True?” he asked surprised by the news.. ragini shakes her head yes and smiles… Laksh chocked in surprise and drank the mango juice.. he again looked at her… he stands and looked at her..
he hugs her tightly and happily smiling.. ragini also smiles and got more happy and hugs him.. he then takes her to the garden and lifts her in his arm.. he swings her around happily and was so enjoying…
he then puts her down and cries. “awa, Laksh don’t cry.. its a matter to be happy” ragini said… “I was so happy, ragini.. I’m going to become a father… and you, mother” Laksh said and hugs her.. ragini hugs him back and kisses his hair.. “we’ll soon have our baby” Ragini said… he kisses her..

Scene 3,
it’s after a while, Laksh called Ap. AP takes the call… “hello?” AP said..DP looked at AP.. “hell…hello, mom” Laksh struggling to talk while he is in happy.. ragini was sitting beside him.. “hello, Laksh whay happened? why you’re struggling to speak? is there any problem?” AP worried.. Dp put the paper down and looked at her in a serious.
“yes, mom… but it’s not by problem but by happy” Laksh said… ragini blushes .”what are you saying, Laksh? I didn’t understand” Ap smiled.. Dp saw it and calms down.. “I’m short of words, mom.” he looked at ragini.. “mom, you’re going to become grandmother!” Laksh said… Ragini hid her face under pillow, shying..
AP got so happy… “whaat?” she said in surprise.. DP looked on.. “why is she so surprised?” Dp thinks… he got up and came to AP… he takes the phone from Ap. AP looks at him.. he put it near ear.. “and dad is gonna become grandfather very soon” Laksh said… Dp also got happy and looked at AP… they smiles.. “laksh!” DP said.. “dad?” Laksh said. “I’m so happy, Laksh.. congrats” DP said.. “thanks, dad” they then disconnected the call..

Scene 4,

Dp looks at AP.. Ap turned and goes to the god idol.. “god, you’re great.. you’re great.. ragini is pregnant.. plz, take care of the child and her. you’re the protection for them both” Ap prays.. Dp heard it and smiled.. he also prays to god.. the screen freezes on their face..

To Be Continued…

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