Love Pyaar Kadhal (Episode 8)


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Recap : Prithvi dad said he’ll solve the problem tmrw. He cals Harshi & Neha, he said u may leaves this home. At the mrng Raaj calls everyone but Kanishka said I’m not ready marry him.

Vishal went to Harshi room and he feels bad. Aasha looks him and gets happy. When the media ppl are arriving at Prithvi’s home for congrats him. They here all the conversation btw Raaj and Kanishka. They published this news.
The phone bell was ringing,

Raaj : Hello….! Raaj here’s.

Caller : Sir what’s going on ur home.

Raaj : y do u ask like this wat hpn?

Caller : sir, watch out the news channels sir.
Raaj cuts the call, switch on the T.V

Newsreader : The breaking news……. The famous R.S Industrial Managing director Prithvi’s Marriage proposal was broken. Coz of illegal affairs. Prithvi has a illegal affairs with one unknown girl. So that the marriage was cancelled.
Raaj gets angry all are came to the hall.

Harshi said my mind and heart are so disturbed, so we go to the temple first pls. Niha nodes. Niha and Harshini are went to the temple. Harshi cries in front of the god. While somebody blessings them, they Shockley looks them. Some yogis are wish them & said, tdy is the most imprtnt day in ur life. U r try to elope from one prblm. But u can’t moved away from that prblm. God only helps u. Niha, Harshi, Rio, Jack and sam are looks them. They spend some time in temple. Harshi did meditation. Niha said to Rio, Rio u and sam are go and pick one taxi, Jack bought ticket he waits for us. They went. Niha think abt that yogi’s words. Rio comes with car. They leave the temple. They reached Railway station. They waits for train. Harshi still looks sad. The rain has been arrived. They get into the train. Train moves. Rio try to cheer up them. Niha sung the same song with dance…. Clap ur hands clap ur hands…… Harshi smiles and join with them. Train reach coimbatore. They check out the train time and bought tickets to Vishak. The train was come amd they leave the city.

Precap : Prithvi slaps Kanishka and said truly u luvd me means u never doubt abt myself. I hate u get lost. Harshi hangs herself……….

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  1. Ayyo harshi so sad for u dr

  2. Wat harshi hangs herself? Ho god no plz it won’t be happen. Dnt kil harshi character plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Good episode .pls update next one yaar

  4. oh Gosh !!!! why she did it,,,,pls Keerthi don’t do it yaar..
    pls it’s a request….. can u upd d next part tonight

  5. Plz..nahi…don’t do dis harshi..dis aasha is poisonous snake….i hate hr…

  6. What’s wrong with Harshi??? why would she hung herself???? pls keerthi don’t make Harshi’s so weak…

  7. Ohhhh, precap so scary, harshini hangs herself…oh noooo..plzzzz don’t do this to her … can’t wait for the next episode, eagerly waiting, love you loads

  8. Hi keerthi y u r not updating this story. pls update it

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