Love Pyaar Kadhal (Episode 7)

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Recap : Prithvi got select as youth icon of the year. Aasha gives a bad thing to Kanishka. Vishal try to catch that unknw num. Prithvi helps him when Prithvi went to guesthouse, Harshini slips from the ladder. He holds her. Kanishka gatherers everyone in the hall.

Jack wakes up, cals Niha and said, jiji something went wrong. I dnt knw wat hpn. Come let’s go. Niha wakes from the bed, and come to the hall.

Ananthi : hey wat hpn? Y r u shouting like this.
Kanishka : mom will u pls shut up. Its my life matter. I can’t take this easily. (Prithvi try to convince her.) Prithvi just stay away. Sry to all. Now I gng to say 1 important matter to all. (She looks Prithvi angrily) Prithvi had affairs with Harshini.
All are get shocked…..
Niha gets freeze. Harshini cries, looks Niha.
Vishal : hey wat did u say? R u in conscious? Wat a rubbish thing was u said.
Kanishka : u just stay from my way. Who u r? U r just 3rd person for me. Yeah I treat u as my brother. But u…. u did the broker work btw them. (She cries)
Vishal looks her, his eyes are fully filled with of tears.
Niha : Kanishka pls dnt talk like this. Harshini is not like that. U thinks her mistakenly.
Kanishka : u knw Niha ur frnd, the great Harshini was cheating u. She is a characterless girl. I ever seen like this character.
(Prithvi slaps her hardly).
Prithvi : just stop this non sense. Do u really love me r…. (Prithvi father (Raajsekar) slaps him).
Raaj : Kanishka wat hpn tell me. I’ll try to solve this problem.
FB shown, Kanishka narrates everything.
Vishal : I get one unknown cal, he helps to find whom that.
Kanishka : u always support ur frnd only. U r frnd slaps me for whom…. aftrl for the wedding planner. She is just wedding planner for me. But she is……
Harshini : stop it……… I’m not like that. Really I dnt have any feelings on Prithvi just believe me.
Raaj : all are go to their room. I can give the solution tmrw.
All are moved. Ananthi aasha brings Kanishka to her room. Raaj calls Niha & Harshini. Vishal and Prithvi looks them.
Raaj : I want to knw only the truth. Dnt try to make as a fool. I hope u undrstnd wat I’m trying to ask.
Niha : yes uncle….., sry yes sir. But Harshini not like that. I knw her very well.
Harshini : Niha is everything for me. Niha prms, I dnt have any feelings like that.
Raaj : ok u may go… but one condition tmrw u and ur team vacate the home and u must want to leaves this place. Take this cheque. What ever u want filled that.
Harshini : I dnt do any wrong thing so we not need this. Thanks for all sir.
They leaves the room. Prithvi come to Raaj room.
Prithvi : nana (daddy), I’m urs son. I never did anything wrong. Pls trust me. Kanishka undrstnd me mistakenly.
Raaj : ok u go to ur room.

Harshini try to speak with Niha, Niha said, I believe u more than myself. So u need not want to expose urself to me. I knw very well abt u. So dnt think anything. Just lay down into my lap. Come…..
Vishal walk into his room. Prithvi comes to his room.
Prithvi : sry ra bawa (buddy). I apologise for Kanishka’s word. I knw its hurts u a lot but pls forgive her for me.
Vishal : hey first of all I only apologies from u ra. Coz u went to find that unknw person for me. Thats y only it all are happen. Pls forgive me ra. I’m really sry.
Prithvi : its ok da. Hw can Kanishka gets doubt abt my character? I cant believe it.
Vishal : the same thing was in my mind also. We want to knw the reason behind this.
Prithvi & Vishal ate slept in the chair itself. Chaki knocks the door, he brings tea for them. Vishal : Chaki….. r u gave the tea to Niha room?
Chaki : no sir.
Vishal : y? Y u dnt gave tea from them. Anybody told u anything?
Chaki : not like that sir. No one in that room sir. I dnt knw where they went.
Prithvi and Vishal looks each other.
Ananthi said, I had one big dream, that’s
Prithvi sits in the madap, he waits for groom. I was brings u to mandap. He knots the Thali to u. But now my dream was went to as dream itself. Kanishka said mom pls just keep quiet. Chaki comes there and said Raaj sir calls u. They said u may go we’ll come.
Raaj said, now I get one decision abt this marriage. Kanishka interferes, sry uncle dnt mistake me. I’m not ready to marry him. He never luvs me. First he refused to marry me then u force him then he accept my proposal and lie to me. So I never going to marry him.

Precap : Niha and Harshini are in the temple. They shocked to see somebody blessings them.

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  1. Kanishka mad or what idiott

  2. Devuda……. kanishka yenthuku ela cheshinthi? I hate her. Nice episode but

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  5. I luv Niha & Harshi’s friendship and also Vishal and Prithvi’s friendship. I like u update ya. Its nice.

  6. Hi guys……….. what prithvi accept her by the intension of his dad ah? :-O
    Wer is Niha & Harshi? Who bless them y they bless them? Wat hpn? Plzzzzzzzzzzz upload the next episode

  7. Lots of love. I luv the moment which Niha & Harshi moment. Aasha…….. Aasha idiot u love vishal then y u spoil kanishka’s life?

  8. Nice..epi..keep writing…update..soon

  9. Go to hell kanishka..nuv ala cheyadam i feel happy bcz i like pridhvi&harsi pair

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  11. Very nice episode, why kanishka not trusting prithvi? Poor niharika n harshini ….keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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