Love Pyaar Kadhal (Episode 6)

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Recap : Vishal gets suspected cal from Aasha. Prithvi & Harshi returns from the police station. Entire family members are gathered in the living room. Prithvi looks them shockingly…..

Prithvi ask wat hpn? All are claps, Ananthi brings Rasagulla and feeds him. He ask its for wat? Prithvi’s father comes, hugs him and said I’m proud of you my boy. Vishal hugs him and congratulates him. Prithvi ask oh stop this surprise anyone pls tel me, it all are for y? Wat’s gng on here. Vishal punch him on his stomach and said “In ooty lions club select u as a youth icon”…..

Prithvi : ??? really? Oh god I can’t believe this da bawa (buddy)…
In his family every one say their wishes to him. Harshi & Niha congrats him. Vishal announced tmrw I’m gng to arrange grand party for my best friend…….
Niha leaves, Harshi follows her.

Kanishka looks this all in from her room. Aasha comes there….. Starts her evil talk…. I was already told this to u but u dnt believe my words….. u knw 1 thing Prithvi gets Harshini for outing. They leave the house at 2 O’clk now ther reach the home at 6:45 pm. I want knw 1thing really prithvi luvs u na? Y I was ask means, if he really luvs u means he comes to and share his best feelings with u but he dnt. Kanishka starts to cry said, can u pls leave me alone. Aasha leaves the room….

Kanishka cries badly. Ananthi comes to her room, she sees Kanishka and ask wat hpn? She said everything. Dnt misundstd anything mistakenly. Ntng happen btw them. Clam down, surely Prithvi come to meets u. Ananthi leaves that room. Prithvi went to see Niha…

Niha : I complete the kanishka’s saree work, wer u went?
Harshi : I have one surprise for u, just close ur eyes.
Harshi close her eyes with dupatta. She gives the gift to her.
Niha : wat’s this?
Harshi : just open the gift.
Niha : hey plz tel me.
Harshi : just 1 min open and see
Niha opens the gift and excited to see her bracelet. She hugs her and thanx her.
Prithvi : excuse me…

Harshi : y said ur thanx to him.
Prithvi : I’m not did anythng. Keep smiling. Niha : do u want anything?
Prithvi : Ntng important. I just came to knw one thing. R u complete the guest house work?
Niha : sry I’ll complete the work hereafter only. Coz I had some other work so…..
Prithvi : its k. Carryon bye.
Niha takes her decoration bag and move towards the door. Harshi stops…
Harshi : I’ll do that work, u done a lot of works tdy so pls take rest.
Niha : smiles I’ll helps u.
Harshi : no need u stay here ok. She leaves.

Vishal comes to Prithvi room, he shows the num to him.
Vishal : Prithvi do u knw this num?
Prithvi : I dnt knw. Y any prblm?
Vishal said abt that unknw cal. Prithvi gives one idea, cal her I’ll helps u to catch her. He looks his watch. Its shows 10:45. He cals that num. Aasha picks the cal. Vishal here some music (someone humming) Prithvi said we follow that music. Vishal continues speech and also try to follow the music. Prithvi reached guesthouse. He opens the door and Harshi slips from the ladder. She falls, Prithvi holds her. Prithvi chain gets lock with her chain. Kanishla comes there and claps…..

Kanishka : wow great Prithvi. I dnt expect from u.
Prithvi : hey mental wat did u said. She fall from the ladder that’s y only I help her.
Kanishka : Ho really? Wat do did here in this time.
Still they dnt unlock the chain. Kanishka drags Harshi, Prithvi chain was broke. Prithvi gets close to Kanishka,…
Kanishka : dnt touch me. I hate u.
She forcibly drags Harshi to home, calls everyone. Vishal enter into Aasha room, he shocked to hear Kanishka’s voice. Aasha hides the phone and ask wat do u want, vishal, I hear some sound that’s y only I came here. Vishal gets rushes to hall…..

Precap : Prithvi sits in the madap, he waits for groom. Ananthi brings groom to mandap…….

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  1. Omg……. Aasha luvs vishal then y she spoils prithvi & kanishka’s life? I hate her.

  2. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ for prithvi. Oh god. Plz upload the next episode and plz load some more content in the loads plz…..
    Thanx for ur update

  3. β™₯ Keerthi β™₯

    Sry for late update guys. Little bit busy with family function…… sry guys

  4. Actually what she wants yaar…. how can she do like this

  5. r u frm ap keerthi??

  6. I think Dis aasha is jealous of kanishka…and kanishka aasha is nt ur true frnd….i hope…evrythng vll turnout..good….

  7. β™₯ Keerthi β™₯

    S bhgi. R u also from ap?

  8. Hey keerthi it was an amazing episode…getting interesting day by day..;-):-)

  9. Very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  10. Y r u nt updatng

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