Love Pyaar Kadhal (Episode 5)


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Recap : Niharika was admits in hsptl, Prithvi & Harshi reaches the hsptl. Vishal scolds Niha, Harshi said hw much that bracelet was imptnt to her. Aasha gives bad statements abt Prithvi and Harshi’s relationship.

Ananthi comes to Niha’s room….
Ananthi : Niha….. (she looks her). R u busy with any imprtnt wrk?

Niha :Not like that anuty, I’m design the dress to Kanishka for her Nalungu (apply turmeric in groom’s face) function. Look at this anuty its nice na?

Ananthi : its look so pretty. Can u do one help for me?

Niha : (smiles) its my pleasure aunty.

Ananthi : can u decorate the guest house also.

Niha said y not aunty, I starts the work in now itself. She thanx her and leave.

Niha visits the guesthouse and cals Rio, Sam and jack and givea some instructions, she leave the place. Vishal talks in phone, he looks her. He cuts the cal and come towards to her. Niha looks him, she tries to move he comes to her way. She looks angrily, he ask how was u health. She said fine and moves. He stops her,

Niha : wat do u want?
Vishal : u wants to come with me right now.
Niha : I’m not like that character. Get lost.
Vishal : (Smiles) y do u misundstd my words? I’m not mean like that. Wat I want to trying to say means…. Harshi comes cals her, she said I have some work,she leaves. Harshi ask wat hpn to her? She follows her. Prithvi arrives their….
Prithvi : hi da
Vishal : hi da, wr r u from
Prithvi : I went to distribute the invitation da.
Vishal : oh ok ok da.
They enter into the room and hears some one sings the song….
Clap ur hands, clap ur hands… Listen the music and clap ur hand…..
Shake ur legs shake ur hands…….
Listen the music and shakes ur legs.
Harshi sung this song and makes Niha to dance. They play like a kids, and laugh. Prithvi and Vishal looks them laughs loudly, they turns sees them and gets shy. Prithvi gets cal he leaves that place with smiling face Kanishka sees him, Aasha said, I was already told this to u, but u refuse to believe me, looks his face hw much happy he is”. Kanishka doubtfully looks him.
Vishal Enter in to the room. Harshi said we have some work so can u….
Vishal said, yes yes u have a lot work. U carry on bye. Aasha said looks there Vishal comes after Prithvi. Kanishka leave that place, went to her room and shuts the door. She gets cal and she leave the home.

Aasha make call to Vishal. Vishal looks the phone screen get confused to see that number, and picks the cal. Aasha speak in ascii voice. Vishal ask whz ths?
Aasha : just catch me
Vishal : any clue plz
Aasha : just try to find me. U can easily found me.
Vishal starts search….
Vishal looks around he dnt find any clue. He cuts the cal. Again she calls him, he cuts the cal, he gets deep think… chaki gets tea for him.

She gets msg from that num, hi Vishal I fall in luv with u at first sight. I want to correct all the misundstng btw them. Vishal gets confused. When Kanishka arrived to home he ask wer she is went? She said I…. I…. ha I went to meet my frnd, she is in Avilaangi. He nodes and ask y ur face is dull? Everythng alright r…. (suddenly) she said nothing like that I’m ok. He show the num to her, ask do u knw who’s num this? She looks that num, said no i dnt knw. She leaves that place. Again he thinks whz is that? Aasha calls him again. He attends the cal and gets conversation with her. They talk alot. Vishal gets impressed with that cal.

Niha decorate the guesthouse living room. Harshi starts to stitche Kanishka’s dress. Prithvi cals comes to her room, she looks him, welcomes him. He said we want to went to the police station, police caught that thief. She said ok. They leaves and bring the chain from the police station.
Entire family members are gathered in the hall, Prithvi and Harshini loudly laughs, enter into the home. Prithvi looks them confusedly…….

Precap : Time is 10:45pm when Vishal cals that unknown num. Aasha picks the cal, he hear some music from opposite side. He follow the music……..

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  1. Ni ha poor guys…. ayyo

  2. Ohh i jest wanna kill dis aasha ki bachi….she’s… tryng to create msundrstndng…n knw she is in luv wid vishal…
    plz keerthi update soon….

  3. Hey y Aasha doing like this I hate Aasha, she tries to break the prithvi and kanishka relationship. I hate her alot.

    And its ok keerthi. No mention. I love ur post ya. That’s why 1ly we give a feedback to ur post……

  4. Nice yaar…but wat’s wrong with that stupid aasha why she poisoning kanishka’s mind… such an idiot…:-P

  5. Hi keerthi dear, very nice episode, going really well, loving it sooo much, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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