Love Pyaar Kadhal (Episode 4)


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Recap : Vishal & Niharika comes market. She got some of the things from the list so they went another market. There someone snatched her bracelet. She shouts and follow the theft. Vishal follows her.

Niharika follows him but she missed him. She gets scared coz she stands in the jungle. Her heart was fastly beats. She felt to drink some water, she hear the river sound. Vishal shouts her name repeatedly(ARR BGM play). He enters into the jungle. He sees her hand key in the way, he follow the way and he looks someone lay down. He runs towards, and gets shocked to see coz thats Niharika.

He takes her head and lay into his lap, he shake her face said “Niha pls look at me pls open ur eyes pls. Pls just open ur eyes idiot get conscious plz”. That shopkeeper and some other ppl are reached their with police. They help him, he holds her in his hand, they reached the car. Shopkeeper handover her things to him. The inspector said we knw who is the theft, we can returns her bracelet as soon as possible, Vishal gives his visiting card to him and thanx him.He gets her into the hospital. Prithvi cals him said, we reached the home da. wer r u? He said u and Harshini comes to the Meenu Hospital immediately dnt tel anything to anyone, he cuts the call.

Prithvi sends chaki to cal Harshini. She come and ask wat hpn any fault in the decoration? He said nothing like that…… Vishal cals me and he need our help we want went to the market. She said but Niha dnt informed me (she takes her phone and she cal her number) Prithvi said Niha puts her mobile in the car so we’ll go. She said ok and follows him. They reach the hospital, he parks the car in parking area Harshi question him y we come to the hospital? We want to go to the market. He said pls come with me she refuse to get into the hsptl. Then Prithvi said everything to her. She rushes to the hsptl and Prithvi loudly said room no 248 and follows her. Harshini reach the room, looks Niha and starts to cry. Prithvi comes there, tries to convince her. Vishal enter into tge room with medicines. Harshini sits near to her and holds Niharika hand. She gets conscious, Harshi gets happy said nothing buddy dnt wry I’m with u. Niha starts to cry and said I lost that chain Harshi. I felt I was lost everything from my life. Harshi said dnt wry Niha surely we got that from the theft ok plz calm down. She hugs her and cries loudly.

Vishal gets tension and starts scold her, ” r u mad? Y do u did this? Do u think u r the great warrior? U take a too risk for the bracelet…” will u pls shut up said by Niharika. Harshi said Niha pls calm down pls close ur eyes and try to sleep. She drags Prithvi and Vishal from out of her sight. Prithvi ask y should she create a big scene for the small bracelet? Harshini gets angry and ask wat do u said she create a scene for the small bracelet ah? Do u knw the value of that bracelet? U both are have a rich life and u have a parents so u dnt knw the value of the small thing itself. U all are only depends on the money but we are depends on the heart and sweet memories.

Flash back shows…..

A long years ago one cars are gets clash with the tree everyone dead who are travel in the car, unfortunately only one kid was alive in that accident. That kid is non other than My Niha. That is not bracelet actually that’s her chain which she wear in her childhood. After she use that chain as bracelet. She feels her parents always with her. I hope u can understand her feelings. Prithvi ask then……

She turns (smiles with sad) and said, my parents also dead in the accident. We are bringing up from the same orphanage home. She went to the room looks the trips was end she cals the nurse. Nurse come and remove the niddle from Niha hand and said wen she gets conscious u may take her into home she thanx her and truns to see them. Vishal and Prithvi ask apologises to her. She said we hate sympathise so pls dnt see as like that and smiles. Niha gets conscious after the 2 hrs. Niha felt for that bracelet Harshi convince her. They reached the home and hide the story from everyone.

Vishal gets surprise to see his mom dad and Prithvi’s mom and dad. Vishal & Prithvi help them for decoration. Vishal & Prithvi gets closed to Harshi. Niha keeps distance from them and she always looks sad. They complete the decoration. On other hand Aasha (kanishka’s frnd) make a misunderstanding btw Prithvi & Kanishka. She said Prithvi had illegal affair with Harshi that’s y only he spends a lot of time with her. But Kanishka refuse to believe that and she said Vishal also with them so there is not like that btw them. She said maybe Vishal also helps them for the affair. Day by dad she give a wrong statement to Kanishka. 5 days rolled out.

Precap : Entire family members are gathered in the hall, Prithvi and Harshini loudly laughs, enter into the home

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      Yes ria. U also from ap?

  2. Oh god how can some one do like this that to an innocent girl how mean….. want to kick that girl

  3. Wow I like prithvi. Y that Aasha idiot money donkey do like this. Y kanishka trust her? How can she thinks so. She loves prithvi na?

  4. Haaa…I am also frm ap

  5. Ho wow I’ impressed with this story. Really its amazing, chanceless. I luv harshini character…. Keep writing Keerthi luv ur post plsss update the next episode……

  6. Hw sweet Prithvi and Vishal are. I ♡ vishal angry… I like ur story ya keep writing…..

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  8. Keerthi dear, very nice episode, it’s going really well, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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