Love Pyaar Kadhal (Episode 3)

Recap : Ni-Ha and team are start the decoration work. While the stocks are not enough to decorated the home. Nihari sees Harshi ates ice cream, Nihari drags her angrily ?????

Niharika drags Harshini angrily, Vishal tries to catch Niharika hands unfortunately he catches her dupatta. She gets shocked and sits down, looks him angrily. Harshini bite her tongue. She gets that dupatta from his hand and gives to Niharika.

Harshi : y do u did this vishal? How dare you?

Vishal : hey really I try to stops her but mistakenly it was happen. I’m really sry Niharika.
When Prithvi comea there and ask wat hpn, vishal tries to explain, suddenly Niharika said “nothing hpn, We want to buy something for decoration so if u dnt mind can u send anyone with me to Bazaar?”

Prithvi said yeah formalities. I’ll send chaki with u. Vishal said, but chaki is busy with some other works. Prithvi thinks and said ok I’ll come with u. She nodes and leave that room. Harshini said I unfrnd u, u make my bestie to cry. Ur not my frnd bye. Vishal gets sad and sits on the sofa. Prithvi ask wat’s gng on here? Y she was cry amd y she talk like this to u? Vishal said everything to him. He smiles and said r u fall in love with her?

Vishal : (gets teary eyes) Idiot u knw everything abt my life then how can u ask like this stupid question?
Prithvi said sry to him. Kanishka comes to vishal room, sees them and smile. She said Prithvi we want to went to Airport to pick up the most important persons, r u forgot that. Get ready, Prithvi looks puzzled and blink her eyes as yes. He say ok just 10 mins u go and sit into the car I’ll come. Prithvi comes down Nihari wait for him, he said “oh god I’m sry Miss. Niharika, I want to go airport immediately, if u dnt mind can u go with Vishal?” She shockly looks him and said its k, he didn’t here her words and cals vishal and said, “hey u take her into market ok take care da”.(Prithvi leaves). He looks her, walk towards to the car, she follows him. In the car A.R.Rahman melody hits was playing. They reach the market, he ask wat do u want to buy? She gives the list to him. He read out the list, he guides her wer was the things are she get. She said thanx, he ask wat….? But she dnt reply to him she walk away. He thinks she have a lot of head weight. She buy the maximum things, she cant able to handle every things in her hand. She drops some things and try to take, Vishal looks her he helps her. He ask r u bought everything? She said I want to buy two more things but that was not available here. He said ok went another market.

(After the 30 mins travel they reach another market). She gets down from the car. She enter into the market and bought that things too. When she leave from the shop someone snatch her bracelet from his hand. She shouts help help he snatch my bracelet catch him pls catch him she runs behind him. Vishal hears her voice and come to the shop and ask abt her to the shopkeeper. That shopkeeper said that girl runs this side coz one thief theft her bracelet from her hand. He runs fastly which side she was ran. He loudly cal Niharika………….. Niharika…………….. Niharika……………… Niharika………………… Niharika wer r u……….

Precap : Harshini holds Niharika hand and said nothing buddy dnt wry I’m with u.

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Credit to: ♥Keerthi♥


  1. ♥Keerthi♥

    Y guys ur comments are reduced I hope my story was something interesting but the comments are reduced each episode. May I continue the story r stop the story? Y I was ask this question mean if the readers are read the story means, that story was get some interesting means they must post their comments but u are not post ur comments that’s y only ya. Pls post ur comments for me my dr frnds :'( :'( :'(

  2. Roma

    Hi keerthi dear, it’s going really well, nice epi, but I’m confused to whom vishnu pair with harshini or niharika ? Lovely stor..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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