Love Pyaar Kadhal (Episode 2)

Recap : all are reach coimbatore airport, vishal came to pickup their. Vishal got impress with Niha & Harishini attitude.

Car Enters the farmhouse. The farmhouse has 3 floors. They can see only the outlook of the farmhouse, coz they reach the farm at 10 pm. Some people are arrived in the portico and welcomes them. Ni-Ha and the team are get two steps away from kanishka coz they do some formalities to Kanishka, and they get Kanishka inside. Ni-Ha and team are stand in out side. Vishal turns and them to get inside, wen Ananthi(Kanishka’s mom) comes and cals them inside. They gets inside and chaki(Prithvi’s servant) gets their luggages to one room and said “this room is for u, if u need anything means just cal me, now refresh urself and came for dinner”. They nodes.

Vishal looks them at Dinning hall & sit next to Prithvi. Kanishka gets seat and start to introduce Ni-Ha and team to her family, all are greets them. They spend a sweet time. Harshi ask them, ” We want see ur house fully, then only we can properly decorate this home and then only we can plan wer we want make a set,” Kanishka nodes and gets up but Prithvi stops her and cal chaki to guide them. They visit the full house, get into their room. They discuss about the decoration, plans to give some interesting as well as funny surprises. They all are slept without lock that room. Vishal & Prithvi are walk around the garden, Kanishka calls Prithvi from the balcony, Vishal make fun with him, Prithvi runs away from the garden. Vishal enter into the home and close the door.

He hear the sound the door was get close and open close and open again and again. He follow the sound and catch the sound where is it from. Then he enter into the room looks the room and smiles. Coz Niha slept under the sofa, Harshi use laptop as a pillow and other 3 are slept under the cot. He takes pillows from the bed and put that in to each one. And he search for the blanket suddenly Harshi wakes up, she ask him what he was doing here? Vishal smiles and said everything. She thanks him, said gud nit to him and locks the door.

In next day mrng they start their decoration works. They start decorates the rooms. They complete the decoration in 1 floor. When they start the work in 2nd floor, Harshi went to decorate Vishal room, Vishal looks her and ask, ” hey what r u doing here?”

Harshi : “Hmmm I want to came for buy this room from u”.

Vishal : oh really…! (He smiles) hey just joking ya

Harshi : dnt joke with me I had lot of work so will u pls get out side for 1hr coz I’m going to decorate ur room.

Vishal : ok can I help u.

Harshi : no thanx. I can.

Vishal : can u accept me as ur frnd?

Harshi : (thinks)….. Hmm I want to accept u as my frnd mean u want to do one thing.

Vishal : (Eagerly) wat I want to do tell me.

Harshi : I want falooda Ice cream can u bring that for me.

Vishal : y not just 15 mins I’ll bring that for u.

After the 15 mins he gets the ice cream for her. Harshi gets happy and accept him as her frnd. She ate that ice cream like childishly.

Vishal looks her,
Vishal : (smiles) In my life still now I never cross like u, u r chooo sweet Harshika.

Niharika complete decoration from Prithvi room and Ananthi room. She cals jack and ask about the decoration details, when sam comes and said Jiji we need the plastic flowers, modular candles at all. Our stock are enough. We complete out half of the works only. She nodes and ask wer is Harshi? They said we dnt knw. She sends them and start to search her. She looks Harshi in Vishal room with ice cream. She comes their and drags Harshika angrily.?????.

Precap : Niharika and Vishal are went to buy that things. In the market someone snatch her bracelet from his hand. She shouts…….

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Credit to: ♥Keerthi♥


  1. vaishu

    Hi keerthi, wow really choooooo sweet Harshi and their conversation also choooooo sweet ya. Y Niharika did like this. Idiotic fellow

    • Liya

      She askd, whom did vishal likes- niha or harshi ?
      Ur story is bcuming intrstng day by day dr. . . Keep it up 🙂

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