Love Pyaar Kadhal (Episode 1)


Love ♡ Pyaar ♡ Kadhal

Recap : Niharika & Harshni got order for wedding arrangements. They done well that, Kanishka get impressed with their work and she book them as her wedding planners. She give a flight tickets and said u must be in one week before. They said ok.

? Harshni returns to her and said we’ll come in the train, thanx for ur tickets. Kanishka asked but y, she said, we comfortable in train travel only coz, we had a 3 helpers. Me, Niha and 3 others are works as family. So we can travel without them. Dnt mistake us we can manage ourself.

Kanishka gets impressed and ask wen u are leave the town? Niharika said we must leave day after tomorrow. Then only we can reach ur farmhouse in 1 week before. Kanishka nodes and ask can I join with u? Niha & Harshni are gets stun and ask wat did u say? She repeat the same, and they say y not but…… Kanishka ask but wat? Niha said ur family members thinks anything bad abt us so….. ntng like that ya, my parents never against my wish. So can I…… Niha & Harshni are nodes.

Rio, Jack & Sam are works under Niha & Harshni. Niha introduce them to Kanishka. They greets her when she gets the cal from Prithvi and he ask “Where r u?, when u come back to ooty?, we all are waiting for u. Hah I forget to ask, can I detailed say abt the payment details with that wedding planners and get them with u itself…”, she said, “oh my sweet hubby just a chance me to speak. I tell everything to them. I’m still in Vizhak. Day After Tomorrow I’ll come through train. U may pick up us from Coimbatore.” Prithvi replies, Hey r u mad? When u book train tickets? Its very difficult. U must come via flight. She said I’ll discuss with them and text u, & cuts the cal.

Kanishka explain about the difficulties, and said I’ll book flight tickets for u all. Harshika thinks suddenly Niharika said ok to her. She thanx them and leave. Next day mrng she cals to Harahika and said today evening we want to leave the city so u and ur team are arrive Vizhak Airport at 5:30. She said ok to her and packs everyone bag. Niharika helps her. When Rio comes their and said some of things only I get from market wat to do now? Niharika said dnt wry we can buy the remaining things from their. They said ok. Harshika seea the watch and said guys now times is 3:50 hurry up guys we want to leave within a 30 mins. All are get ready, and cal the taxi. They reach the airport @ 5:23. They waits for Kanishka. She comes sharply @ 5:30.

They went to airport and get the boarding passes and settle in their respective sheets. All are get excited coz of their first flight travel, Kanishka also gets happy to see their excitement. After the 4 hrs the flight is departure in the Coimbatore Airport. They complete all the enquiries and comes out from the airport.

Kanishka make a phone call to Prithvi, He attends the cal and said sry Achchu I can’t able to pick up u so I was already send Vishal there. She said its ok take care hubby and come fast. Harshika ask wat hpn. She said ntng ya just a sec, make a cal to Vishal and ask brother wer r u, I’m waiting for u in Near to Kalyan Jewellers advertisement. He cuts the cal and takes a car and went wer she is in.

On other hand Niharika, Harshika, Rio, Jack & Sam are gets some fun with one child. Vishal comes out from the car and put the luggages in the car. He sees Harshika and Niharika are playing, when Harshika get chocolate from her handbag and give to the child. Kanishka cals them and they get into the car. Car gets move. Climate is very cool. Niharika & Harshika make a funny fight for the sweater. Vishal silently watch them and smiles. Vishal also gets impressed.?????

Precap : Vishal said in my life still now I never cross like u, u r chooo sweet to Harshika. Niharika comes their and drags Harshika angrily.

Hi frnds thank u so much for all ur kind support ???. Pls give me ur supports continuously ?????? and also write comments to my post my dr frnds ?…
???ove ♡ Pyaar ♡ Kadhal

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  1. Ha ha ha very nice story baby

  2. Nice episode. precap makes something interesting. But ur title card not suitable for ur title so change ur title card Keerthi. I Like ur, Love ♡ Pyaar ♡ Kadhal ♡.

  3. Keerthi… Dear,What is the meaning of ‘Kadhal’ which you used in Title??

    1. Kadhal mean loves. Its from tamil word brity bhai

  4. Ur stry is also choo chweet. 🙂 N y is niharka angry on harshka? :->

  5. Hmmm…i thnk niharika.. is afraid of losing hr frnd..or may be she also lyk vishal……

  6. Brity.. Kadhal means love only…

    1. Vivi…Thanks dude…

  7. Thanq soooooooooo much Vivi, Hayathi, Brity, Liya and Vaishu. Thanq so much for ur continues support and vaishu I’m not upload this pic as my title card. Any way I’ll try to change the title card. Meeku anthariku chala thanx my dr frnds.

  8. Hi, keerthi dear, very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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