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It was love..! (prologue and chapter 1)


Hello friends! My name is Deeksha. My hometown is Srinagar, India and am currently living in Faridabad! I am a student pursuing engineering & am in my 3rd year. I am a big fan of SanDhir and SaGa. ❤
Thought what I want to present and share is fictional but its not based on any character or soap. It’s purely from my heart and my fantasy. Its my first attempt at writing a fiction and I hope u all like it..

She looked into the brown eyes and drowned into their depths….
This was how Cathleen described love, to be among the crowd yet to be with a single person simultaneously. Yes, if someone would ask her for the reality of her thoughts, she would point out her grandparents, how she was a witness to their unbounded & unending love for each other.

Chapter 1
Joel ~~~
I wanted to throw away that tongue in cheek alarm clock, always breaking into my dreams at precisely 6 o clock, always the same time. I loved dreams, day dreaming was my hobby. Many a times I had to go through the embarrassment of dragging my poor single mother into the shackles of my punishment. I knew from the very beginning that the teachers at Joseph Field School were shrewd, giving me detentions which I could never have completed, were it not for my literate yet destitute mother. You see, I was a rare child. Funnily enough,I never wanted to be one! I had that bad habit of not listening to the teacher consequences of which were present in my notebooks. Those red marks were like scars pressed onto my being. I must have done something horrible to be at the end of the teachers wrath, though I could never recall my wrongdoing! It was not until in the 7th standard when I was made aware of my iniquity although she never made it look like my vice/sin. She said that it was rare and I was somewhat special. ” Special! Who would want to be unique in this way? Certainly, I agree I had always bargained with Lord for chocolate and such delights but never did I recall adding this speciality in my delicacies.”

PRECAP: The female lead is introduced.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed the intro..Also I would like to mention that the next part will be published on next Saturday! This is a Saturday Prime Time show 🙂 With time and if I get a positive response from you all, I will try to make it a Weekend Prime Time 🙂
Hoping to get a positive feedback! Thank you ?

  1. Hi Deeksha ! The chapter was really good. Plzzz continue.
    Will be waiting for the next update.
    Keep writing. Take care and keep smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi, it awesoooooome. …plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Thankyou soo much Advaita and Roma!! Am really honoured and pleased that you have liked my write-up! Thankyou for ur response 🙂 Will continue for sure, however, i have my exams as of now hence will be able to upload the next part on Saturday i.e 23 april.
    Thankyou 😀

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