Your Love My Prison Teaser 3

Hi Guys I know you all are waiting for next part but I’m so sorry I can’t write too long I’m unwell my whole body is paining so I’m just giving a teaser I hope you understand my situation I was planning to give a part but suddenly I got unwell ok so let’s starts….


Your Love My Prison


Teaser – 3

Sense – 1

IN A Room

The whole room is decorated with candles and flowers a perfect environment of romance

And we can see a couple enjoying there privacy….means love making


Sense – 2


A Boss is sitting on chair and shouting angrily on his men

Boss(shouting on his men) : what’s this I have given you all a single work and you all can’t do it till now I’m giving you all last chance I want every blo*dy detail of that ACP do you get that…

All men nodes in yes due to fear of there Boss

Boss(Angrily) : This ACP has become a pain of neck for me I have to find him and his weakness so I can control him now go and f8nf who he is….????


Sense – 3

A interview is going on tv and a lady in her mid twenties is watching that news…

She becomes shocked to see the person on tv and was having tears to happiness in her eyes….


Sense – 4

A man is redtelessly walking in front of OT and is waiting for doctor suddenly door opens and a doctor comes out from OT

Man(worridly) : How is my wife doctor is she fine please tell me…???

Doctor : Your wife is absolutely fine but…..

Doctor said something which make that Man emotional and he immediately runs inside OT


Sense – 5

A couple is fighting in there room and looks like the boy is very irritated with his wife…

Boy(Angrily shouting) : ENOUGH I can’t tolerate it anymore now I can’t take it anymore you have to do as I said and if you didn’t listen to me than I have to force you and than don’t blame me what happened next

Listening to this girl remembers something and started to cry while to boy stands there with a stone and emotionless face…


So here I’m ending the teaser sorry once again guys I can’t post long update and please pray for me that I get well soon….!!!

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  1. Kakali

    Wawwwww!!! all i can say update soon.. !! waiting waiting waiting..!! huh Thnk u Rosey..!! ;-*

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    Interesting dr….

  3. get well soon dear

  4. Sanskar is acp right

  5. nice..wet well soon..

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    Awesome..take care.

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