Your Love My Prison Teaser – 2


Hi Guys it’s me #Rosey sorry but I can’t have you next part so I’m giving you a little hint about upcoming episodes….!!!


Your Love My Prison

Teaser – 2

Sence – 1


A Man I talking on phone

Man(warning) : Yah Do this work as soon as possible

Os : ok sir as you say your work will be done till night

The Man cuts the call and started to laugh evilly

Man(laughs evilly) : Now no one will stop me that Sanskaar will die and than no one will be there to save Swara hahaha


Sence – 2

Sanskaar is driving his car just than he got a call he connects that call with Bluetooth and started to talk

Sanskaar : yah say Rohit how is work going on ??

Rohit(wirriedly shouting) : Sanskaar where are you please leave your car immediately there is a bomb in your car

Sanskaar(shocked) : what??? how do you know that

Rohit(worried) : Sanskaar this is not the time to talk first left your car immediately

And than Boom


Sence – 3


A girl is passing from there just than she hears some voices

Inside the room

Man(Restlessly asking) : yah say is work done or not?

Os : yes sir your work is done that Sanskaar Maheswari is no more his car is blasted

Man cutts the call and started to talk with himself

Man(talks to himself) : Now that Sanskaar is no more my one and only enemy is finished hahaha

He truns around the girl becomes shocked seeing him


Sence – 4

A girl is tied on the chair in a dark room just than a Man comes there

Man(Smile evilly) : Now that you got to know about me I can’t leave you but before doeing give me what I want

The girl tries to free herself from ropes

Girl(angrily shouting) : Never I’ll never give you what you want and you will never become successful in you games


Sence – 5

A Man is talking on the phone

Man(Angrilly shouting) : I don’t know what you will go I just want to know where is he?

OS : sir we are trying

Man(shouting angrily) : I don’t want you trying just do as I say

He cutt’s the call and starts to walk here and there restlessly


So here I’m ending the Teaser I hope you would like it….!!!

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  1. SNY

    Interesting dr..
    Nxt one soon…
    And tc


  3. Deeksha

    Interesting dear…. Continue soon

  4. Chinna

    Interesting pls update next part

  5. Rabia

    Awesome roseyy twisty teaser ?

    1. Rosey

      thanks Rabi 🙂 😉

  6. Who is this unknown person..trying to seperate swasan??!!! PLease post soon…!! Your teaser increased my hunger…!!

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