Your Love My Prison Episode 9 + 10


Hi Friends I’m back I know you all must be angry on me but I was unwell and now my lappy is also broken but still I’m writing and I hope you all will like this episode as I’m uploading two so let’s start….!!!!


RECAPE: SWASAN moments…..


Your Love My Prison

Episode : 9

Next Morning

IN SwaSan Room

Sun rays fall on our beautiful couple who were sleeping calmly in each other’s embrace but how did it happened let’s see…

Sanskaar slowly opens his eyes due to Sun rays and feels a wait in his chest he lifts his head and see that Swara is sleeping by hugging him and her head is on his chest and her hands were hugging him

He becomes mesmerized to see such a beauty that to in his arms her innocence her glow that was visible on her face was making him crazy

He becomes spell bounded and slowly moves towards her and kisses on her lips lightly and than moves back but just than reality hits him and he becomes worried that what have he done

Sanskaar(Monologue) : Omg what I done it’s not right ahhh this girl is making me crazy how can I loose my control so easily I don’t know whenever I see her a sudden desire comes into my heart to hold her and make love with her but it’s wrong I can’t touch her without her permission but how it is wrong I’m her husband and only I have the right to touch her so what’s the problem hmmm may be it’s right….

While Sanskaar was thinking this He feels the movements in her body

He becomes worried and immediately close his eyes as he wants to know her reaction after seeing herself in his embrace

Swara slowly opens her eyes and becomes shocked to see herself in his embrace he don’t know what to do

Just than she notice his feathers he slowly moves his hand on his face and touches his cheek nose and finally lips and she feels that a warmth is srrounding her she slowly caresses his lips with her fingers she don’t know what’s happening to her she was so indulge in him suddenly she came into her sences and becomes shocked on her act

She immediately frees herself from his embrace and sees that it’s she who had crossed the pillow boundary and comes in his side she goes towards wash room to freshen up

When Swara runs into washroom Sanskaar opens his eyes and was so much happy yet confuse

Sanskaar(to herself) : what was she doing is that mean she is accepting me as her husband oh God I’m not able to forget her touch on my lips I wish I can hold her some more time in my right embrace

After thinking all this He also got up from bed and takes his clothes and left to another room for freshnup


Sence – 2


Swara was standing under the shower and thinking about the recent moments

***********Swara’s POV***********

Ahhh what’s happening to me how can I loose my control that easily that too confront of him
How can I forgot that what he did to me he is a DON and I can’t love him After what ever had happened in my past
I have to maintain distance from him I know these all are his tricks to use me but I’ll not let him do that
But he is sweet and cute too and it was me who had broken the pillow wall not he so the fault was mine
Oh God plz help me to solve this matter or I will die with this confusion it was good that he was sleeping if he would have woken up What would he think that I’m taking advantage of his situation
What should I do now may be I should give him a chance as he had not forced me yet and he is behaving nicely with me so there is a chance that he really loves me
Hmmmm ok I’ll give him a chance and see what happened as I have to live with him as I’m his wife so I can give it a try so let’s start our new journey Mr Sanskaar Maheswari urfffff DON……!!!

***********ENDS POV***********

Sence – 3

After taking bath Swara came into the room and sees that Sanskaar is not in the bed she sighs in relic as he is not their as she was not able to meet her eyes with her

She was wearing a pink and white curidar and was combing her hair from where the water drops were dripping making her more beautiful and enchanted

Sanskaar who was coming in the room was again mesmerized with her charm of beauty he was seeing her with so much love that he even disnt realise it that it’s love

Swara who was combing her hair sees him through Mirror and becomes shy in thinking about her acts Sanskaar also notices her nervousness and to chill the environment he said

Sanskaar : Swara I’m waiting for you at dinning table plz come fast ok

Swara simply nodes her head and than he goes from there


Sence – 4


Sanskaar was sitting and waiting for Swara and just than he sees her desending from upstairs

She came and sat on a chair and Maid comes and serves them

Both were having breakfast silently just than they hear door bell one of the servant opens the door and an aged couple come in

Lady : Swara???

Swara and Sanskaar becomes shocked to see the couple Swara immediately her up from her chair and ran towards the lady and hugged her tightly

Swara(Happily) : Mom what are you doing here??? You didn’t tell that you are coming

Swara sees towards her dad and also hug him but he didn’t respricote the hug which made Swara a little sad

Swara holds Shomi hand and drags her towards the lounge and Sanskaar also came there and sat on a sofa

Shomi(Hesitate) : Swara we came here to invite you both …
Sanskaar and Swara looks towards them with confuse expressions..

Sanskaar(Confused) : which invitation ????

Shekar(Seriose Tone) : Actually you both married without anyone so no one knows about both of your marriage that’s why I have arranged a Party to introduce both as married couple I hope you will understand our situation and come…

Swara becomes happy as Shekar is talking to then so without thinking anything she said

Swara(Happily) : we will surely come dad you don’t worry

Shekar(Rude) : Ok than Party is on next week see you at party bye

Saying so he leaves Fri there leaving Swara sad and Sanskaar confuse in his behaviour
.Shomi came towards Swara and hugged him

Shomi(Assures her) : don’t worry Swara he is just little upset he will be fine ok now I have to go bye and take care of yourself and Sanskaar plz take care of my Shona she is still a kid who don’t know about her better ment I hope you will not disappoint me

Sanskaar(With Genuine smile) : don’t worry Aunty I will take care of her

Shomi(Fake Anger) ; and Sanskaar from now on you also call me Maa as you are Swara’s husband.

Sanskaar becomes emotional on temeberung his mothere and just simply said

Sanskaar(Genuinely) : ok Maa

Shomi becomes happy and leaves from there…

After Shomi left both SwaSan complete their brwakfst and swara goes to their room while Sanskaar to his office…


Sence – 5


A man is sitting on a chair and seeing Sanskaar’s photo evilly

Man(Seeing Sanskaar’s Photo) : Now the time has come to begin the Game get ready Mr Maheswari to loose your wife for forever I will never let you stay with Swara as she has something very precious which is mine only MINE and I will get it from her either by hook or crook just wait and watch after that I will become the Man which I always has desired….hahahahaha…your destruction is coming Swara just wait…!!!


So here is the next episode…!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode 10

Sence – 1

In this whole week Swasan got close to each other and Swara started to belive on Sanskaar they were happy with each other and finally the day came the day which will change their both lives so let’s see what will happened…!!!


Swara was getting ready in her room in white pearl blouse and Red Saree she was looking divine

On the other hand Sanskaar was wearing white tea shirt and white pant and blue blazer looking charming as always

Both Swasan got ready and left to the venu where the party was going on

Both reach the party hall where everyone was talking and enjoying their selves when both of them started to walk towards the hall Swara started to play with the Pally of her Saree which was noticed by Sanskaar

Sanskaar understands her nervousness and places his hand on her hand first Swara becomes shocked and than instantly relaxes under his touch

Both reach the vanu and just than Shekar saw them and came towards them with Shomi

Swara becomes happy on seeing both of them and she moves forward and hugs Shomi and goes towards Shekar to hug him and he also huggs her back which made Swara happy and Sanskaar angry as he wants Shekar to suffer but his plan fails but he controls his anger and forces a smile on his face and comes forward

Sanskaar(mockingly) : hello Sasur G how are you? Hope you are fine!

Shekar(mockingly) : I’m absolutely fine SIL what about you?

Sanskaar(Seriouse Tone) : well I’m also fine

Shekar(Happily) : than let’s go inside everyone is waiting for you guys…!!!

Saying so all left to the hall where all the guests welcome them with flowers and much more

Note : This dance sequence part is written by my friend MasHait Meem so enjoy guys….!!!

Swara is in a Red Colour Pearl Border Sari! With a Backless Upper Part and Her Half Curl Long Hair Make Her More Pretty! Ah! not Pretty its Prettiest! She Looking Most Adorable In Between All!!

Sanskar Eyes Is Only On Her Lady! Why Shouldn’t Be! After She is The Most Beautiful!!

Swara Also Feeling Comfortable With Him! He is Not So bad As She Thought!! She Can Trust Him!

All Through Many Of Coming and Greeting Them. They Also Act Like Perfect Couple!

Slow Music is Over There! Created a Magic Of Love in The Environment!! Clam and Loveable!

Sanskar(monologue) : I Think I Should ask Her For Dance!

He Asked Her To Dance With Him After So Many Battle With His Mind and Heart! He Shocked That She Simply Nod Okay! This Crazy Girl Will Make Him Crazy Also! Indeed!!

Pal Bhar The her Jao
DIL Ye Sambal Jaye
Kaise Tumhein Roka Karon
Meri Taraf Ata Har Gham Phisal Jaye
Ankhon Mein Tum ko Bharoon
Bin Bole Batein Tum Se Karon…

Sanskar Put His Right Hand On Her Mid Upper Back. And His Left Hand Gently Grapes Her Right Hand. She Feeling His Touch! Every Little Touch! Its Not Like She Feel Uncomfortable But Yes! She is Okay With It! His Touch Make Her Feel Something Magical!

Agar Tum Sath Ho….
Agar Tum Sath Ho…..

He Hold It Up At About Shoulder Level. Her Left Arm Gently Placed On His Shoulder. Both Standing Toe To Toe In Position. They Are Few Inch Apart From Each Other.
They Can Feel Each Others Closeness!! Apart From All For Both Its Like Pleasure To Be With The Closeness!!

Behati Rehti……
Nehar Naadiyan si….
Teri Duniya hai
Meri Duniya Hai
Teri Chahoton Mein…..
Mein Dhaal Jati Hoon
Teri Aadaton Mein…

He Simply Step His Right Foot With Her Right Foot Then Touch The Ground. Both Catch up The Beat And Slowly Step Into It.
He Actually Don’t Know That To Do Next! For Her Same Like Him!! He Just Looking Into Her Magical Eyes Which Can Give Him Be Like Paradise! She is Just Matching Whatever Step He Doing!

Agar Tum Sath Ho
Teri Nazron Mein Tere Sapne
Tere Sapno Mein Me Razi
Mujhy Lagta Hai Ke Baatein DIL Ki….
Hoti Lafzo Ki Dhoke Baazi

And Both He Turn Her In The Middle Of Dace. He Look In to Her Eyes. He Can Feel The Deeper Of Her Eyes! Its Like He Can Be On The Deepness Of Her Eyes Forever

Tum Sath Ho Ya Na Ho
Kya Faraq Hai
Be Dard ti Zindagi
Be Dard Hai

He Shakes His Hand As The Pair Of Dice For Roll. After a Few Shakes He Roll The Dice.
Its Feels Great To Be With Each Other Embraced. He Don’t Want To Let Her Go From Him and She Don’t Want To Go Far From His Heartbeat!!

Agar Tum Sath Ho….
Agar Tum Sath Ho…!!!

They Bend Forward And With one Hand He Grasped Her Towards Him. Then He Hold Her Hands And Twirl Her Around In a Circle. He Again Grab Her Swing Her Above.

Thank You so Much MasHiat For The Dance Sequence…..!!!
So let’s start again…….

After the dance both SwaSan goes in different direction but Sanskaar’s gauze was still in her just than he Saw a man hugging his Swara He becomes angry

He was seeing her from far just than he becomes angry in seeing a man hugging Swara and she was giggling with that man he goes towards them and pulled Swara to him and his back crises on his front and huged her from back

While Swara who was smiling with the Man becomes shocked on sudden pull and his hug she was feeling uneasy as everyone was seeing them just than she hears a couple talks

Lady(Admiring) : look how romantic her husband is hugging her wife that too in front of all of us

Man(Same) : yah you are write they look her cute together Made for each other

Swara becomes red on Listeining to this and frees herself from Sanskaar and sees towards the Man who was seeing them with confused face

Swara(Happily) : Sanskaar meet my childhood friend Avinash he is my bestie and Avi he is Sanskaar my husband

Avinash forwards his hand and shake hand with Sanskaar

Avinash(Forwards his hand) : it’s nice to meet you Sanskaar I hope you will keep my Shona happy as she is very sweet cute and lovely

Sanskaar becomes angry on him as he is praising his wife that too in front if him he was feeling like kicking him

Sanskaar(Controlling his anger and fake smile) : you don’t worry Avinash I will always make Swara happy as I know how to maKe her happy

Swara who was uncomfortable with Sanskaar goes from there leaving then alone

Swara(uncomfortably) : Sanskaar I want to go to mom you enjoy with Avi I’m going

Sanskaar(sweetly) : ok sweetheart

As Swara left from there both Avi and Sanskaar goes towards the bar where Avi forcefully make Sanskaar drank the wine and than started to talk rubbish about Swara

Avi(smrikls) : you know Sanskaar you are very lucky to get Swara as your life partner as she is very good on bed

Sanskaar becomes Furiouse and held her cooler

Sanskaar(angrily) : how dare you to say that about my wife you chaep….

Before he could complete his sentence Avi cutts him and said

Avi(trying to explain) : oh come on dude it was all before marriage we were in relationship so it’s normal

On Listeining to this Sanskaar lost his temper and goes from their leaving Avi smrilking evilly

He goes towards Swara who was standing with Shomi and holds her hand

Sanskaar(Seriouse Tone) : I’m sorry Mom but we have to leave now as I have an important work I hope you understand

Shomi : ok beta

Saying so Sanskaar bitterly drags Swara out of hall and make her sit in the car actually thorough her in car and started to drive towards the mention

Swara becomes scared to seeing him like this and don’t know what to do


Sence – 2

The car stops in the MM and Sanskaar opens the door of car and again drags Swara inside the mention and goes towards their room

Note : Guys after reading this plz don’t bash me as I’m showing Sanskaar’s negative character plz bear my nonsense and Sorry in advance….!!!

He throws her on the bed and came in top of her

Now Swara realise what he is trying to do she started to push Sanskaar but he was so strong she again tries to push him and this time he slaps her to make her quite while she was shouting him to stop

Swara(Scare & Crying) : No plz no Sanskaar not this…plz sto…..

Before she could complete her sentence he shuts her by kissing her widely and making her feel pain
When he broke the kiss she again tries to stop him by pushing him and this time he gets up from her she thought that it’s over but no this was just begning

He unbuton his shirt and paint and throw it in a corner and Come on top of her and this time he held her both hands on above her head she was crying begging but he was not listening to her and than she stops saying anything and let him do what he wants to do as she was having no strength to stop this Devil from Hunting his Dignity

He littrly torn her whole dress and throw it in floor now she was in her inners his eyes were full of lust without any kind of emotion

He started to touch every curve of her body her soft white cream like skin was making her crazy and He was becoming wild as He is hungry from a very long time

He started to kiss her roughly on her face In this whole week Swara started to like him but that does not mean any women can allow this force full love making sessions she thought he loves her but no he just have lust which he wants to satisfy from day 1 and now he is doing the same

He started to kiss on her neck and leave several hickey their he tear off her bra and started to kiss me from her neck to stomach he started to give wet kisses on her hole body she become froze when he took his one braset in his mouth he sucks her br*ast for a very long time He again kissed her and said in her ears while licking them whole his hands were busy in carssing his whole body with their curves

Sanskaar(Huskily) : you taste so sweet I don’t think I will ever get enough of you

His voice sends shivers through her spines

Saying so he licked her ear gently and than he enters in her giving her extreme pain Swara was crying with pain and again started to push him but he was so admant and he didn’t let her go he tried very hard to enter in her just than Sanskaar said

Sanskaar(Confused) : you are still a virgin ? How could it be possible???

He asked to her more like himself she was in so much pain just than he stops and looks towards her his eyes becomes soft and he started to enter in her slowly making it gentle but still their was pain

After sometimes he stops and Swara’s hole body was shaking badly Sanskaar gently wraped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck and sleep in few minutes

When he sleeps Swara slowly frees herself from him and gets up from bed with great difficulty and wraps a sheet around her she moves towards the wash room


Sence – 3


Swara comes in WASHROOM and sat in a corner and started to cry loudly

Swara : why God why me??? Why I have to face always this situation I started to like him but he was also same like them I was right all Goons are same they just know one thing that too to play with a girl’s dignity I hate you Sanskaar I hate you…I hatttteeeee yyyyoooouuu…..

Saying so she faints their….!!!!


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