Your Love My Prison Episode 8

Hi Friends now I got to know as you all want SWASAN sences and their romance so I can give you light romance but for full full romance you have to wait till 10 episode so plz coperate with me and don’t be angry …..
So let’s start today’s episode….


RECAPE : Swara’s mysterious behaviur…!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode 8

Sence – 1


Sanskaar is sitting on his chair and thinking about Swara’s word he was very confused as why she is behaving like this

Sanskaar(monoluge) : what happening all this??? I have a doubt at Swara that she is hiding something and now free listening to her talks I’m hindered percent sure there is something fishy there is something big incident behind her behaviour I have to find out what is it if it remains like this 5han it may harm Swara’s health and doctor has already told me to make her happy and if it continue like this than it may create new complications in her health issues but how will I be able to find out I know if I ask her than she definitely deny it and I can’t told Rohit and Samrat about it as they are already busy with their mission and I also can’t do anything as I can’t leave her alone may be I should behave nicely with her than may be she open up if it’s not happened than I will tell Rohit to collect information about her yah plan sounds good so Mission Swara’s Past start…

After thinking this He again goes to his room


Sence – 2

IN SwaSan Room

Swara was sitting on the bed and tears marks are still on her cheeks just than door opens and Sanskaar came in and she becomes scared due to sudden voice and cluthes the blanket tightly on her fits

Sanskaar who had came inside to talk with Swara becomes sad on seeing her scared due to her

He goes towards her and sits beside her on the bed while Swara becomes more adfraid due to his closeness she was about to slid on the other side of bed but he holds her hand which was holding blnket tightly

He can clearly see the scardness in her big black eyes He brought her other hand on her face and wipe her taers she becomes shocked on her behaviour

Sanskaar(With Love) : Swara

She becomes shocked on the softness of his voice

Sanskaar(Softly) : Look Swara I’m not that bad which you considers I know I did wrong with you but I want to tell you that I really like you

She wide her eyes eyes with shocked and her mouth hung down with extreme shock

Sanskaar sees her and laughs mentally on her cute expressions

Sanskaar(Trying to Assures Her) : I know you must be thinking that I’m lieing but it’s the truth and I know I can’t force you to accept this truth but I wish you will accept it and I want to say one thing I really liked that Swara who had slapped me in front of my men on road as I like my Jungali Billi

Swara was so shocked that she had no words to say

Swara (monoluge) : OMG what’s happening??? First he is saying that he likes me Second he is talking nicely and Third he said he likes my Bold Avatar means my Slap omg I think I’m dreaming yah Swara you are really dreaming it can’t be true

She pinches her arms with her scond hand and hissed in pain

While Sanskaar who was noticing her cute and shocked expressions saw her pinching herself and laughs loudly and she came into Sence and frees her hand which he was holding

Sanskaar(Dealing) : ok let’s do one thing first we go and did our lunch and than we will discuss about our relationship what you say?

Swara simply nodes and tried to get yo from bed she was about to fall due to weakness but he holds her in his arm

They what a cute and romantic eyelook which was broken by Swara

They both goes down starirs and did their dinner…


Sence – 3


A Man in forties is talking to a young boy

Man(Strictly) : You know na what you have to do here is your amount take it and the rest of the money will be after the work and yah don’t do anything extraordinary due to which he doubts on you

Boy : Don’t worry sir I know what to do I will not dissappoint you I’ll exactly say to Sanskaar what you have say to me

Man : good now you can leave

The boy leaves from there

Man(to himself) : You have done a bid mistake Sanskaar Maheswari by marrying with Swara I will not let you both stay happy with each other I will separate you you just wait and watch…(Laughs Evilly)hahahahaha…it’s time to begin the Game….


Sence – 4

In SwaSan Room

After taking dinner both goes to their room silently Swara was sitting on the bed and Sanskaar was standing near ei,dow thinking how to start the conversation

Sanskaar truns towards Swara and sees her playing with her fingers he sences hier nervousness

Sanskaar(Asking) : Do you need anything ???

Swara who was thinking where to sleep lifts her head and sees him and nodes her head in No

Sanskaar(Trying To Explain and making her comfortable) : Swara you don’t need to hesitate as now you are my wife you can ask me anything I will not do something which bothers you

Swara Listeining to his words gains some courage and said

Swara(Scared & Hesitate) : hmmm wo…..wo….where should I….I…sleeeppppl????

Sanskaar becomes confuse on Listeining to this and than understand her POV

Sanskaar : ok you sleep on the bed I’ll sleep on couch is that ok

She becomes happy and nodes her head in yes

Sanskaar goes towards the couch and lays there as the couch was not so long as compare to Sanskaar’s body length but he still adjust and lays there

Sanskaar(Smiles) : Good night Swara

Swara simply smiles and covers herself with blanket


Sence – 5


Swara feels thirsty and gets up to drink water up just than she sees struggling Sanskaar with an adjustan position in couch

Swara(monoluge) : I think he is not that bad which I thought look he is struggling to sleep on couch just because of me but what can I do I can’t trust him so soon may be I’m thinking to much I should give him a chance to prove himself hmm may be that’s good

Swara gets up from bed and goes towards Sanskaar and shakes him as he was not sleeping he immediately opens his eyes and becomes shocked and worried in seeing Swara there He instantly sat on couch and said

Sanskaar(Worried) : Swara you here is something wrong??, Do you need anything?

Swara nodes her head in No and says while bowing her head down

Swara(Bowing her head & playing with her fingers) : hmmm Sanskaar youuuu can sleep soon the bed with me

Sanskaar’s eyes becomes wide with shock and said

Sanskaar(Happy & Confused with her behaviour) : what I mean are you comfortable if I sleep with you in the bed

Swara(Explains) : hmmm yahhh and bed I big enough you can sleep on one side and I’m on other side

Sanskaar becomes happy in her sweet gesture and hapily gets to from couch

Both goes to bed and sleeps on their sides by facing their backs to each other….


PERCAPE : Party Invitation and Dhamaka….!!!


Phewww finally done with the part I hope now you like this part I have written with very difficulty and now my fingers are paining so I can’t write more I hope you all will like it….!!!

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