Your Love My Prison Episode 7

Hi Friends I’m back with my FF and now I’m not writing in POV as you all are saying that you have difficulty 9n reading but I will add POV if I feel so I hope this is ok with you…
I’m not happy with your response friends last time I have given a large update but you all didnt like it at all my fingers were not fine till than I write but you all didn’t said anything so now I’ll only write till than I can manage…!!!
RECAPE : Family Drama….!!!
Your Love My Prison
Episode – 7
Sence – 1
IN Gagodia House
***********Sanskaar’s POV***********
When Swara left with his mother I was standing in hall and seeing Shekar who was shooting daggers at me like he will kill me at any time
His face was red with anger and I have a smrilk on my face I go towards him and said
I(smrilkls) ; Hello Sasur G I hope you would have liked my suprise
Shekar becomes shocked and Furiouse he held my color and started to abuse me
Shekar(Angrily) : How dare you to do this with my daughter I will not leave I know this is all your plan because you want my property but let me tell you one thing I will never ever let you win
I was already angry on him as he held my cooler and now after this my temper lost as he called greedy in other words
I freed my cooler and said
I(Taunting) : relax Sasur G till now you have not seen anything and I don’t need your property also as I have your daugh6et now she is really pretty so why would I need anything else other than her
After Listeining to my words he thought for some time and than said
Shekar(Calmly) : Ok I will not do anything but please don t hurt my Swara I love her very much I have never raise my hand on her but today I don’t know how I do this plz promise me that you will keep her happy
I was shocked after listening to this I have never expect this from him how can he agree so easily with our marriage there is something fishy I have to find out
I(Trying To Hide His Amusement) ; oh yah sure Sasur G as u have accepted us so I am happy
We sat there and wait for Swara
After sometime Swara came with his mother and I didn’t give her a chance to talk to Shekar and said we should leave now
We were walking toward the car just than I notice that Swara is feeling difficulty in walking save was about to fall but I holds her in my arms
I started to part her cheek and called her name but she fainted I became so worried
I lifted her in my arms and make her lay on the back seat and drives towards the Home
***********ENDS POV***********
Sence – 2
IN SwaSan Room
After reaching MM Sanskaar lifted Swara in his arms and straightly goes towards his room following by doctor and make her lay on bed
Sanskaar had called the doctor in way so doctor was already present there
Sanskaar(Worried) : Doctor plz check her why she fainted all of the sudden
Doctor : Relax Mr Maheswari let me check
After checking Swara Doctor turns towards Sanskaar who was standing there with worried expressions and said
Doctor : she is fine Mr Maheswari just fainted due to stress plz make sure she stays happy otherwise it will affect her health I hope you understand
Sanskaar(Relax) : ok Doctor and thanks for coming
Sanskaar shakes hands with Doctor and he left from there
Sanskaar sat besides Swara and caress her hais and just than door knocks
He gets up and goes towards the door and sees Samrat there
Sanskaar : Samrat you here what happened?
Samrat(Seriouse) ; Bahi there is a problem plz come we have to go
Sanakaar(Worried for Swara) : but Swara is not well I can’t leave her in this condition
Samrat(eriouse Tone) : I know bro that’s why I have asked a maid to stay with her till our return
Sanskaar : ok you go I’m coming
Samrat left from there and Sanskaar sees Swara who is sleeping due to medicine effect with pale face and also left from there
Sence – 3
In Office
Sanskaar and Samrat and Rohit were we’re sitting in office and discussing about something confidential
Rohit(Anrily) : Sanskaar we have to do something that to fast as we have very less time of we loose this chance than we will not be able to gain it again
Samrat(Determined) : yah bro Rohit is right we have to caught her before he do something else
Sanskaar : ok than ask our informers to keep an eye on his every moment as this will be out last chance I can’t afford much loss
Rohit : ok than we should leave now and yah take care of bahabi
Sanskaar : ok
Samrat left the office and Rohit was also leaving just than he stops and turns around towards Sanskaar
Rohit : Sanskaar I know why had you married to her but I will say only one thing don’t punish those who are innocent as this can’t full fill your revenge
Saying so he left from there making Sanskaar more restless as he was already thinking what to do now as he started feeling for her
Sanskaar angrily banged her hand on the table
Sence – 4
In SwaSan Room
After Sanskaar left the room a maid enters in the room and sat beside Swara
After some time Swara started to stirir in her sleep
Seeing Swara stiring in sleep the maid stand up and goes out to inform Sanskaar
Swara slowly open her eyes and looks every where blankly just than the memories of her parents started to come in His mind and she started crying badly as her father had slapped her she was hurt badly physically and mentally
Swara started to talk to herself
Swara(Crying & Talking to Herself) : I’m sorry I’m sorry Maa papa I know I have hurted you badly but I have to do this I can’t see your lives in danger and too protect you both of I have to die than also I will accept it happily
She was crying remembring her child hood memories
Sence – 5
In Office
Sanskaar was very angry on Rohit how can he talks to him like that how can he say that I should not punish Swara how????
He was very much frustrated and just than room door opened and maid come there
Maid(Fearfully) : sir wo madam
Listeining to madam with he becomes worried thinking about Swara
Sanskaar(Worried) : what happened ? Is Swara alright ? Tell me why are you standing like this?
Maid : sir She has gained consiouseness that’s why I came here to call you
Sanskaar feels relax and said
Sanskaar(Relax) : ok you may go now
Maid nodes and left from there
Sanskaar started to walk towards his room
When he was about to open the door he heard Swara’s voice he stands there and open the door sligtly so that she can’t see him and started to listein her talks
***********In Side The Room***********
Swara was crying
Swara(Talking to Herself) : Mom was right of it would have in my hands than I would never had married to a Boon especially a DON but I can’t do anything now as it’s my destiney my cruel Destiney I still Remeber what Goon do with people who didn’t listein to them I can’t bleive now I’m one of them if it would had in my hands I would have die Mom was right it’s not my decision but now I also can’t die as if I try to do that Sanskaar will kill my parents now I just hope that he does not do the same which that…,.no I can’t think like that I even can’t take his name just can’t ….
She started to cry again saying this
***********Outside the Room***********
Sanskaar who had listeinwd all this was shocked
Sabskaar(monoluge) : About whom she is talking I have to find out it means my doubt was right that day also she was shouting on her sleep and now this I have to find the reason….
Thinking this he left from there to meet Samrat and Rohit……!!!
PERCAPE : What You All Want???
so here wa the Part i hope you all like it…!!!

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