Your Love My Prison Episode 6 (Maha Episode)

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RECAPE : Swara’s Weird Behaviour And Swasan Nhoke Jhoke…!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode 6

Sence – 1

IN SwaSan Room

***********Swara’s POV**********

I was in my new so cold room when a maid comes and helps me in bath

After taking bath I ask her to leave as now I can change by myself

I came out from washroom and saw a beautiful Anarkali Red Frock on the bed

I carefully took that frock and wear it I was struggling to close the Dori of my dress but I was unable to do that

Just than I heard Door opening sound I immediately turns around and sees that Sanskaar is entering

He was wearing a blue jeans white tea short and yellow blazer He was handsome

I was so lost that I didn’t realise when he came near me and shook my shoulder

Sanskaar(Worrried) : Are you fine?.

I : Yah I’m

Sanskaar : If you are ready than can we leave ?

I became nervous as the Dori of my Frock was not yet tied I don’t know what to say

I(Don’t Know What To Say) : ahhhmmmm woo me…..

Sanskaar(Funnily) : what are you saying I can’t understand are you using some other language

Saying so he started laughing I was beyond shock The Sanskaar Maheswari is laughing I had heard that he is very cruel and never laughs than why he is laughing now

I became angry on his laughing he is making my fun

I(Causually) : Stop it I am ready but my Frock Thread is not tied I was trying to tie it but I’m unable to do that it’s not my fault and why are you laughing at me?

I said all this in a flow and than realise what I said I became shocked and put my hands on my mouth to avoid any futlrther foolishness

He slowly came near me before I get back he hugged me I felt shiver ran through my hole body I don’t understand what to do His close approximty was affecting me I was unable to think anything

Just than I feel his hands on my back and his breath on my neck I cluthes his shirt and closed my eyes

He tied the Thread and depatures himself from me I came to my sences

Sanskaar : Now it’s done come fast I’m waiting for you in parking loat

I simply nodes and he left from there

I was shocked that how did I react in his closeness why this is happening I hate him than why he is affecting me

No I will have to control myself I can’t forget what he did with me

Tears started to come in my eyes of this maarriage would have happened with my constant than I would have feel happy but now I m not

All the Goons are same they only know to play with girls and satisfy themselves

I Rubbed my tears and make myself presentable for the next turn which is coming in my life

***********ENDS POV***********

***********Sanskaar’s POV**********

I was sitting on hall when I see the mad coming from my room I asked her

I : Is Swaraa Madam is ready ?

Maid : sir I have helped her in bathing than she said she will manage from there so I left

I : ok you may go now

I was waiting in hall it has been 30 minutes thaat maid had left my room but Swara still disnt come out

Oh no Kahin iss be it is as sucide attempt to nahi

I immediately ran towards our room I opened the door and see her she was looking at me

I became relax on seeing her perfectly fine that’s when I ask her is she ready and her reply make me shock

I was supriswd in her out burst she was shocked too and the way she covered her mouth with her hands was amazing she was looking cute

I go towards her and hugged her I placed my hands under his hair as her hairs were covering the Thread

In this process my hands brush with her base skin and I can easily feel her shivers when I was tiring her three than I felt her grip on my shirt I smile simply that she is accepting me

After tieing the node I left from there to give her a little space as I can easily feel that she was confused at her behaviour


Sence – 2

In Parking Area

I was waiting in parking loat just than she came I opened the front door for her and she sat in the car silently she aS sitting silently and I can clearly understand that she is nervouse as how she will face her Parents

Well from Parents I want to enjoy that Shekar’s reaction that his lovely daughter has done marriage without asking him and that too with his biggest enemy yah that thing is different that I’m his enemy

Let the game begin Mr Shekar Gagodia be prepare for my revenge

I stoped the car in front of her house I looked towards her she was looking pale and I can totally understand her condition but what to do my Revenge is my first Priority

If for my revenge I have to figure her than I will surely do that because I can’t forget my Mom’s Screams and my Di’s pleadings

I came out from my car and opened the door for her to walk out

She silently came out tears were following from her eyes

I(Dangerously) : Remember don’t you dare to tell them that I forced you other wise you know me

She became scared and I feel bad for her but I controlled my emotions

I hold her hand and started to walk towards the Gagodia Mansion

We reached at door and ring the bell I looked towards her she was standing there bowing her head down as she was controlling her tears

Just than door opens and a lady standing there she name happy in seeing Swara and immediately hugs her I left her hand

Lady(Happily) : Swara my baby where were you? You know how much worried were we?

She was asking her just than she sees me and than Swara’s bandages she became worried and said

Lady(Pointing Towards Her Bandages) : Swara what a this? and (Poiting Towards Sanskaar)who is he? Why are you silent answer me

She shouts thwlas5 part and Listeining to her shouts Shekar also came there I smrilkeld looking at her while her face becomes pale in looking at me

Swara(Trying To Compoe Herself) : Maa I’m fine and he is myyyyy Hus…Husbandddddd

She backs shocked as well Shekar

He comes towards us and asks Swara the same question

Shekar(Angrily) : what nonsense is this Swara ? Tell us clearly I know he had forced tell me I’ll not leave him

Swara was looking down till the hole conversation but than she looked up at his father and said

Swara(Determined) : No papa it’s truth he is my husband SANSKAAR MAHESWARI and I LOVE HIM

I became shocked on listening to his last part I didn’t expect this from her well it’s good than

I touch that’s Lady feet and was about to touch Shekar feet but he backed away saying

Shekar(Shockingly) : no tthis can’t happens I know you are lying.

I was enjoying his state

Swara(Trying To Convince Him) : No papa it’s the truth he is MY LOVE and I can’t live without him and about marriage the situation became like this that we have to Mar……

Shekar slapped her and she was about to fall but I hold her I was shivering with anger

I(Angrily Shouting) : How dare you ? I said how dare you to raise your hand on my wife ?

He becomes shocked on my reaction as well as Swara too

I was going to say something just than her mother spoke

Shomi(Shouted) : Enough Shekar I’m taking Swara to room you talk to Sanskaar and solve your issues

Saying so she left from there taking Swara with her

***********ENDS POV***********

***********Swara’s POV***********

He stops his car in front of my house and I was so nervouse on thinking that what I will say to my Parents I was so lost in my thoughts just than I saw her holding my hand and led me to my house door

I was standing there bowing my head down so that he can’t know that I’m crying

Just than door opened and mom hugged me

She was crying and I was too he left my hand and I hugged my mom back

As I was crying my mom asks me about my bandages and about danamaar I was baying shocked that what to do

She was asking again and this time louder and Listeining to this Dad also came there and was shocked seeing me with Sanskaar

When I said thAt he is my so cold husband He was not be living me

I was so sad from inside that I have to lie from my parents die this Sanskaar to which I hate the most but I can’t do anything as I have to save my parents from him

Dad was so angry that he slapped me I was shocked that he had never ever slapped me in his whole life now he slapped this all because of this Sanskaar Maheswari I will nevwrclobe him and the way he react I was beyond shocked

Is that mean he really cares for or all this is also his some new plan

No I can’t trust him the man who forcefully married me who thread me to kill my parents does not lov anyone I will never trust him

I was so lost just than my mom came to me and said to my dad and Sanskaar so solve their issues and she take me from there

I was glad that I am with my mom now

She take me to my room and make me Sir on the bad and she told at beside me

Shomi : Swara now tell me what’s the truth?

I didn’t understand first than I relaiae she is talking about my marriage

I want to tell her that it’s not a marriage but just a punishment for me which I got as I slapped him but I can’t say that as I know he Will came to know and tha, my parents no I’ll not tell this to anybody

I compose myself and said

I : mom it’s all true I really Love him rhats why I marry with him

She dodnt be live me

Shomi(Seriousely) ; if it is true than why can’t I’m unable to see your love for him in your eyes

Now I was speechless as I know my mom understannds me very well

Shomi(Seriousely) : Now tell me why you Marry Sanskaar I know you will never marry a person like Goon and specially a DON

Swara keeps mum

Shomi(Seriouse tone) : I’m asking you something Swara I know I’m not your real mom but I have always loved you more than anything tell me

Swara(cryingly) : what are you saying Mom you are my real Maa and I’m saying truth I iiii love him

Shomi sees Swara than said

Shomi (feels little bad) : it’s ok if you don’t want to tell me than I’ll not force you but remember one thing I’m always with you

I feel really bad that I’m lieing to my Parents but what to do it’s necessary for my parents saftey

After talking to mom we left to living room where Dad and Sanskaar were sitting

I saw towards Sanskaar and he was typing something in his phone as he sees me he stands up from sofa and walks towards us

Sanakaar : Swara it’s time to leave

I just node and simply juhhed my mom and goes towards dad I hugged Dad but he didn’t huhged me back I was so sad that dad is still angry in me

But I left him and started walking towards the door with Sanskaar

I hope dad will soon forgive as I have done all this to save them

No matter what happened I will always love my Parents I Love U Dad I Love you

I was thinking and walking with him tears were following from my eyas

Suddenly I started to feel dizzy and the last thing I heard was his voice and than I blacked out……!!!


PERCAPE : Depend On Response….!!!


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