Your Love My Prison Episode 5

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Hi Friendz I M Back With My FF So Here We Go…!!!
Your Love My Prison
Episode # 5
Sence – 1

************Swara’s POV************
After marrying with me forcefully he make me ly on the bed and left from there with that Pandit and his two Men

I’m crying right now I don’t know what to do I didn’t want to marry with him that’s why I try to sucude but he saved and now he married me forcefully
NOW what will I do how will I be able to face my parents what they will think about me
I can’t face then it’s better to die rather than living a misrable life with a Don as his Wife
If I try to cut my nerves than he will again come and save me now I’ll not do that I see a window and a idea struck in my mind
I get up from the bed with much difficulty and goes towards the window
I was standing at window I was about to jump but someone pulled me back and hugged me
I realise that it is Sanskaar and becomes scared now what will he do with me
After a mintue he release the hug and sees in my eyes with anger filled eyes His eyes were red due to anger a shiver ran through my whole body
I try to move backward but he held me from my arms tightly and drag me toward the bed
***********ENDS POV***********
***********Sanskaar’s POV***********
After marrying with her forcefully I left her alone in room I thought may be she needs some time to feel free
I go towards the Doctor cabin to ask her can I take Swara with me I entered in Doctors cabin
I ; can I come in Doctor

Doc ; oh ya Mr Maheswari plz come is everything ok I mean your wife?
I: yah Doctor she is absolutely fine now I just came here to ask you when can I take her home with me
Doc : look Mr Maheswari your wife is absolutely fine now but still she needs rest you can take her home till night but please make sure that she should not do any work as she is still weak due to major blood loose she needs bed rest for at least one week
I ; ok Doctor thank you and yah I’ll make sure she rest completely
Saying so I hand shake with Doctor and straightly goes towards Swara’s ward
I opened the door of her ward and enters silently not to disturb her but I got shocked seeing her standing at window

I immediately ran towards her and before she jumps I pulled her towards me she landed on my hard chest and I hugged her instantly to afraid to lost her
After some time I came to my sences and becomes angry on her act of doing sucide
I departure her from me and stare at her angrly she becomes scared seeing my angry red face and tries to move backward but I drag her towards 5he bed and said
I(Angrily Shouting) ; what were you trying to do are you mad ? I thought you just needs time tgats why I left you alone and you again try to sucide now I’ll show you real he’ll

Swara(Crying) : yes I want to die I don’t want to live with a Don I will do it again whenever I got a chance I’ll try to do this because I hate you and it’s better to die rather than living with you I hate you did you hear that I HATE U SANAKAAR MAHESWARI
I become angry on her useless talks and said
I(Shouted) ; ENOUGH Now if I heard any bullshit from your mouth no one will be worse than me and yah if you ever try again this stunt I will kill your PARENTS Do you get that I will kill them now voice is yours if you want me to kill them or you want to live with me
Listening to my words her face becomes pale and she was looking at me with shocking expressions
Swara(Crying And Worried) : No no you you will not do that

I(Smrikls) ; yes I will do that if you didn’t listen to me MY WIFE
Swara(Fumbles & Crying) ; I ….I do everything which you will tell me to do but plz spare my Maa Baba plz don’t harm them I bed of you
I feel bad to do this with her but I have to do this as I don’t want to loose her
I : we are leaving in some time for home get ready and yah before trying to do that act again think about my warning
I left her there crying as I can’t see her cry if I would have stayed there some more time I would have melted in her tears but I can’t let that happened
Sence – 2
After sometime we reached home right now we are in our room she is sitting on the bed silently and I’m on couch doing my work
I observed her she disnt had uttered a word till than after our conversation but I can feel she is still crying and I know if she continue her crying sation than she will tell such and it will not be good for her health aa she is already week
I(In Seriose Tone) ; Tomorrow we will go to your house to meet your Parents and yah don’t tell them about anything which I done with you other wise you know me you just keep quite there I’ll handle all situation by my own do you understand
She didn’t say anything just sit there bowing her head down I was feeling restless
I(Asking) : Are you listening what am I saying?
She again didn’t said anything I get up from couch and goes towards her and touch her shoulder
She came into sences and sees me and instantly moved backward on bed I became worried and confused by seeing her behavior .
I(Confuse with her behaviour) : Swara are you fine? Swara?
I try to reach at her but she again moves futher backwards and sits on the edge of bed
Swara(Scared) : Plz don’t come near me plz I didnt do anything stay away
I(Try to reach her) ; Swara it’s me Sanskaar what happened
Swara(Scared & Shouting) ; No plz don’t come near me no help help PLZZZ
She started to scream I became worried seeing her condition and ran to her side and holds her in my arms

She was continoudely shouting and tring to free herself but I didn’t let her go and hugged her
After some time her stuggling vanished and I see that she is fainted I Remeber dobctor words that she has still medicine effect on her so she may fall unconscious
I carefully make her lied on the bed and covers her with blanket but why were she behaving like this I have to find out sooner
I caress her hair and left the room to meet Rohit and Samrat
***********ENDS POV***********
Sence – 3
IN Swasan Room
***********Swara’s POV**********
I was feeling dizzy I slowly open my eyes and scan the room than I Remeber we are at Sanskaar’s room I was thinking and looking that am I alone or is he here
Just than wash room door open and he came in room wearing jeans the water drops were still in his bare chest and towel asking his neck I looked at him and shouted
I(Shouted) : Ahhhhhh
I immediately turns around and keep my both hands on my face
Listeining to my shouts he came near me and said
Sanskaar : what happened are you fine so you need anything
I was still closing my eyes
I(Still closing eyes with hands) : Don’t you have shame you are roaming like this
Sanskaar(Confused) : like what
I was now frustrated I turn towards her and open my eyes and said
I(Angrily) ; like this(pointing at his bare chest) go and wear some shirt than talk to me

Saying so I again turn around just than I heard a laughter and becomes shocked
Sanskaar(Laughing) : hahaha why are you behaving like this you are my life it’s your right you can see me the way you want
I(Angrily) : no I don’t want to see you like this go and wear your shirt than talk to me.
***********ENDS POV***********
***********Sanskaar’s POV***********
I came out from wash room wearing my jeans usuall6 I wear clothes in washroom but today I forgot to take shirt so I thought to wear it later
When I came out I heard Swara’s shout and become worried I ran to her
She was facing her back to me and she had closed her eyes I became confuse
I asked her what happened and than she explains me that I should not roam like this I was confuse at first but when she points at my near chest and again turn I was laughing like he’ll

Oh Man what girl she is in her husband but still she don’t want to see me like this I bet if some other girl would have been in her place she must try to seduse me but here my life is dumbo
Wait what am I thinking ufffff this girl is making me crazy I wear sort and said
I : now you can turn around I have wear my shirt.
She turns towards me and slowly open her eyes and than becomes relax seeing me in shirt
Swara(Warning) : Next time don’t come on front of me like that
I(Seriously) ; ok now Enough go and get ready we have to go at your house and Remeber don’t say anything just said yes on my all talks at her wise you now me
Swara simply nodes and was about to go wash room just than I hold her hand
She looks towards me confusingly
I ; wait here I send the maid she will help you with bath and yah don’t try to wet your bandages
Swara ; ok

I left her there and goes downstairs I said one maid to go and help Swara in getting ready
***********ENDS POV***********
PERCAPE : Pagpera…….!!!
sorry for late posting i was going to post omorrow but for some reason i was not so now here i M
now read and shoot commens and tell me how was the episode….!!!

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