Your Love My Prison Episode 3


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RECAPE : Sanskaar’s Care Nature…!!!


Episode – 3

Sence – 1


IN Sanskaar’s Room:

***********Swara’s POV***********

After Saying all that he leaves me in room and goes I’m very confuse why he wants to marry me ??? Does he live me??? No this can’t be true I know he don’t love me I think he wants to marry me because I slapped him in front of people what am gona do now

I can’t marry him I have to do something

I think I should try to escape from here

But how I don’t know where I am ?

Maybe someone help me but who will help me I think I should go out and check it May be I found out where I am yah it’s great idea

So get ready Swara it’s to me to fight.

I open the room door and luckily it was not locked I started to move slowly towards the front gate and when I was about to cross the gate one man sees me and starts to yell at me

I started to ran from gate without turning backwards

***********ENDS POV***********


Sence – 2


***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

I was in my office when one of my guards came and tell me that they have seen Swara leaving home and running outside I became worried and angry as our house is in between forest and it’s getting night if something happens to her than…

No I have to save her I immediately run outside with my men and starts to esearch her I said my men to spread and find

I also starts to run in one direction when I heard a scream it’s Swara oh noo I have to save her

I ran to that direction and sees that she is sitting on ground holding her foot and crying

I relaxes seeing that she is fine I moved towards her she becomes shocked to see me and starts to move backward but I held her and make her stand forcefully

I : Are you mad??? What’s the need to come outside at this time do you have any idea if I wouldn’t come on time what would have happened to you why are you silent answer me Dammit

Swara : I don’t want to marry you that’s why I was trying to escape

I become Furiouse listening to this and lifted her in my arms and started to walk towards the home

The feeling og having her in my arms makes me calm and peaceful

Darr hai tujhe main kho na doon
Mile jo Khuda toh bol doon
Main do jahan ka kya karoon
Tu bata… o..

Tu jo mere paas hai
Mujhko na koi pyaas hai
Meri muqammal ho gayi har duaa..

Chahe mere jism mein
Yeh jaan rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

The whole way I didn’t speak to her as I was really mad at her due to her irresponsible behaviour

When we reach home I go staraight to my room and put her on the bed and said Maria (one of female sarvent) to do bandage of her wound

When Maria leaves from there AFTER doing her bandage I also left without uttering a little word and this time I locked to door from outside so that she can’t do that stunt again

*********ENDS POV***********


Sence – 3


***********Swara POV**********

I was running in forest when I heard some sound like so,e kind of animal and becomes afraid I started to run faster and I hurted my foot badly now I’m unable to walk I try to stand but get failed

Now I was praying someone come and help me

Just than I see Sanskaar coming towards me with red face as he was very angry on me due to running he scold me that why I was trying to run

And for the first time I feel concern in his voice I just kept crying than he lifted me and we reach home I didn’t say anything while way and I was praying to GOD that plz save me from this DON I do,t k ow what he will do with me now

But to my surprise he didn’t do anything he just left from there

I’m sitting on bed and thinking about my life how happy was I and now I’m here in his PRISON

I wish someone came and save me

***********ENDS POV***********


Sence – 4




***********Sanskaar POV***********

Finally the day came now I’m ruin you MR Shekar Gogodia now your daughter will also suffer on the same way as my sister had suffer

I was talking towards my room when Rohit came and give me a packet

I : what’s this Rohit??

Rohit : Sanskaar it’s the bridal dress

I : ok give it to me and you go and see the other arrangements

After taking bridal dress I go towards my room I opened the door and becomes mesmerized seeing the seen Swara was sleeping in sitting position her back rested with hard board Sun rays we r falling in her face making its glow more enchanted

I have never seen like this before I started to move to wards her slowly her strands wwere falling on her face I place then behind her ear by my hand

Now I Clearly see the Tears Marks on her face which makes my heart winch in pain I Roam my finger on her tear marks

Due to my touch she opens her eyes slowly and sees me and than moves back wards I came into my sences and said

I : I have places the bridal dress on the couch see it and tell me if you need anything else

Swara : I Don’t want to maary with you why can’t you understand that?

I becomw angery on her angry tone and said making myself calm

I : Look Swara you have two options one either you marry with me by your will and second or I have to marry with you by my will I Hope you have understand my point so if you want to say anything than say or I will leave

She didn’t say anything just stare at me with her big black eyes who were full of tears I can’t fall weak I have to stay strong yhats why I left from there leaving her alone

***********ENDS POV***********


Sence – 5


***********Swara’s POV**********

I get up from bed and walk towards the couch where the bridal dress was kept I lift it in my hands and see it

It was very beautiful dress if I would have going to marry in normal situation I would have very happy to see this dress but write now I’m unable to smile

No I can’t break like that I will never marry with that DON

I throw that dress and trun and see my reflection in mirror

I saw a broken image of mine who want to live with that monster

A idea pop in my mind and I go towards the mirror that mirror was of full size I see my whole view and I banged my hands and head in mirror

The mirror bodies into thousand pieces and I dashed on the floor

I’m feeling pain lots of pain but I’m happy at least I don’t have to marry a DON

Before closing my eyes I saw someone coming towards me and lifting me up in his arms and than I blacked out…!!!

**********ENDS POV***********


PRCAPE : Sanskaar’s Recation….
“Sanskaar Rocked Swara Shocked”….!!!


So How Was That Guys ???
I M Really sorry As I Have Written In Very Hurry If There Is Any Mistake or It Is Boring So Plz Tell Me…!!!

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