Your Love My Prison Episode 21

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Your Love My Prison

Episode – 21

Sense – 1

IN SwaSan Room

After getting freshen up sanakaar came out from washroom and sits beside Swara taking her in his warmth embrace…

Swara who was already nervous due to close proximity becomes more shy and goes down her head while Sanskaar was just noticing her action…

Sanskaar kept her head in her lap and lay down on the bed closing his eyes while Swara was stairing him with lots of love keeping her fingers in his hair

After sometime when she feels no movement in his body she thought he is asleep she was observing her face feathers she slowly bends down and place a soft gentle kiss on his forehead…

Sanskaar(still closing his eyes) : Swara ….!!!

Swara who was thinking that he is asleep becomes shocked listening to her name from his mouth Sanskaar opns his eyes and see a shocked and blushing Swara he too smiles…

Sanskaar(opens his eyes and see Swara lovely) : thanks…for coming in my life…you know when I started loving you(started to stare space and remembers the sense where Swara slap him)….when I first time saw you….it’s not your beauty who attract me it was your boldness which make me to think about you…..

Swara was blushing like red tomato listening to Sanskaar’s word and also feels blessed gaining his love…

Sanskaar(sits on bed & feeling gulity) : I’m sorry Swara I did very wrong with I don’t know what happened to me(hugs her & years were following from his eyes) I…I just got blind in my REVENGE that I forgot that I Love YOU…I’m sorry I’m really really sorry…

Swara(confused and broke the hug) : what revenge???

Sanskaar(wipes his years and explains her everything) : actually your father I mean Shekar Gagodia he killed my Mom and sister infront of my eyes…

He explains her his past and listening to this Swara also started to cry tears were escaping from her eyes too…when Sanskaar broke the hug he sees Swara sobbing silently…he becomes worried

Sanskaar(feels wetness on his shirt and broke the hug and cups her face) : what happened Swara???why are you crying???

Swara(crying) : I’m sorry Sanskaar I thought you are also like those people I’m sorry….

Sanskaar(confused) : whom are you talking about???

Swara hugs Sanskaar tightly and started to cry more bitterly af5er sometime she calls down and started to explain him about her friend her soul mate sister Sonia…

Sanskaar was listening to her with patience and feels more guilty for hurting such a peciouse soul

Swara(hugging him) : you know I Love Shekar Gagodia like my Dad but he…(cries more harder)he killed my Maa….I never thought in my dream that the person whom I’m calling my father is actually a blo*dy muderer I..I…

Sanskaar(broke the hug and places a soft kiss on her forhead) : shhh Swara please relax look you tired come let’s sleep o therwise you will get unwell come

He carefully makes Swara lay on bed and also lay beside her taking her on his embrace…
He place a soft peck on her for head

Sanskaar(taking her in his embrace) ; I Love You Swara

Swara(in sleep) : I Love You too Sanskaar….

Sanakarbecomes shocked listening to this and sees towards Swara who was in deep sleep….but a smile comes on a blessed smile…and he also sleep…

Next Morning

Sanskaar slowly opens his eyes and sees that Swara is not on bed with him He got ready and goes downstairs and started to look for Swara just than he heard some noises from kitchen and goes towards the kitchen


Sense – 2

IN kitchen

Sanskaar enters inside and becomes shocked to see the seen in front of him and started to laugh loudly…
Well what he see let’s we see too

Swara was trying to make Dow and her face was full of flour and while kitchen was messed up while Swara was totally engrossed in her work….

But listening to laughing sound she sees Sanskaar and a smile comes on her face too

Sanskaar(still laughing) : what’s so this Swara??? What are you trying to do???

Swara(innocently shows her hand which were full of flour) : Sanskaar I’m trying to make break fast for you…

Listening to this Sanskaar started to laugh more loudly and the servants were amused to see The Don Sanskaar Maheswari laughing while swara was still confuse why is he laughing

Swara(innocently) : Sanskaar why are you laughing?,,

Sanskaar(controls his laugh and points towards whole kitchen) : if you make breakfast like this than…than I have to wait till one while year…..hahhaaa(again lsughing)

Saying so he again started to laugh while Swara who register his words started to cry childishly….

Swara(cries like Childs) : ahhh….

Sanskaar who was laughing stops listening to Swara cries and immdiately cups her face

Sanskaar(cups her face) : Princess what happened why are you crying…

Swara(crying & innocently points towards herself ) : here I’m with my whole concentration trying to make breakfast for you and you…you are laughing at me …ahhh…

Sanskaar(slaps himself mentally) : no no princess I was just …just telling you ….(tries to make her calm)and you don’t need to do all this work…servants will do this com…let’s go to room

Swara(childishly) : no I’ll not go out till I make meal for you….but…but I don’t know how to cook….

Sanskaar sees Swara lovingly she was talking like a cute sweet little baby who wants her chocolate at any cost….

Sanskaar(smiles) : ok come I’ll help you…

Swara(with angry pout) : no I want to make food alone without any help…

Sanskaar(explaining her) : Ohhh Swara do you know what’s the important thing in cooking meal…

Swara(innocently) : what…????

Sanskaar(controlling his laugh) : to stir spoon in pot so we do one thing I’ll cut all the veggies and put them in pot and you just stir spoon simple in that way you only cooked…what’s say….

Swara(she washes her hands) : ok it’s nice you cut veggies till than I’ll sit here…(sits on slab)

Sanskaar smiles and started to cut veggies and than put all ingredients in pot and Swara stand infront of pot and started to stir spoon in pot like a child…while sanakaar smiles seeing her

Suddenly he got a naughty idea and he said….

Sanskaar(naughtily) : let’s play a game…

Swara(confused) : which game Sanskaar….???

Sanskaar(smirks) : you are stiring spoon in pot if you drop the spoon than you have to do what I’ll say…

Swara(proudly challenged him) : Ohhh that thing than you will loose Mr Maheswari…

Sanskaar(naughtily) : we will see ok let’s start


Sanskaar slowly hugs her from back making Swara startled a shiver ran though her hole body…

Swara(fumbles sue to close proximity) : what….what…are you do….doing Sanskaar….???

Sanskaar slides Swara’s hair from back and keep them on her left shoulder and places a wet kiss there making her feel butterflies in her stomach…

Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye
Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein
Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein

Sanskaar(nuzzles his face in her neck) : doing my work….remember my work is(blows air ion her back)…to distract you….so I’m doing that(his hands were caressing her waist)….only….

Swara(fumbles) : but…but…

Sanskaar notes her ear and blow in her back while Swara bite her inner cheek on order to stop mourn from her mouth….

Sanskaar(bits her ear) : Don’t you know princess…everything is fair in love and war….and this is…war in love….

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai

Swara was now looking her control and the spoon fell from her hand making Sanskaar smirk…and Swara shy???….

Sanskaar makes her turns towards him and said huskily in her ear…

Sanskaar(huskily) : it’s time for your punishment…

Swara hugs him and Sanskaar smirks he lifts her in his arms and started to walk towards there room…

Swara(shyly) : but what about food…

Sanskaar(smirks) : my food is infront of me….and I wanna eat it with full patience…..

Aadat hai..Aadat hai ooo..
Aadat hai..

This sentence makes Swara totally red from head to toe and she hides her face completely in his embrace….


Sense – 3

IN SwaSan Room

Ehsaas tere aur mere toh
Ik dooje se judd rahe
Ik teri talab mujhe aisi lagi
Mere hosh bhi udne lage

After reaching room sanakaar makes Swara my on bed and comes on top of her

Mujhe milta sukoon teri baahon mein
Jannat jaisi ek raahat hai

He places a soft gentle kiss on her for head while Swara closed her eyes feeling his love in that gentle touch thanhe places two soft kisses on her eyes on her eyes Swara was so shy to meet her gauze with her she was still closing her eyes

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai

He rubs her tumb on her soft pink lips feeling there softness while Swara was restlessly clothing bed sheet in her fits

Aadat hai..Aadat hai ooo..
Teri Aadat hai..

Without wasting a single minute he places his rough lips on her soft lips and started to feel her softness Sanskaar starts to kiss her slowly and passionately Swara starts to respond him in same way Slowly it turned into wild intense kiss as they tried to match each other They kept on kissing till they become breathless

Kyun sabse juda,
kyun sabse alag
Andaaz tere lagte..

After breaking the kiss Sanskaar states Swara intenslt while she hugs him due to shyness Sanskaar broke the hug but still Swara’s head was avoiding eye contact he places his index finger under her chin and make her look at him….

Besaakh ta hum saaye se tere
Har shaam lipat’te hain
Har waqt mera, qurbat mein teri
Jab guzre toh ibadat hai

He started to kiss on her neck while her other hand slides down her dress from shoulders as he was feeling softness in her body he was becoming wild

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai

He notes on her neck making her mourn his name with pleasure and making him go more crazy…the passion was clearly seen in there eyes the blazzing fire which was coming from there souls was enough to make them burn….

Aadat hai..Aadat hai ooo..
Teri aadat hai..

Before they proceed further….sorry there romance is intrrepted by Sanskaar’s phone making sanakaar irritated and Swara blushed

Sanskaar was about to cut the call but seeing caller id he lifts the call and left’s to balcony for talking…..


Next Episode : End of Shekar….!!!


So now don’t complain guys as while episode was full of SwaSan sences I hope you all will like it…
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