Your Love My Prison Episode 20

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Previous Episode : Sanskaar came to know the reality and his confession………


Your Love My Prison

Episode 20

Sense – 1

IN SwaSan Room

Listening to Sanskaar’s confession Swara was super shocked she thinks she is dreaming and Sanskaar also understand her situation so to make her realize that it’s reality he kiss her passionately at which her eyes grew wider with shock

Sanskaar was kidding her softly and gently he was showing his love passion and specially his respect for her He wants to enter Into her but she was not opening her mouth so he pinchs he waist at which she gasp and taking it as an opportunity he enters his tounge into her mouth and started to explore each and every corner of her mouth

After about 10 minute he broke the kiss and tests his forhead against hers while Swara was blushing like tomato

Sanskaar(with so much love) : I Love You so much Swara you don’t know what was my condition when I come to know that you are missing I felt like my whole world is crushed(hugs her more tightly like his whole world is depends upon her) (emotionally)After my Mom And sister it’s only you for whom I care I can’t afford to loose you(caress her hair)(with loveable voice)you know I always felt a different feeling for you which I have never felt for any other girl but I always if ignore that feeling After many years I have got some happiness and I don’t wanna loose that that’s why I said my feelings to you because I don’t know what will happened tomorrow I just want to live this moment which right now I’m living with you(full of love) I LOVE YOU Swara I love you so much please don’t leave me if you leave me than I’ll be not able to survive

Swara becomes emotional listening to Sanskaar’s words she has never expect anything like this from anyone especially from Sanskaar she was so happy that to the Man whom she loves also loves her with his full heart before she could say something Sanskaar’s mobile started to ring

He leaves Swara and gets up from bed and attends the call after cutting the call he turns towards her and said

Sanskaar(casually) : Swara Get ready fast we have to go hospital Shomi Maa has gsin her consiousness listening to this she just nodes and goes towards washroom to get freshen up while Sanskaar too leaves from there after taking his clothes

After getting freshen up they both left for hospital and about after half an hour they reach hospital


Sense – 2


After reaching hospital Swara immediately runs inside the hospital and reach to Shomi’s ward she opens the door and enters inside

She sees many wires were attched to her body and there was bandage on her head too tears started to come in her eyes She was about to da after seeing her mothets state but at the Nick of time Sanskaar who ‘s.e inside the ward holds her and takes her near Shomi

Shomi slowly open her eyes and smiles seeing Swara got a and fine

Shomi(with feeble voice) : Swa….Swara my child pl…..pleaseeeee com….come he…here

Swara holds her hand and sits beside her

Swara(emotionally) ; Maa…..

She started to cry

Shomi(tries to pacify her) : shhh Swara please don’t cry my child I’m perfectly fine see I’ll be fine in no time ok so you don’t take tension….

Sanskaar was seeing both mother daughter with teary eyes the was about to go but just than Shomi calls him

Shomi(calls him) : Sanskaar Please come here

Sanskaar go towards Shomi and he sat on the other side of Shomi

Sanskaar(gently) : Yes Maa tell…

Shomi(cups Sanskaar’s face with other hand) : I’m so blessed to have a son like you…if…if you wouldn’t …have reach on time……I can’t even imagine what could….could have happened to Swara thank u…than you do much

Sanskaar holds Shomi’s hand and said(gently holds her hand and said with respectfully) : Mom what are you saying Swara is my wife and I can do anything to protect her you don’t need to thank me for that and yah from now on you will leave with us and I will not hear any word or lame excuse

Swara was beyond happy seeing Sanskaar’s care for Shomi and emotional too because now she has started to understand him

Soon Doctor discharge Shomi and they took her with them


Sense – 3


After reaching home Sanskaar leave Swara and Shomi is guest house and goes towards the basement to punish Shekar for his deeds…

*********IN Basement*********

Shekar was still laying down with chair his eyes were closed Sanskaar holds chill water buvjey which was kept at side and throw all water on him

With a jerk Shekar wakes up and shiver ran through his whole body seeing devil in front of him yes Sanskaar was not looking less than a devil who want to prey his enemy and make him suffer he wants revenge and it was clearly visible in her eyes which were red due to anger and revenge

Sanskaa. goes towards Shekar with slow steps like a lion does during his prey and than suddenly he holds his hair in his fits and makes the chair straight while Shekar was screaming but no use as the whole basement was sound prove

Sanskaar(shouts) : scream Shekar Gagodia how much you wanna scream but no will come to help you(Shouts) Mark(Sanskaar’s one special man)bring it fast

After sometime mark comes in with a kit and place it on the floor

Sanskaar goes towards kit and be
Omg out a clip(from which we can pull nail I don’t know what call that)he goes towards Shekar and see him who was looking horrified

Shekar(begging) : no please no Sanskaar Please kill but don’t

Sanskaar(smirks evilly) : I haven’t done any thing yet Shekar and you are begging from me what do you do when I will start my work ok there is one way to know let’s start work

While Shekar was contiously shaking her head in no

Sanskaar goes towards him and he pulls his thumb nail to which Shekar scream too loud if basement weren’t sound prove the whole house would have been shaking till now with his screams Sanskaar one by one pulls his all nails Shekar has screamed this much that now he was about to faint but….

But Sanskaar have him consiousness injection he won’t faint he again goes towards the kit and this time he pulls out a sharp silver knife whose edge was very sharp that if you touch it your hand do start to bleed

Sanskaar(evilly smiles) : I’m impressed Shekar you pass 1st round now trun for sencond round

Shekar was totally out of energy so that’s why his screams were ow now Sanskaar tore his shot from front and started to draw a pattern on Shekar’s chest while he continuously struggling to get out of chair

Sanskaar wrote ” I’m a rapist” after writing this he again stand straight while Shekar was screaming and pleading from Sanskaar to show show mercy on him

Sanskaar sits on the chair in front of him and said

Sanskaar(holds his hair in his fits ) : you know Shekar Gagodia you have ruin my life of I’ll kill you it will be easy death for you for I want to torchar you more you now why I wrote this(I’m a Rapist) on your chest oh yah how will you know ok let me tell you do you know Pari…Pari Maheswari

Listening to this Shekar remembers about Pari and Ap how he kills them

Sanskaar(evilly mocking) : oh from seeing your expression I can guess you do remember her she was my sister you blo*dy man you raped my sister(he goes towards him and clenched his jaw in his hand tightly) and killed her I’ll not leave that easily you also killed my Mom I was only a kid that time but I saw my sister and mom dead body I become orphan just because of you I’ll not leave you

Saying so he left him and again brings a bucket of water but not chill this time it was hot extremely hot that if you touch it you will burn he thtien that on Shekar and while basement started to shake with shejars screaming and Sanskaar’s was enjoying his screams

Sanskaar(impressed) : oh my my you again passed Shekar Gagodia ok now I will give you reward don’t you wanna see what reward I have for you(Shekar nodes in no) ok I’ll show you

He again goes towards kit and bring out equipment for giving electric shocks he context the word to his whole body and Shekar was screaming for help but no use no one was there to help him it is said that “What man sown that only he get” and this was same is Shekar’s case he was getting the fruit of his trees which he had plans in his past

After sometime Sanskaar stops the equipment Shekar’s whole body was blue with burn marks and blood was dropping from his head and hands he was in critical state that if any one will see him he will surely showpitu but our Sanskaar was devil who don’t show mercy on and people especially on that Shekar

Sanskaar(Evilly Laughing) : I think it’s enough for now I’ll be back at tomorrow so but till than you pray to God to save you from me

He goes towards his room and sees Swara is sitting in bed thinking something deeply he straightly goes towards the washroom and closed the door

Listening to door sound she came to senses and sits straight on bed and waits for Sanskaar…..


Next Episode : More torture….!!!


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